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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

NetSuite TribeHR combines the rich, traditional HCM capabilities needed to manage growing organizations with an engaging, social interface that encourages employee involvement and collaboration. NetSuite TribeHR's system of record for employee activity, together with NetSuite's single system of record for core operational business data, gives organizations a modern platform to run the core aspects of their business – all with the scalability, flexibility and agility of the cloud. NetSuite had 2,550 employees. One quarter of its employees are based in its Philippines call center. NetSuite has additional offices in Denver, Las Vegas, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Canada, the UK, Spain, the Czech Republic, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Uruguay. NetSuite was founded in 1998, TribeHR was acquired in 2013 and is a Human Resource software for small to medium-sized businesses. NetSuite TribeHR ‘s United States and Canadian Human Recourse offices are located in Boston, MA and Kitchener, ON.


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The Good

  • Benefits
  • Company calendar options
  • Database
  • Privacy settings
  • Time off
  • Record storage
Key benefits of NetSuite TribeHR software include; eliminating duplicate data entry, attracting and recruiting the right talent for the right positions, empowering and engaging employees, and improving employee performance. NetSuite TribeHR offers full company calendar options that track and sync all employee anniversary dates, birthdays, approved leave and vacation days established within each individual company. As a software user a customer can personalize and choose which calendar views are available and sync them to each employee account as well as access them within their own personal preferred calendar software. Employees have the option to track and manage their own personal profiles through NetSuite TribeHR's database and depending on the access allowed to each employee they can help keep their own personal information up-to-date. As a company makes notes on each individual employee profile managers can set individual privacy settings so that the right information gets to the right people all while creating a detailed information history on each employee. The software leave/time off tracking updates as each employee is approved for their own leave events (sick days, vacation and PTO) and automatically calculates their balances so that all leave tallies are consistently correctly calculated and always up-to-date. It also gives employees a complete history of all of their leave events for future scheduling needs. It's simple to store employee records, job descriptions, policy manuals and other HR documents in TribeHR. NetSuite TribeHR allow departments to attach specific employee documents to an employee's profile, including PDF copies of documents that must be printed and signed, to keep employee records complete and in one place. There is also the option to attach supplementary documents (like reference letters, diplomas, and other credentials) to a job applicant's file in the TribeHR applicant tracking system.

The Bad

  • Mobile apps
  • Personal information concerns
  • Partnership
  • Lack of pricing information
  • Not fully comprehensive
NetSuite is one of the only companies we have found with multiple mobile app options available for employee use however there is a very low customer satisfaction response to the use and function of all the available app options. Many complaints consist of app speed being too slow, poor app functionality, not a full service app with too small of a feature options list... etc. Because the company works across-border there is some personal information concerns customer will have to look into. Personal information may be stored and processed in any country where NetSuite has a facility or in which they employ service providers. By using the site customers consent to the transfer of information to countries outside of their own country of residence/business; which may have different data protection rules than those of their own country. Because the NetSuite/TribeHR partnership is still new in the grand scheme of the direction of NetSuite there are some concerns about the flow and capabilities of each program and how they work together to fill the needs of their customer base. Upon acquiring TribeHR there have been concerns about how the change will affects other NetSuite partnerships. NetSuite has said they will contine to rely on their valued partners as they are still great compliments to NetSuite and TribeHR however, customers are finding that not all partner relations are going to fit. NetSuite said it will continue to work with human resource management companies that fill gaps for things like global payroll, background screening and learning and will continue to partner in other areas of human resource management, like workforce management, global payroll... etc, where it makes sense. No detailed pricing information online. Three package options are noted depending on what needs are required by the company seeking service. Those packages are titled Starter, Group, Team and Enterprise. With prices starting at $5 per month per employee NetSuite TribeHR is more mid-range in cost however; the basic Starter package is very limited encompassing just the core HRIS applications. To get the fully comprehensive application a new customer would need to look at the Team package which increases the cost quite a bit. NetSuite Tribe HR software is not a fully comprehensive human resource management system. They have a comprehensive information system that appears to be very user friendly and employee focused but they do not directly cover all aspects of human resource needs. Many applications are processed by third parties and while they integrate easily within each application customers may find other programs that offer more inclusive programming a better fit.

The Bottom Line

NetSuite TribeHR is on the right track to serve human resource departments around the world. They have a long history in supporting different HRMS needs thought their established NetSuite parent company; however, the TribeHR application needs more time to prove itself. Right now it is a strong system for employee appraisals - offering a fully comprehensive talent management application, as well as providing employees with a very user friendly core human resource information system interface but it still needs time to grow and better develop other aspects of their software where they are attempting to be industry leaders, such as with their mobile applications and payroll integrations. If a company is looking to strength certain areas of their human resource management system like their talent management, information systems, and applicant tracking and recruitment process NetSuite's TribeHR interface would be a great option but they may want to look further for a more comprehensive program if they need a better developed software solution for their needs.
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