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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
EmpXtrack is a full featured HRMS (Human Resource Management System) solution available on the cloud. EmpXtrack provides multiple modules that can be added individually or in sets. EmpXtrack is a software product of Saigun Technologies. EmpXtrack is designed to effectively help small, mid-sized and large organizations. EmpXtrack solutions are being used by more than 300 customers across 21 countries, improving the productivity and job satisfaction of over 150,000 employees daily. EmpXtrack was released in the market in 2004. They are currently based in Hauppauge, New York and Noida, India. 

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The Good

  • Multiple functions
  • Performance expectations
  • Web-based tools
  • Transparent pricing
  • Free trial
EmpXtrack is designed to help with multiple functions within each Human Resource department. With their performance management software a company can expect help with setting SMART goals, evaluating employee performance while gaining a comprehensive view of employee performance, coaching and training employees, defining compensation plans, promoting and placing the right employees at the right time and in the right places. As a part of their performance package they also provide 360 degree feedback which is a helpful tool not found in other HRMS packages. This allows for all people associated with the employee to offer feedback on their interactions and does not limit reviews to just manager related feedback. EmpXtrack performance appraisals allow companies to set clear performance expectations for employees. They allow managers to regularly track the performance of employees on each goal. The regular feedback and coaching provides an advantage of diagnosing the problems at an early stage and taking corrective actions before they become habitual problems. The appraisal program also allows companies to rate employees on the basis of their goals and competencies. It sets a platform to reward employees for their excellence by providing many built in customizable appraisal forms to rate employees. During the employee review individual training needs can be identified for each employee. EmpWtrack provides leaders, managers and employees with web-based tools to set goals and track progress at regular intervals. While ensuring objective and accurate evaluation of your employee performance to find their strengths and weaknesses. EmpWtrack enables employees to update their skills and competencies through continuous training and helps with identifying critical positions in any organization and recommending the right employees to fill those positions. EmpXtrack provides companies with self-rating peer reviews for a far broader assessment of employee performance and helps companies remain competitive within their business and while attracting the most talented employees through variable compensation packages. EmpXtrack is one of the few companies we have found that support companies with travel and expense reporting packages. EmpXtrack is very transparent about their pricing. They offer a large selection of prices available for all company sizes. They are one of the lower priced companies starting at about $2 per month per employee at their base level plan. EmpXtrack offers a wide variety of customer service options. They have on-site FAQs, knowledge base training, online support, phone support and video tutorials. They also have live 24/7/365 customer service support available. The free 14-day trial appears to be comprehensive and allows customers enough access to EmpXtrack's service modules that customers feel confident in their abilities to implement the product within their offices. EmpXtrack's software is so customizable to the needs, and size, of each company it can be used directly as a company's human resource foundation for smaller companies without the need for a full human resource department or as a support to larger companies who feel over-stretched by their human resource needs.

The Bad

  • Customizable setup
  • Additional fees
  • Not fully comprehensive
Common customer complaints are that setup is difficult if you want to customize the software specifically for your company." Straight out of the box" use requires very little set up and is generally fast to learn but customizing the software for specific needs of the company creates backlog and often becomes difficult for employees to grasp. With portions of their after hour customer service being managed in India there was a noted language/service gap mentioned in customer reviews. Online pricing does not grasp all aspects of each package and their fine print does note that additional fees for implementation, customization and timing issues may be added. They also state that pricing is subject to change without prior notice and these exceptions can make potential customers nervous. EmpXtrack does cover a wide variety of human resource needs but it is not a fully comprehensive system lacking some of the major features that would draw a client to another product. Because it is so customizable companies can feel overwhelmed when setting up service; making training and management harder to settle into. Customer feedback notes that not all applications are set up to work properly in the US market and additional customization/implementation is needed for the software to work better within the US. They are constantly working to improve however this does create a wait time as updates are created to fix any compatibility issues. The 14 day trial is one of the shorter trials we have seen available for HRMS software and all information within the trial is preset data that may not match the specific needs of those looking to use the software.

The Bottom Line

EmpXtrack fills human resource needs at many levels for a variety of different companies and this broad reach makes them a good option for companies in all different types of industries. They are more limited in terms of the types of human resource management features that other companies do cover but their pricing and implementation time makes them a good fit for companies who are looking fast and reliable service that is available 24/7 to meet customer needs. EmpXtrack does have one of the more extensive employee appraisal programs available and this portion of their programming does seem to be the strongest feature available to companies. EmpXtrack is in the market for making employee/company relations by creating an environment that will encourage innovation, teamwork and knowledge for their target companies and for anyone looking to improve the morale and productivity of employees within their company, EmpXtrack with be a good fit.
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