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The first Baymont Inn and Suites opened in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1973 and was originally named Budgetel. Baymont Inn and Suites became the official name in 1999. The hotel chain was the idea of the CEO of Marcus Corporation, Steven Marcus, who wanted to create a limited-service, discount price hotel chain. In 2004 Baymont Inn and Suites was sold to La Quinta Corporation, then in 2005 Blackstone Group who in turn sold to Wyndham Worldwide. There are currently over 400 Baymont Inn and Suites in operation across the country. 

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Breakfast
  • Rewards
Baymont Inn and Suites has long had the goal to offer great service at discounted prices. That is nice for every traveler who may be on a budget or simply looking for a quick pit-stop to rejuvenate while on the road. Being a member of the Wyndham Worldwide family of hotels give Baymont Inn and Suites the ability to have access to a number of resources that would otherwise be unavailable. There are a number of things that make Baymont Inn and Suites a great choice for the weary traveler. Here are a few:
  • Affordable: Quality at a discount price is always a challenge, but Baymont seems to offer both.
  • Breakfast: Continental breakfast is a staple at all Baymont locations. Who doesn't love free food?
  • Rewards: Loyal customers can join the Wyndham Rewards club and get points and exclusive offers.
  • Deals: There are a number of ways to save, even if you aren't a Wyndham Rewards member.
  • Pools: Many locations offer pools and exercise facilities.
  • Connect: Stay connected with free high-speed wi-fi at every location.
Baymont Inn and Suites strive to offer their customers everything they need. They believe they can offer their customers everything they need from breakfast to bedtime.

The Bad

  • Availability
  • Variety
  • Meeting space
Baymont Inn and Suites has had a colorful history being included in a sale or purchase on three different occasions in a five year span can put any company on shaky ground. Through the ups and downs Baymont has remained strong, but there are a few weaknesses that must be mentioned. With 400 locations across the country Baymont Suites is not everywhere that you may need them to be. This weakness is somewhat alleviated by their affiliation with Wyndham Worldwide. A couple more weaknesses should be included:
  • Baymont Inn and Suites does not offer options like other hotel chains. They have one offering: limited-service, discount-priced hotel. There is no variety, so don't look to Baymont to fit every situation.
  • Baymont is not the type of hotel chain that can offer space for meetings, or conferences. If you have a large group it would be best to explore other options.

The Bottom Line

Baymont Inn and Suites was started with one purpose in mind to offer customers a limited-service, discount-priced hotel. That's what you can expect when you stay at Baymont. Their prices are good and their service is great, but the options are limited. Being a part of Wyndham Worldwide is a huge strength, but it still doesn't make up for some of the weaknesses. In summation there are a few things to remember:
  • Baymont Inn and Suites offers all of the amenities you need, and includes a continental breakfast at every location.
  • There are only 400 locations across the country, so there may not be one near your desired destination.
  • Wyndham Worldwide affiliations allows customers to gain and use rewards at Baymont and all other hotels that are part of the Wyndham conglomerate.
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Clravndal Bozeman, MT

When traveling we stopped at Baymont Inns & Suites in Fargo ND. Desiree was working at the time. We checked in fairly late, but she was very welcoming and helpful. After traveling all day and being tired, she was jovial and very nice. She is a great asset to your company. Thank you Desiree

3 months ago

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jingqi lei Rockville, MD

have a great experience in staying this hotel. there is a discount rate for government employee, which is a great advantage. the environment is very healthy, and room is spacious, and custom service is friendly.

2 months ago

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Michelle Louisville, KY

THE STAFF WAS AMAZING! Every last member was so kind!! EVERY.SINGLE.ONE! Anything I requested from pool times & towls to extra shampoos; all my needs were addressed! All I wanted to do was get away & find my peace of mind & I got what I needed. Special shout out to Anthony,The GM at the Dublin Ga location!!! He was more than AMAZING! Will definitely be staying here again! I stayed for almost a week & leaving today. Sad about it but will be back! Thank you to the staff for making me feel at home!

