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LAST UPDATED: September 24th, 2021

New to the HR software industry, Everee is changing up the game with its simplified process and affordable costs. The software is not only designed to save business owners and HR professionals time, but also empower employees to have more control over their finances. Everee allows employees to select their own payday, be it daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or twice a month. 

This revolutionary feature came about as a result of Everee’s founder, Ron Ross, helping his daughter manage her finances after moving out to attend college. The timing of her payday and bills didn’t match, which meant she consistently ran out of money despite making enough to cover her expenses.

After doing some research, Ross realized many Americans were in a similar situation to his daughter. He started Everee as a way to challenge the status quo and improve the payroll experience.


The Good

  • Pay Your Way™
  • Everee Mobile App
  • All-in-One Platform
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Pricing Structure

Pay Your Way™

Everee eliminates rigid payroll cycles by allowing employees to set their own daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly paydays. The software automatically runs payroll calculations on the dates your employees choose and alerts managers in real-time for quick approval.

Everee makes the payments to employees and the withholding tax payments. You pay Everee on your standard pay cycle so there are no unexpected changes to your business’s cash flow.

Everee Mobile App

The Everee app allows employees to track their hours, while managers can review and verify hours and/or run payroll from anywhere. The app notifies users whenever they need to take action. 

All-in-One Platform

Everee’s platform is much more than just a payroll service. The software aims to help those running payroll say goodbye to all the headaches that come with managing multiple tools. Everee’s all-in-one platform includes the following features:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Unlimited payroll run
  • Ability to choose any payroll cycle
  • Document management
  • Payroll reminders and notifications
  • Automated withholding tax payments and filings
  • Federal and state unemployment insurance
  • W2s and 1099s
  • Same-day ACH direct deposits
  • HR document templates

Quickbooks Integration

Everee integrates with Quickbooks Online to help minimize errors from manual data entry. Everee’s website provides instructions on how to easily sync your accounts. 

Pricing Structure

Everee offers two simple and straightforward plans. Everee Basic starts at $15 per employee per month while Everee Premium begins at $25 per employee per month. There are price breaks for both plans at 25, 100, and 250 employees. 

Although it’s called “Everee Basic,” the plan includes much more than just the basic HR software features. Most businesses will be very content with the basic plan option. However if you’re interested in features like advanced reporting or having a dedicated HR advisor, you may want to consider upgrading to Everee Premium.


The Bad

  • No Free Trial

No Free Trial

Everee offers a free demo of its software, but it does not provide a free trial. Many other companies in the industry offer a trial period of their software so users can test out the service and decide whether the service will work for their business.


The Bottom Line

Everee’s payroll system is a game-changer in the HR software industry. Its Pay Your Way™ feature is particularly noteworthy as it allows employees to choose their own pay period. The company claims the ability leads to increased morale, employee engagement, and retention.

Everee is reasonably priced when compared to its competitors, and its mobile app gives users easy access to a number of helpful features. 

While Everee’s platform is capable of serving businesses with more than 250 employees, it is especially appealing for small business owners.

In addition to providing payroll software, Everee includes several other features that are essential for HR and makes it easier for a business owner, office manager, or HR professional to manage employee information. 

For more information on the benefits or disadvantages of this software, see the Everee reviews below. 

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Brandon Spring, TX

I've had a couple payroll providers, and both have been okay and have gotten the job done. I switched to Everee because I thought their business model was disruptive, and I wanted to support that. Everee is the most simple software I've ever used. They don't have fluff. The hardest thing I had to do was remember to open the app on my phone to approve payroll. I set a reminder on my phone and it actually takes me 12 seconds (I timed it). When things don't go smoothly, they are quick to respond and offer help. They have also given me a lot of advice for the tax/finance part of my business. A great value add that they won't put on their website, but these guys are pros. The company has been great, but the product is what really matters. When I told my employees I'd let them pick how often they get paid, they didn't even know what to say. They were confused - they'd never been given that kind of decision in any job they'd worked. It was weird to get used to, in a really good way. My employees love it, and it has changed the culture of my company because even my lowest employees feel like I am looking out for them. Everee is a no brainer.

2 years ago

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Lorin Warner Salt Lake City, UT

The Everee team is innovative, responsive, proactive and professional. I have partnered with them for nearly a year and have seen their offering continue to grow and meet the needs of our business. Pay Your Way is valued by my team and helps us offer benefits that incentivizes our team to stay with us. The team is so proactive, from the CEO to the engineers, everyone is willing to jump in and help whenever needed! Everee helps me run my business efficiently and removes the stress and time that other payroll companies left us with. Would recommend 10/10 times to anyone I know!

1 year ago

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Cwis Los Angeles, CA

Everee has a great and easy to use interface! Setting it up took less than 15 minutes and they make payroll easy. It is more modern and intuitive than quickbooks and ADP. I have loved my experience. If you work in construction (or any other industry) and have employees asking to get advances their pay your way feature is amazing. I spend less than 5 minutes a month on payroll now thanks to everee!

1 year ago

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Brandon Spragg Spring, TX

Even though I only had 3 people on payroll, they treated me like any other client. They were over the top in support and helping me understand things (I have never used a software for payroll before, it was all very new to me!). If your’re thinking about using Everee, just know you will be taken care of, even if you think you’re not a very important customer and don’t bring them much money.

1 year ago

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Rob Draper South Jordan, UT

Overall I have enjoyed our payroll experience with Everee. There are still a few bugs in the system that have to be worked out, but their customer service and response when I have experienced these issues has been prompt. I like the simplicity of the system. It does what I need at a great value. My only complaint is very minor: I really wish my staff could view and print their entire paystub. For some reason their software cuts a portion of if off and it is not viewable in its entirety.

1 year ago

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Adam Gunn Farmington, UT

Tyler and Ron have created Everee based on years of experience working as financial executives. They've watched the impact pay has on employees and have created a new platform that unlocks financial opportunities for employees in ways that are truly meaningful.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Lindsay Ploeger Salt Lake City, UT

Everee has some amazing features that can be so appealing, especially during these difficult times. One, specifically, is that as the employee, you can choose how often you would like to be paid. I prefer a schedule of a couple times a month but I know many who would benefit from a weekly or more frequent pay schedule due to how they choose to budget.

1 year ago

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Marc Christensen Salt Lake City, UT

Great personal customer service, especially with the onboarding process. The phone application for employees is without question the best payroll processing tool I've seen.

2 years ago

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Jake South Jordan, UT

I’m impressed with the Everee team and their ability to think outside the box and move quickly. We are a new client and have really enjoyed the system for our employees.

2 years ago

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Jared Porter West Jordan, UT

They make it so easy to use! Not to mention they are extremely helpful when questions should arise.

1 year ago

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Thayne Sohm Riverton, UT

Coolest tech to come to the payroll industry! Life changing for many employees we work with!

2 years ago

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Chris Anderson Draper, UT

An innovative and disruptive solution to an archaic industry

2 years ago

star star star star star

Dustin dunaway Salt Lake City, UT

Great team! Looking forward to watching them disrupt the payroll industry.

2 years ago