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How we rank for

14%Rewards Plan

We look into a company’s rewards plan. A good company wants to keep it’s customers coming back to them again and again. Offering a rewards plan for those customers is a great indicator. For instance, when a customer books a room through an online platform, they will start to earn incentives to continue their business with said platform. Some companies allow customers to earn a point per dollar they spend. These types of rewards benefit the consumer as they will be able to save and earn discounts over the course of their travels.

7%Booking Options

With the ability to book and manage travel all online, booking platforms have constantly tried to find ways to make it easier for travelers to reserve their travel accommodations. The ability to book online is a given since these websites make their money off of individuals searching for deals on hotel rooms. However, some hotel booking sites have gone above and beyond as it pertains to helping travelers book their rooms. Aside from booking online, some platforms allow travelers to make reservations over the phone, through social media, or through an online chat feature. Those platforms that provide alternative ways to book upcoming stays receive higher scores.

10%Mobile App

With the vast advancement in technology with smartphones. People are looking to get access to the things they want through phones. We give a portion of our score to travel agencies that offer their services through IOS and Android apps.

20%Travel Services

  Each hotel booking site pulls in information from thousands of other travel sites and providers. That means there are countless results for each search a traveler could possibly enter. With thousands of search results to comb through, making the experience easy for the customer is a high priority. In an effort to accomplish this, hotel booking platforms have introduced their own "sorting tool" to help travelers quickly navigate search results and identify which hotel will work for their situation. The sorting tool ultimately allows travelers to quickly eliminate hotel rooms and present exactly what they are looking for. That being said, not all sorting tools are as efficient as others. The best sorting tools will allow travelers to sort by the following:
  • Price
  • Guest Star Rating
  • Amenities
  • Proximity
  • Property Type
Platforms that allow travelers to effectively filter search results will receive higher scores than those platforms that do not.

10%Travel Protection

Sometimes travelers book hotel rooms simply because there is a good deal to be had. If for some reason a schedule does not permit the travel to use the accommodation, being able to receive a refund or have insurance for these arrangements can help save a traveler in the long run. Sites that allow travelers to purchase insurance as part of their platform earn higher scores.

14%Reservation Features/Site Interface

  After a traveler makes a decision as it pertains to which hotel they would like to book, some platforms make the reservation process more efficient than others. There are also sites that provide additional tools and widgets to help in the decision making process. This portion of the ranking criteria analyzes what a hotel booking site actually offers to their customers. The following tools/services have been identified as important to travelers:
  • Email Confirmation (upon reservations)
  • Recent Searches Saving Feature
  • Ability to book travel activities
  • Comparison tool
  • Deals page/widget
Platforms that provide a version of the listed tools/resources will earn higher scores than sites that do not.

10%Stability Score

We look at the legal history and financial stability of each company. This metric takes into consideration any bankruptcies, class action lawsuits, government lawsuits, or government investigations a company has had in the last five years.

15%User Score

Authentic user reviews are critical to what we’re doing at BestCompany.com. Because customer service is an important reflection of a company overall, nobody can provide better insights about a company’s performance than actual customers. Consequently, every company’s overall score is influenced, at least in part, by reviews submitted by customers. For more information on how we moderate user reviews submitted to our site, you may refer to our Review Guidelines page.