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LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2020
MoreHotels4Less is a travel booking site that provides users with the opportunity to book last minute hotel deals and save hundreds on their next trip. Travelers can find cheap hotels in some of the most popular cities worldwide. In addition to booking hotel accommodations, users can book their airfare, rental cars, and vacation packages all through one third party site. That being said, the expertise of the MoreHotels4Less is their hotel booking experience. 

The Good

  • Savings and discounts
  • Last minute arrangements
  • Mobile app

Savings and Discounts

MoreHotels4Less provides their customers with a solid selection of domestic and international hotels. The nightly rates are all discounted to help travelers maximize their savings. MoreHotels4Less also provides travel advice and tips for those who are traveling to a new destination and would like additional information. Users can book cheap hotels for just a night or at the last minute without having to spend hours planning their trip.

Last Minute Arrangements

Travelers who are looking to book last minute arrangements will find the MoreHotels4Less platform useful. Their service is partnered with over 40,000 hotels, and with their innovative technology, provide some of the best nightly rates available. The hotel chains MoreHotels4Less is partnered with operate in over 8,000 cities. Hotels are not the only lodging accommodations prospective travelers can book through MoreHotels4Less. Those who are looking for a more unique experience or would like to save on international accommodations can also book the following:
  • Hostels: connect with and reserve hostel arrangements worldwide
  • Bed and Breakfast properties: find cheap rates for bed and breakfast properties in popular destinations

Mobile App

In addition to providing a desktop service, MoreHotels4Less also has a mobile app available for download. Users can download the MoreHotels4Less app on either their iOS or Android devices. It is also compatible with some tablets. Travelers will have access to hundreds of thousands of cheap hotels and will have the ability to reserve these rooms all through the mobile app. A service not common to most third-party booking vendors is the ability to cancel for free* on most hotel reservations. At MoreHotels4Less, customers who have a change in plans will most likely be able to cancel or modify their reservations without paying an extra fee.

The Bad

  • Features and resources
  • Cancellation policy

Features and Resources

Like many other travel booking providers, MoreHotels4Less allows users to create their own personal account to manage reservations. This account, and the site overall, is missing a number of features/resources commonly found on other third party sites. These tools are not vital to booking inexpensive hotel accommodations, but they can be helpful during the planning and research time. The features not found on MoreHotels4Less include:
  • Save Feature: users will not be able to save or "favorite" recent searches for quick access for future booking
  • Comparison Tool: customers will not be able to quickly compare rates posted on other travel sites
  • Travel activities: travelers will not be able to book tours and other attractions or events through the site

Cancellation Policy

While MoreHotels4Less does have a reasonable cancellation policy, it is not extended to all hotel property listings. Since each hotel differs in terms of their individual cancellation policy, MoreHotels4Less cannot guarantee a full refund in the even that the traveler needs to cancel their arrangements. For those that make reservations with hotels that do not allow cancellation, there is not an option to purchase travel protection/insurance either.

The Bottom Line

MoreHotels4Less helps their customers book cheap hotels in destinations both foreign and abroad. Customers have the ability to pick their lodging experience and change reservations in most circumstances. Those that use the MoreHotels4Less platform to book their upcoming vacation can expect the following from their service:
  1. Cheap hotel rates
  2. Unique travel accommodations
  3. Free cancellation*
  4. Mobile app available
  5. No travel protection
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