1 year ago

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Christina Milwaukee, WI

I stayed at the Baymont in Greensboro, NC on Veasley Street on July 28th. It was completely disgusting. There were red stains on floor, dust in the ceiling, the walls were full of dirt, there were missing handles on the night stand, the lamps did not work and there was centipedes. We had to purchase our own linen as the sheets were stained and were ripped. One of the sheets had cigarette holes in it. The room had an awful damp odor. The outside door handle was loose and there were exposed cords in the hallway. I only stayed as it was junior Olympics and no available hotels with an hour of the stadium and my daughter wanted to be with her AAU track team. The staff was very kind, however the hotel need to be torn down. I do have pictures.

1 year ago

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Kelly Peoria, IL

Well to start, I was callimg around to check hotel prices in the area I would be staying in which was Jacksonville IL. I called on May 1st and talked to a guy and he was really great!! He was polite, listened to me and they had great prices. So I tell him I will call back after checking around, the guy said great let him know. So I call a few other places and no one could beat their deal. I had to call back the next day though because I had to go to work so on Thursday, May 2nd around 3pm I call back to reserve the room and see if it was still available and I get the most pushy obnoxious lady to which I ended up hanging up and not even getting the room. I called and tried to tell her I had previously called and wanted a room for Sunday to Thursday and while I'm speaking trying to tell her what days she is interrupting me asking me when, what day etc...I'm like geez lady if you would slow down and listen I just told you so I had to repeat myself when she could have just listened in the first place and as I'm trying to talk and inform her it would be one person one room etc etc , she just kept on with the interruptions and asking g questions I'm sitting there telling her. First of all it is rude to interrupt and second of all she was so impatient it is very annoying g when you are trying g to talk and someone is constantly asking questions the whole time you are talking.g and if they would just slow down and listen...the same questions they're asking is what I was saying and trying to tell you in the first place...needless to say I got so frustrated I hung up and didn't end up getting the room and actually went somewhere else and paid more. If I have to pay more to not get someone like that on the phone ....IT IS totally worth it to me!! Thanks Comfort Inn

2 years ago

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Jordan Michigan City, IN

My friend paid for a week at the hotel, the first few days was nice. The workers were very polite, I wish I remembered their names.. but today ( day before we were suppose to leave ) Wendy, the front desk lady made us all leave a day early. Her attitude was disgusting. My friend brought a dog over ( baymont is pet friendly but I guess there’s a fee ) she tried telling us it would be $200 since we didn’t tell her about he dog.. The dog wasn’t staying with us but was visiting for that day so I didn’t think it would be an issue.. and now she banned me and my friend from the hotel. This made us upset so we argued and she called the cops and had him write trespass warnings so now if we ever come back we’ll be arrested. So now we left one day early with no type of refund.. very unprofessional

2 years ago

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Deborah Eizinger Memphis, TN

Location is good but the hotel is very tired. After entering the room I was hit with the stale smell. The bathroom faucet leaked and the hairdryer fell off the wall. I stayed next to the laundry room and the machines were used late into the night which made an unsatisfactory nights sleep.

1 year ago

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Phyllis Callahan Orlando, FL

Stayed 1 night at the Baymont Inn and Suites by Wyndam in Hagerstown, MD. Nastiest hotel I have EVER stayed in!!! The place was old, carpets were filthy, tile was beyond dirty! My bathroom shower head had mold and black mildew growing on it, and mold was on the grout in the tub! The sheet rock was coming off the wall in the bathroom. The refrigerator in the room was dirty, the microwave was nasty with splattered food. The towels and washcloths were like sand paper!! I will NEVER stay at a Baymont hotel again!!!!

1 year ago

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H and A masker Saginaw, MI

We had a great experience here and will come back again clean rooms everything was nice front dest people are verry inviting

2 years ago

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Rodger Naperville, IL

Hotel rooms and hallways had foul damp smell, light fixtures were loose and almost falling down. One of the mattresses was collapsed and sinking towards the edge. Overall the worst hotel room that I have ever been in. A big disappointment, will not go back to a Baymont Hotel again

1 year ago

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CJ Flossmoor, IL


2 years ago

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Christyan Bennett New Orleans, LA

Baymont Inn and Suites are very comfortable. The prices are sometimes very very high but the view and amazing services make it worth it.

1 year ago

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