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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Agile helps organizations recruit, onboard, and manage top talent without the stress and expense of clunky enterprise level systems through an easy to use cloud, web based application. Their priority and focus has been on creating systems that make employers and employees better at what they do. Their recruiting process helps draw top performers to their customers, while giving them access to top of the line tools and communication modules. With their assessment capabilities companies can easily rate and score customers as their resumes come into any job listing. Then with their employee onboarding system they can quickly manager all paperwork, orientation and training getting their customers employees into the right spots as quickly as possible. Their applications feature intuitive screens, solid business logic, and strong auditing capabilities. Agile has been in business since 2010 and is based in Wichita, KS. 

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The Good

  • Services
  • System customization
  • Tools
  • Goals
  • Digital storage
  • Streamlined onboarding
Agile's SaaS ATS solution gives their customers everything they need including: online job requisition and candidate management; custom career portal and job listing tools that integrates nicely into their own company's website; links to every major job board including Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster, etc. Agile HR is able to customize a flexible, fluid system with the tools their customers need. Customers have responded by saying they have created wish lists for specific changes they would like made to their own sites and they have found that Agile HR takes the time to listen and outline their specific processes and needs and in the end they are able to create a custom development plan with the features they need to be successful. Agile HR helps customers through the entire process of hiring and placing new employees with end to end full-service talent management. Agile HR assessments cover a wide range of helpful tools like background screening, candidate management, interview management, job requisition and posting, social media integration and much more. Their profiles help their customers outline clear employee expectations, define results, match-to-culture and compare candidates to top performing benchmark employees. Agile HR helps employees see how their efforts help them succeed by creating Company Objectives and tying them to individual SMART goals. By attaching core values to your appraisals you can cascade goals down through your staff, and report on company progress. Everything though Agile HR is stored digitally, eliminating the stacks of paperwork that normally accompany the new-hire process. Reports, employee surveys, trainings, videos, and forms are filled out by the employees through the software, and then uploaded and organized for easy access. A company's communication with their employees will be instant, clear, and concise. It also allows employees to be ready for work on the first day of employment because they have had time to review company policies and information as soon as they have been entered into the system. Also, from selection to separation, your employees' information is safe, accessible and most important, usable. The Agile HR Onboarding module streamlines all new employee set up by instantly notifying appropriate personal that computers need to be set up, network and email accounts created, phones configured, office space provisioned and business cards need to be ordered and printed all before the new employee walks through the door.

The Bad

  • No pre-employment testing system
  • Not an out-of-the-box product
  • Limitations
  • Transparency
  • No mobile app
While Agile HR has an extensive applicant tracking system they do not have a pre-employment testing system in place which would help streamline the applicant searching process more than it already is. They also do not note whither or not they work with any 3rd-party testing companies so it is unclear if they would be capable of collaborating with other pre-employment testing software. Customer reviews noted that Agile HR is not an "out of the box" product. A company needs to be prepared to articulate their needs before implementing the product. Without knowing exactly what they want customers can become confused with the transition and have a hard time learning the software. Agile HR is limited to the hiring and maintaining of employees. Their software does not include any time clock, check-in and check-out or payroll capabilities. They also do not maintain any company policies. They do integrate with systems already in place so it is possible that their software does work well with other software in place but as a fully comprehensive human resource suite they do not cover all department responsibilities. They are not transparent about their prices or pricing structure. Because their system is so customizable it is also hard to get a feel for how they compare to other companies within their market. Not being able to shop or compare prices or features may be a deterrent to purchasing software. They do not offer a mobile app or mobile support with their self-service portal.

The Bottom Line

There is little to not like about Agile HR product solutions. In terms of being a beginning to end software that provides adequate application tracking, hiring and onboarding of new employees they are fully comprehensive and have created a product that can be fully customized to the specific needs of each individual company. They help companies become more efficient and in turn create better environments for employees to work in. With Agile HR's software they can help their client companies create structure and more efficient organization within their departments which is a process that, at times, can be confusing and overwhelming because of the different variables that come about in the hiring process. Agile has the capability to help employees enter the company and manage their progress with clear and concise SMART goals helping employees feel more comfortable in their environment and have less desire to leave the company saving their customers valuable time and money with lowered turnover rates. The only downfall is that they do not have a current pre-application testing program available to consumers that would streamline their application software even more as they help their clients search for the top employees to fill their top positions.
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