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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Hotel Type:Economy
Combining style and comfort with affordability and a community atmosphere, Moxy is Marriott International’s newest brand in its lifestyle/collection niche. Moxy was launched in 2013 in Milan, Italy as a flagship hotel. Currently there is one hotel in Milan, Italy, with hotels set to launch in eight US metropolitan locations, including New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans and Chicago. Other hotels in Munchen, Berlin, London, Frankfurt, and Oslo are planned to open by 2017. 

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The Good

  • Millennial catering
  • Quality and affordability
  • Amenities
Moxy's main attraction is its eclectic, hip, modern brand that specifically caters to millennials who love social media. A few unique ways it aims to do this:
  • Laid-back lounge
  • Meeting spaces
  • 24/7 food and drinks
  • A stocked bar
  • bright, airy lobby is a place to escape or to engage, with communal seating, free Wi-Fi and a great meal day or night
Moxy is built around the mantra "smaller means concentration, not reduction". The brand offers "buzzy and stylish" communal spaces, small self service rooms with millennial-friendly amenities such as:
  • Soft bed
  • 42" TV that connects to just about any device for streaming
  • free Wi-Fi.
Moxy promises affordability without a reduction in quality. It aims to give 5 star service at a 3 star price. The hotel is also pet-friendly, and without the long list of restrictions its fellow Marriott International brands like Delta hotel expects. It only requires a non-refundable sanitation fee. For non-smokers, the hotel's 100% non-smoking policy is a plus. The location is very convenient since the Moxy is virtually located in one of the terminals in Milan's Malpensa Airport. Unlike many budget hotels, Moxy's lobby is a major focus with an array of amenities. Lobby amenities:
  • a modern, industrial vibe
  • plenty of seating
  • a full-service bar
  • coffee bar service fresh-made coffee
  • microwave ovens
  • a large self-service wall stocked with drinks, snacks, and full meals accessible 24/7
  • Communal games (like Cards Against Humanity!) as well as other amusing items to make you want to hang out and linger.
  • A large video wall in the lobby dubbed "The Guestbook." Guests feed their photos and videos into Instagram and see their shots blown up on the wall. These images are constantly changing as the social media feed pours in via their free WiFi.

The Bad

  • Limitations
  • Basic
Moxy's seems to be more in the conceptual phase entering into the development phase. Only one hotel currently exists, with limited information available other than jazzy lingo and consumer-friendly millennial advertising. As one guest put it-"the advertising on the website and around the hotel suggests that a lot of young people in their underwear jump on the beds wearing motorcycle helmets, lingerie, or tattoos-and not much else". In reality, the hotel itself is very basic. One complaint is that it does not have phones in the rooms, but the hotel is aimed at the millennial generation who mostly use mobile phones anyway. (However, a phone is important when you need to reach the hotel staff). It seems the hotel is clearly aimed at one-night stays between, before, or after flights before going on..

The Bottom Line

Moxy is a new Marriott International lifestyle/collection brand. It is marketed as a fun, spirited brand catering to the millennial travel market. Currently a single flagship hotel in Milan, Italy, Moxy has several hotels in the pipeline-both in the United States and several countries worldwide. Guests like the economy pricing, the convenient location walking distance from the airport and its pet-friendly policy. The rooms are small but efficient with plenty of tech compatibility for millennials and their mobile devices. One glaring negative is that there are no phones in the guestrooms for people to contact the front desk and other staff.
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Karen McLean Clarkesville, GA

I stayed at the Moxy Hotel at the airport in Milan, Italy. I did not like it much. It's a decidedly whimsical in concept and intent. Trouble is, the whimsy is at the expense of comfort and services. The lobby is sort of cute and kooky...all fine. This may appeal to young people...meaning people with young kids, or young adults...I'd say Millenials. For the rest of us...the lack of the services expected at a hotel were just plain missing. Nothing cute about that What is called The Bar is really just part of the check-in desk...the bar "stools" have no back and are extremely uncomfortable. Worse, there is no bar tender...just the check in clerk if you request their attention and service. No socializing offered, or encouraged among guests. The beer, wine, soft drinks, snacks...all are self-service along the wall. I had to request to pay.....crazy. And then the room. The one and only chair is a very nice leather bucket chair. Impossible to get up out of..useless to an older person. chair to use. No telephone in the room! How does one get a wake up call? I was told to use the TV to set one up. I don't WANT to use a TV requiring ME to use their only option, which isn't something I'm familiar with. I was in my PJs when I realized the AC system wasn't working properly. I did not want to get dressed again and go downstairs and ask for a facilities tech. Ridiculous. No services at all, in any realm. And then the check in clerk was condescending....I felt it was due to my age but that's hard to prove. When I asked several questions, she gave brief answers, and when I asked for clarification, she was short and dismissive to me. Passive aggressive. I asked for directions to the airport shuttle for the next morning...the answer was ...out there. Out were? THERE, over there! It wasn't over there. It was across 5 lanes, and way down to the left of another building. She was extremely unhelpful. I have been in the service industry my entire career and this property has a point of view alright...and it's not service. Not convenience. Not customer oriented. Just quirky and whimsical. As someone in the travel industry, I will not recommend this chain.

4 years ago