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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Flock is a free online platform developed to help companies manage their human resources, benefits, and compliance requirements. The company’s platform provides services in the areas of new hires and on-boarding, benefits management, compliance, employee engagement, time-off tracking, and e-Documents. It also serves brokers. The company was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. 

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The Good

  • Paperwork management
  • Single-source data capturing processes
  • All-in-one platform
  • Services
  • Compliance help
Flock helps their customers expand their scope of business by helping them navigate the complicated step by step processes that encompass the multiple levels of human resource management. They help streamline the process by moving all employee files to an e-file format; saving customers money and employees time. They help human resource departments manage all of their legal paperwork (I9, W4's), company specific employee files (offer letter, employee handbook, etc) and all forms/documents to print and sign. By requiring a single-source data capturing processes, Flock centralizes all employee activity and data into a single warehouse of "trust" that can be easily and quickly accessed, monitored and reported on. This knowledge protects clients and organizations from common errors in communication and department overlap, and limits risk and liability as a result of the ever-changing business environment. Flock is striving to change the way employers and employees connect by helping to simplify the complex tasks of the human resource process. Flock is an all-in-one platform to manage human resource, benefits and compliance needs for companies of different sizes, in every industry and at every stage of maturity. Flock helps companies' mange new hires and on-boarding new employees, consolidates benefits management; from open enrollment and life events to basic address changes and allows customers to configure a plan designed specific to their needs. They help companies maintain complete compliance by staying up to date with all state and federal requirements with robust analytics and reporting. Flock also provides employee engagement by building an active workplace with broadcast messaging, polls, anniversary announcements and birthday reminders. This software will help manage employee time-off tracking consisting of complex accruals, carryover caps, tenure, milestones, and tracking time off for employees. And last but not least Flock provides a system that creates a paper free environment using e-Documents to organize and store all employee information in one easy to use database.

The Bad

  • Implementation
  • Limitations
  • Time in business
There is absolutely no information online about how to actually implement this software into a customer's current daily operations. While claiming to be an "all-in-one free platform to manage human resource" they do not offer full human resource coverage and lack the ability to help with payroll, time click tracking and applicant tracking resources. They have not been in the market very long (less than a year). Without substantial evidence that they are a strong functioning company it becomes hard for them to compete with other companies on the market. That does not say they can't do it but they need more time and solid functioning data that proves they can.

The Bottom Line

At this time it feels like Flock has a lot of potential to grow within their market. They provide a competitive human resource option for companies that need help, and direction, consolidating/streamlining their employee database and they do it all with an up to date modern paperless format. However, they appear to need time to grow. They also come into the market in a manner that most companies looking for human resource assistance are not necessarily used to working with; through a company's existing insurance broker, or directly through a brokerage partner recommended through Flock. While their services and software are free for customers to use, they don't define the types of increased costs a company's broker will require to work directly with Flock and this lack of transparency does create some concern. All-in-all Flock appears to have the potential to be a game changer within the competitive human resource application market, they just need a little more time to develop and build their customer database and cliental list.
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