Are You Dreaming about Your Job?


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Written by: Claire Shaner | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

Everyone's heard about work-life balance and what it means for your health. Sometimes the scale tips one way or the other, either for a family emergency or deadlines at work. But what happens when you're thinking about work so much that you start to dream about it? Some say that if you're learning a second language and you start to dream in that language, that's a sign that you're fluent. Does dreaming about work mean you're great at your job? Check out this infographic that adds some insight as to what your work dreams might mean:

Reaching your dreams infographic

The Top HR Software Companies

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#1 ADP chevron_right
8.1 Overall Score
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#2 Everee chevron_right
6.1 Overall Score
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#3 Paycor chevron_right
4.2 Overall Score

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