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LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2020
Luxury Link was introduced as a way for travelers to save a bit of money while traveling in style and comfort. Based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Luxury Link was officially launched in 1997. Just under twenty years later, Luxury Link was purchased by Dunhill Vacations in 2015. Luxury Link was designed to help travelers book luxurious travel accommodations at a more affordable or discounted rate. They are partnered with the highest-rated hotels around the world and have access to over 3,000 "luxurious" properties for travelers to choose from in qualified destinations.  

The Good

  • Exclusive and unique experiences
  • Guaranteed best rates
  • Added Bonuses

Exclusive and Unique Experiences

Most of the hotel booking sites reviewed were designed to find the cheapest hotel rooms at a discounted rate. While Luxury Link also looks for "discounts," their platform is strictly designed to only find this information for the highest quality hotel rooms and accommodations. Luxury Link listings are often times exclusive and are comprised of some of the most unique travel experiences available. The Luxury Link properties include urban oases, opulent villas, wine-country cottages, and even Caribbean hammocks. Depending on the traveler's definition of "luxury," Luxury Link can help find the best rate for high-end properties and under-the-radar hideaways throughout the world.

Guaranteed Best Rates

The Luxury Link platform utilizes the information from leading travel websites to guarantee the best rates on a number of room types and vacation packages. Additionally, travelers can upgrade and add-on to make their own dream vacation. In an effort to provide a more "lavish" experience for travelers, the Luxury Link properties include urban oases, opulent villas, wine-country cottages, and even Caribbean hammocks. Depending on the traveler's definition of "luxury," Luxury Link can help find the best rate for high-end properties and under-the-radar hideaways throughout the world. Even though Luxury Link's network of properties is somewhat limited, especially compared to other travel agencies with millions of hotel listings, travelers can visit a number of different countries/regions while using Luxury Link. These destinations include:
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • Indian Ocean
  • North America
  • South America
  • South Pacific

Added Bonuses

Members of the Luxury Link platform can receive added bonuses as well. Becoming a Luxury Link "insider" is easy and comes with added bonuses. Users will just need to provide Luxury Link with their email address and zip/postal code. Insiders will be among the first to see new Luxury Link properties. Features also include the ability to set travel preferences and save vacation inspiration. There are also exclusive rates and offers for those who subscribe. This is not a "rewards program." It is important to note the differentiation. Luxury Link does offer a "featured vacation" section where travelers can browse for vacation inspiration or book their next trip. This section will include the price per night as well as the number of days the traveler can stay for. When individuals travel to a new destination, the airfare and lodging is only part of the experience (some would argue not even the most important or memorable). Travelers can also book "travel experiences" using Luxury Link. These experiences can include anything from spa reservations to adventurous excursions in a remote area. Users can scroll through the list of travel experiences in their desired destination. This will also provide users with a better idea of what can be expected from their travel destination.

The Bad

  • Sorting tool issues
  • Niche website
  • Rewards system

Sorting Tool Issues

While Luxury Link will not necessarily display thousands of results like other platforms, but it will display several which may make the research process a bit tedious. In an effort to help cut down on planning time, Luxury Link introduced a sorting tool to filter results. However, users will not be able to filter with these qualifications:
  • Proximity - there will not be any sorting based on the distance from certain landmarks
  • Hotel Type - users will not be able to make travel specifications in this area

Niche Website

The Luxury Link platform is not intended to satisfy the needs of all travelers, rather the traveler looking for somewhat of a sophisticated getaway.It is important to note that Luxury Link is a niche website. It is not designed to help the tight-budget traveler who wishes to visit a destination paying as little as possible. While the properties can be booked a discounted rate, costs for nightly stays will be more expensive because travelers will be staying in "higher quality" accommodations. Luxury Link is not an ideal resource for the following travelers:
  • Business professionals - properties are usually located by some sort of destination accommodation
  • Group travel - this can get somewhat pricey and is meant for more intimate groups
For actual travel deals, travelers will need to navigate away from the Luxury Link page and use the Dunhill travel site. Luxury Link is solely focused on booking nightly reservations, not the entire vacation package. That means that travelers will not be able to book their flight accommodations through Luxury Link.

Rewards System

While there is a membership program, that does not make up for a rewards/points system. It is also important to note that Luxury Link does not offer their own rewards programs for travelers who use their platform regularly. That means, travelers will not be able to earn additional points or bonuses for coming back and using the site to book their travel. Travel credit cards may be used to earn points on various airlines or with certain hotel chains.

The Bottom Line

For the penny-pincher, Luxury Link may not be the best resource but it is great for those looking to maximize comfort while traveling. Luxury Link is an ideal tool for travelers looking to save on a more "high-end" vacation experience. It is not necessarily the best resource for someone traveling on a tight budget or wanting to maximize savings because the travel accommodations are highly rated. Travelers who use Luxury Link to book their vacation can expect the following:
  1. Reasonable luxury room rates - Best rates for high-end travel accommodations
  2. Exclusive offers - Book "hidden gems" that are not listed on other travel booking sites
  3. Additional travel booking required - Limited booking options for all travel necessities
  4. International travel - Visit a number of destinations with Luxury Link network
  5. Lack of rewards program - No rewards program for additional bonuses
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