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LAST UPDATED: January 27th, 2020
Knights Inn is a unique hotel chain based in Parsippany, New Jersey owned by Wyndham Worldwide. The birth of Knights Inn can be traced back to 1974 in Columbus, Ohio. Originally each location was medieval themed with medieval themed architecture and one story units, but this is no longer the case with new properties. From the first location Knights Inn has grown to include over 350 locations in the United States and Canada.  

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The Good

  • Inexpensive
  • Rewards
  • Deals
  • Unique
Knights Inn takes aim at the customer who is in search of the basics. There is nothing luxurious about the accommodations, but Knights Inn meets the needs of the customer looking to rest their head without any nonsense or fuss. Being a part of the Wyndham Worldwide family means that Knights Inn can offer rewards and resources to its customers that most small hotel chains cannot. There are a few things that make Knights Inn a great place to get some rest while on your journey. Here are a few that stand out:
  • Inexpensive: Knights Inn offers the basics at a price that won't hurt your checkbook.
  • Rewards: Being a member of Wyndham Worldwide means their rewards are good with the Wyndham Rewards plan. Just what every traveler wants....rewards!
  • Deals: Everyone can get deals and promotional codes that allow them to save money while Traveling.
  • Unique: Locations are individually operated, so they will be unique just like their location.
Knights Inn covers the basics. When that is what you are looking for in a hotel, then you can find it at Knights Inn.

The Bad

  • Wifi
  • Breakfast
  • Workout facilities
  • Conference rooms
Knights Inn is a low-budget hotel, so while they provide the basics they don't provide a lot of things travelers may be use to. It is true that we only need the basics to get a good nights rest, but for many travelers there are a few luxuries that they hope to find in their hotel. Here are a few things you may be looking for and not find at the Knights Inn:
  • Locations are not guaranteed to have wi-fi, so don't expect to stay connected while traveling.
  • There may or may not be breakfast at the Knights Inn.
  • There is no guarantee of having a workout facility or pool, so you may need to break from your workout plan.
  • Don't rely on Knights Inn to have space your your group meetings, or conferences.
Knights Inn offers the basics, but not much more. If you are a high maintenance traveler you won't enjoy your stay at Knights Inn, but you will get a good nights sleep.

The Bottom Line

Knights Inn is what it says it is, a hotel chain that offers the basics. You will get what you need from Knights Inn, but don't expect much more. With locations in the United States and Canada you can find a place to rest your head at home and North of the border. There are basically two key points to remember about Knights Inn:
  • They promise to cover the basics, but they will do their best to deliver and meet your needs.
  • They only promise to cover the basics so it is important to have healthy expectations when booking a room.
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Dee Farquharson Washington, DC

Stayed in Albany. Very clean. Staff was nice. The breakfast was small and quaint, but fresh and delicious. Mostly prepackaged. The room did not have a smell

3 years ago

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Lindsey American Fork, UT

Only stayed in one of these one time for a school trip - it was disgusting and terrible. Definitely a cheap option, but not worth the money you could save for a good night's sleep and stay in a nicer hotel.

4 years ago


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Christyan Bennett New Orleans, LA

Knights Inn is a very expensive hotel. They offer what any other hotel would but just at a higher price.

2 years ago

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Mindy Kingston, MO

Ive stayed at 2 Knights Inns I wasn't impressed with them. Both were in bad need of repairs.

2 years ago