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LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2020
Momondo is a leading resource in finding discounted airfare while simultaneously providing a platform for users to book hotel arrangements. Back in 2006, a small group of Danish developers with a like-minded mission to make travel more affordable and accessible drafted up a service that would benefit international travel. As a result, Momondo was officially launched. The Momondo developers were able to use their knowledge to develop a code, robot program that worked to provide people with real insight into flight prices. They also included a hotel booking service, however that is not the main function of the site. 

The Good

  • Flight search
  • Independent
  • Awards for tools
  • Comprehensive booking
  • Mobile app

Flight Search

Momondo works to help travelers save. While a majority of the savings will likely come as a result of their flight searching technology, travelers can also score deals when making hotel room reservations. Users can search through popular destinations to find affordable accommodations while traveling the world.


Unlike many other travel booking sites, Momondo is not owned by a large travel company or provider. Their business model is entirely free, operates on a global level, and is completely independent. Momondo stands on its own to provide travelers the opportunity to search flights globally and compare flights and travel deals. This is important to note because it means that the pricing information and data is not influenced by outside providers.

Awards for Tools

The intuitive flight searching system on which Momondo operates allows travelers to find the cheapest and best flights without hardly any effort. They have won awards for having the best flight comparison tools, and considering just how saturated and competitive that market is, that is an impressive feat. Momondo conducts a cross-search between airlines, travel sites, and low cost carriers to come up with the best results for travelers.

Comprehensive Booking

Even though Momondo specializes in helping travelers book the cheapest flights, they also have show listings for other travel accommodations. For instance, a traveler can book their hotel room or rental car all on Momondo. Momondo also has made a number of tools and resources available to travelers to create the best booking experience possible. These resources include:
  • Flight Analyzer: not only does Momondo find the cheapest flight, but they also show the departure and arrival dates, best balance between price and flight time, and even reveal how factors such as days to departure and seasonality affect fare prices
  • Trip Finder: the trip finder tool allows travelers to input their budget and then find destinations and activities to book within their dollar range
  • Inspiration Tool: the inspiration feature helps those looking for a unique travel experience, but are unsure of where to start and how to go about booking

Mobile App

Momondo also has a free app available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android products. This app provides travelers with instant access and insight into billions of cheap flights and hotels. Features included with the Momondo app create a personalized search experience. Users can use the Draw and Search tool, which is where a traveler can draw any shape on a map to pinpoint hotels in a specific area.

The Bad

  • Hotel booking
  • Rewards program
  • User experience

Hotel Booking

Momondo exists simply to help find travelers the cheapest and best flights with a minimum amount of effort. Momondo's system is comprised of intuitive flight search technology. The Momondo platforms has won awards for having the best flight comparison tools, and considering just how saturated and competitive that market is, that is an impressive feat. Momondo conducts a cross-search between airlines, travel sites, and low cost carriers to come up with the best results for travelers. All of that is helpful, unless a user solely wants to book a hotel room. That means that the best part of the Momondo technology is not necessarily beneficial.

Rewards Program

While travelers can use a travel-specific credit card to earn independent awards, there will not be unique point earnings. Another downfall to the Momondo service is the fact that they are missing a rewards program. Typically, travel agencies will provide travelers with an additional incentive to continue to use their booking service. Rewards include earning miles or points to redeem for additional discounts. Momondo does not offer this type of program for travelers. That means repeat Momondo users will not be able to save on the following through their own rewards program:
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Rental Cars

User Experience

User experience is also something worth mentioning as it pertains to the Momondo booking site. Since Momondo searches through thousands of pieces of data and information, it can take a few moments for results to populate. There also is no way to save search results or trips while conducting research.

The Bottom Line

While Momondo can help users in their efforts to book hotel rooms, it is not necessarily designed to help in this regard. Momondo is an excellent research tool, especially for those interested in seeing when the best times to book airfares. Their in-depth knowledge of seasonality and other contributing factors can really help travelers looking to save as much as possible when booking their flight, but it does lack in the hotel space. Those who use Momondo to book their travel can expect the following from their experience:
  • Focused on flights - Detailed flight information
  • Filtering tool - Narrow and specific results
  • On the go - Top of the line mobile app
  • Tip and advice - Travel resources and tools to book accommodations
  • No rewards program
  • Slow - Some lag time in search
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I Was excited with our 1st time booking with momondo BUT it was disappointing to say the least. Received a confirmation from momando for our cacun flight and thought all was good. We had seat assignments for both legs, going and coming. 3 days later i received an email from "Book Fare" indicating our reservation was pending! What?!? no explanation was given. We telephoned only to hear that the airline wasn't accepting the price momondo confirmed with us. SO MOMONDO QUOTES PRICES -LETS YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE CONFIRMED ONLY TO FIND OUT DAYS LATER -IT'S NOT SO! Time wasted - air prices go up and the customer is ignored. also don't bother to call and ask for a supervisor because as i write this i've been on hold for 22minutes and counting! i'm sure they're counting on me hanging up - and i will but not w/o trashing their procedure and their customer 'no' service. Hey FYI, at the 25 minute mark THEY DISCONNECTED. (also everyone there seems to be named Jordan.) m delich

5 years ago

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Hawthorne Little Longmont, CO

Momondo search turned up our preferred flight on "TravoMint" which turns out to be just a scam site designed to capture your personal information. This flight wasn't cheaper, just had the right flight times. Other flights that turn up are on a different site that won't open in my browser due to it not being a secure site. If you just use it to scan for flight providers and flight times it's an easy to use site. Then go on the airline sites from there.

4 years ago