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As with some of the companies in the industry that we reviewed, Kin HR was developed to help a company better do its approach to HR. Whereas The Applicant Manager was designed to help its parent company better hire for its clients, Kin HR was a necessity of We Are Mammoth Consulting needing to grow. Kin HR was originally designed in 2012 to help We Are Mammoth better get employees into the company with streamlined onboarding. We found that Kin HR doesn’t necessarily help you with the hiring process. However, Kin HR helps you save money by keeping your employees in the system when they are hired. Kin HR offers several features for your company. These include a robust employee directory, performance goals for your organization, and more.  

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Software integrations
  • Friendly employee database
We liked Kin HR quite a bit. First and foremost, we felt that the price was affordable, at $5 per month per user. If you pay annually, Kin HR gives you a 10% discount on your monthly price. If you are a non-profit or educational institution, you get a 15% discount. We had to watch a few videos to figure out what Kin HR's real capabilities were. We had a hard time finding integration information on their website, but we found that Kin HR had the following software integrations with third-party providers:
  • Zen Payroll
  • Base Camp (Project Management)
  • Maxwell Health (Benefits Enrollment)
  • Small Improvements (Performance Management)
  • Workable (Recruiting Software).
We were unable to determine whether these "integrations" would cost anymore per month. Also, we hadn't heard of some of these third-party providers, as Kin HR tends to find "like-minded" companies to partner with. We also found out that the user interface in Kin HR was not customizable. This could be a good or bad feature, depending on whether or not you want that feature. Kin HR claims in their FAQs that they have put a lot of work into designing a sleek, intuitive user interface and that customization was one of the things that you'll just have to live without. The benefit of this is that the Kin HR learning curve is not so steep. Kin HR also goes to great pains to include all their security information on the website. We found multi-level security encryptions at their data centers and redundant backups. Kin HR's system includes HIPPA, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, DIACAP and FISM compliance. Kin HR does have one of the most friendly employee databases that we reviewed in the industry. An employee, or any user in a company for that matter, can customize the content of their profile, including a bio, their position in the company, their social media accounts, as well as links to personal external content, such as an e-portfolio. We got a good screenshot of what Kin's onboarding process is like. When an employee is hired, they will see the following on their screen browser:
  • Their first starting day.
  • The materials that the employee needs to bring.
  • Tools that they will use (third-party integrations with Kin HR).
  • People who will be on their team.
Kin HR will also let new employees grab documents, such as an I9 or W4. There is also the ability to share documents in Kin HR, such as an employee document. There is also the ability to do document signing. We found that Kin HR also lets HR Managers keep track of tasks. There is also the ability to do performance reviews with Small Improvements, and big projects can be handled through Base Camp.

The Bad

  • Not customizable
  • Transparency
  • Lack of HRIS solutions
  • No mobile app
We ended up having a few questions about Kin HR, as well as a few concerns. For example, Kin HR is not customizable. We also had some questions about the third-part app integrations and Open API that is supposed to let companies keep their closed-door legacy systems private. Kin HR is not customizable. However, it is a social company directory, letting you comment and contact key employees within your company. We would like to see Kin HR let admins change the branding of their Kin HR page, making the system more brand friendly. Also, information on the Kin HR website is a little bit hard to find. We were curious as to whether or not Kin HR integrated with other applications, such as exterior calendars and email programs. We had to pry into their blog to find out that Kin HR lets you use:
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
We wondered why Kin HR hasn't developed HRIS solutions, as well as payroll solutions within their own proprietary platform. There are third-party apps that fulfill these functions, listed in the review criteria, but ultimately, these apps end up costing the Kin HR subscriber more. We also were concerned about the lack of a mobile app for Kin HR at this time. In the site's FAQ, we found that the only way to use the Kin HR web application was by using your mobile browser. It's about time Kin HR developed apps for Android and iOS.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we recommend Kin HR for your small or medium business. We found that it is a great tool for keeping track of your employees, keeping your company in alignment, and doing employee onboarding. The third-party integrations let you do more with Kin HR, but ultimately might end up costing more. Kin HR won't let you build your brand into your team management solution. We feel that Kin HR is also a great tool to use for project management, as it ends up working very well with Base Camp. Overall, we feel that larger businesses might benefit from using PayChex or Kronos if they want to incorporate their payroll and tax solutions into a one-platform HR approach, however.
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