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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
ClearCompany is based in San Francisco and Boston. Their patent-pending technology lets businesses focus on talent management in alignment with a company’s goals and vision. The company has solutions for businesses ranging from 25 to 15,000 employees. The company serves thousands of recruiters and over 1,500 companies throughout North America. ClearCompany has helped several recognized names in different industries, including Blackwater, the American Hospital Association, Zillow, and ZoomInfo. We also found that their specialty industries include retail, healthcare, hotels & recreation, and technology. The company asks for a consultation to get access to its pricing paradigm, but we found out that there are no setup fees and that typical deployments can happen within 15 days or less.  

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The Good

  • Applicant tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Performance reviews
  • Goals
  • Compliance
  • Continuous innovation
We found that ClearCompany combines recruitment and application processing into its talent management platform. There is mobile app capability for all of its core services. Here are the four core services for ClearCompany: Applicant Tracking This process helps funnel leads into our recruitment machine. You can broadcast jobs to as many platforms as you'd like. There are also social and mobile recruiting options possible, through standard sites such as LinkedIn. We found that the platform is multi-lingual. There are mobile career sites capabilities. ClearCompany also provides background checks, screenings, and assessments to make sure that your applicants are qualified to work for your company. Onboarding We found that the onboarding resources with ClearCompany help you keep track of your new hires once you've extended an offer letter. The onboarding platform includes easy-to-use or customizable forms, validation and error checking for critical paperwork and more. You can also eliminate excessive paper trails by using the digital signatures. There is no limit on the number of new employees that you can onboard at anytime. Performance Reviews ClearCompany lets you rate and manage your team members once they are in the system. While they are with your company, you can do fully customized reviews. You also have unlimited performance reviews as part of your system. 360 Review Management lets your employees give each other feedback and provide managerial feedback, and more. A customized workflow solution let's you push your paperless trail to the right decision makers within your company, ultimately helping keep and promote the key players within your organization. Goals The goals module of the ClearCompany solution lets you define current and potential tasks that need to be completed within your company and get new hires excited with the tasks that your organization is striving for. ClearCompany Goals lets all players in an organization identify projects that need support. Employees using ClearCompany know what their organization faces, as well as what they do to help your organization move forward. Task automation within ClearCompany's talent management platform is pretty robust. You can track the daily progress of employees and see how each employee fits into their department, making performance review delivery an easy-to-do task. While there weren't many pictures of ClearCompany's user interface online, let alone a demonstration, we found that the few screenshots available showed some of the power of the web-based app. When you are reviewing candidates for a job, you can:
  • Easily load a talent pool to see current applicants for a position.
  • Write better job descriptions when you see the people applying for your company.
  • Create an easy and efficient onboarding process after employees are hired.
  • Align new hires with the company goals.
Compliance is also a big deal for the ClearCompany talent management solution. The system easily lets you generate Flowlogs, EEO-1, and OFCCP reports to make sure that your organization is staying compliant. ClearCompany also has a vision of "continuous innovation." We found that they are consistently working on:
  • Intelligent product design.
  • An unprecedented user interface, with a low learning curve.
  • Easily integrated client feedback to channel to your employees.
  • Continuous upgrades that will let your business make talent management solutions easier.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • No demo without consultation
  • No online support function
  • Limited app integrations
We found that, while ClearCompany is one of the better talent management solutions in the HR industry, there were a few things with their platform that didn't quite meet our goals. The issues we wanted to address included transparency, including pricing and the live demo. With some companies in the HR industry, we were able to see video demonstrations and explanations of the products and services that the company offered. With ClearCompany, we had to sign up for a consultation to see a demonstration. The same held true for pricing. In fact, on their LinkedIn page, ClearCompany stresses that they have a clear and public pricing structure. We were also missing a support function on the website. We found that there wasn't a robust FAQ or a knowledge base, which might help a decision maker choose to purchase ClearCompany's products and services. While we didn't see many app integrations with ClearCompany, they claim to let you promote your job openings on social media, search engines, and 12 million job boards automatically. We'd like to see a listing of the job boards that integrate with ClearCompany. We also felt like ClearCompany's external app support is a little bit too dependent upon API integration. There are many great third-party apps out there that easily integrate with ClearCompany's competitors. For example, with the single sign-on with Bamboo HR, they have a customized API solution, as well as integration with two sign-on platforms.

The Bottom Line

We recommend ClearCompany as a talent management solution. In comparison to their competitors, such as Halogen Software, we found that they seamlessly integrate the hiring process with performance reviews and employee retention. We would like to see a more transparent pricing structure, as well as get access to a demo without needing to sign up for a consultation.
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