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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
At its core, iCIMS is a talent management acquisition platform that includes human resources, applicant management, and more. With its multiple partnerships and open API solutions, iCIMS can be expanded almost infinitely to encompass most payroll and HRMS/HRIS needs. The company was founded in the last decade, translated its software into a fully cloud-based service. They are the leading provider of SaaS talent solutions for growing businesses. The company heralds itself as privately held and profitable. The success of iCIMS is based entirely on organic growth. We found that the company has more than 2700 companies worldwide. The company is based in New Jersey, with regional offices throughout North America, the UK, and China.  

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The Good

  • Three core modules
  • Features
  • Partners
  • Support nexus
At its core, we found that iCIMS has several features that make it one of the best talent management systems in the industry. It has three core modules as part of its suite, which include Recruit, Connect, and Onboard Here are the core features that we found with iCIMS:
  • Open API available, in addition to multiple third-party apps.
  • Compliance management for OSHA and EOE laws.
  • Document repository to help applicants become fully onboard with the company once they are hired.
  • Self-service for employees, to include access to documents and some performance review information.
  • Employee database to track individual users within a company.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding for hiring and firing.
  • Easy recruitment management.
During our review, we were impressed with the three different modules that iCIMS offers. We decided to include these in our review: iCIMS Recruit:
  • Powerful streamlined application tracking, marking your quality candidates.
  • Mobile optimized career portals: easy mobile browser usage but no native app.
  • Job posting with career portals, social media sites, and other sites at the click of a button.
  • High-powered employee referrals.
  • Recruitment analytics.
  • Easy communication with Gmail and Exchange 2010.
  • Branding videos and other resources on your website.
iCIMS Connect: This module of the platform lets you keep your clients and hires in the pipeline. Features include:
  • Keeping new hires engaged.
  • A better candidate experience without lousy stock letters and generic marketing materials.
  • A better talent pool.
  • Strong Employment branding.
iCIMS Onboarding: This platform lets you keep your new hires! Features include:
  • Lets you communicate company benefits and tell new hires about business objectives pertinent to their position.
  • Enhanced productivity for your HR, with a direct view into tasks that need done to guide your new hire into the pipeline.
  • Let your client get ALL their paperwork done online.
  • Lets new recruits get the tools they need to stay with your company.
  • Task improvement for new hires, helping them figure out their new job.
We had reviewed Bamboo HR for this industry and discovered that iCIMS was a gemstone of third-party integrations. These two companies let businesses incorporate their different applications into one smooth operating engine for doing business. On their website, iCIMS groups their partners into different HR functions. Here are the partner groups that power iCIMS integration:
  • TalentWise, to screen new hires.
  • Conssulting applications: 7 different partners.
  • Job Distribution: several apps that let companies make sure their jobs are advertised in the right places.
  • Reference Checking
  • Assessments, to check new employee qualifications.
  • E-verify
  • Learning and Performance.
  • SEO
  • Background Checks
  • EEO
  • Payroll and Benefits
  • Tax Credits
  • Compensation
  • Job Advertising
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Video interviews
There are probably 20-30 partners with iCIMS and the list of integrations continues to grow. We really liked HireVue for video interviews, which works well in tandem with iCIMS. During the review process, we found that not many HR software companies had invested heavily in video conferencing for interviews. We also enjoyed the support nexus on the website. We imagine that businesses might want to snoop around an HR software website so that they can learn the product inside out.

The Bad

  • Limited features
  • Demos require consultation
We had a hard time coming up with improvements for iCIMS. The website has all the features that one would want in a talent management system for HR. Here were a few improvements that we would suggest:
  • There are way too many third-party integrations possible for iCIMS. Simply pick the best ones and make the choice for customers easier.
  • Without the third-party integrations, iCIMS is pretty bare-boned.
  • We read on the website that iCIMS is going to be scaling down on its open API options. Also, from what we read on the site, we found that these changes haven't hit the product yet.
We would like to see more features built into iCIMS at a later date. We would like to see payroll solutions, to help iCIMS businesses process their paperwork and taxes. Also, from what we read with the third-party integrations, the platform seems to be lacking scheduling functionality, too. iCIMS should build these as core features into their product. While we were able to find prices pretty easily, we still had to make contact to get access to a demo of iCIMS. Throughout the industry, we feel that demos should not require a consultation. Also, we would like to see more screenshots of iCIMS's interface on the website.

The Bottom Line

We wholeheartedly recommend iCIMS as a talent management solution for businesses. We found that the prices were great and didn't require a consultation. Overall, we were pretty impressed with the transparency and the explanation of the features on the website. As a user, we were pretty confident that reading the support pages would help a new user acclimate to the app very quickly.
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