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LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2020
While Jetsetter is a comprehensive travel booking site, they originally started as a way to help travelers find the best nightly accommodations. Jetsetter has a high standard for which hotels can be listed on their site, which means that more often than not, a traveler is safe when reserving accommodations through Jetsetter. The Jetsetter platform was launched in 2009, but was purchased in 2013 by TripAdvisor.  

The Good

  • Deals and savings
  • Unique experience
  • Correspondents

Deals and Savings

Jetsetter works to find the best deals on various hotel room across the world. Jetsetter is well-designed for travelers because it is made by travelers.Typically, travel sites are made up of developers or those with the ability to utilize complex code. Jetsetter, on the other hand, is a product designed by actual frequent travelers. This unique approach to booking travel help eliminate travel accommodations that are not necessarily up to par. Jetsetter specializes in booking hotels, but users can also book their flights, rental cars, or cruises, if desired. When conducting a search, a traveler can see hundreds or even thousands of results with a basic query. To help travelers quickly find the best deal for their situation, users can utilize the filtering feature. Travelers can quickly sort based on the following criteria:
  • Price Range - low to high or high to low
  • Star Rating - based on guest reviews
  • Amenities - what services are included
  • Type - hotel type based on what is offered

Unique Experience

Aside from having the ability to reserve the typical travel accommodations, Jetsetter offers a unique experience to those who take travel seriously. Benefits of using the Jetsetter platform to book travel include features such as:
  • Jetsetter Standard - each listing has to be verified according to the Jetsetter standards
  • Editor's Picks - insight into the best all-inclusive vacation, family vacations, or the world's greatest beaches
  • Magazine - advice and tips for some of the world's top travel destinations
  • Limited Time Sales - daily flash sales of up to 40 percent are available
  • Personal Travel Planning - travel experts will actually book a trip in its entirety on behalf of the traveler customized to their interests


The Jetsetter platform depends on finding travel accommodations any traveler would enjoy. They enlist the help of their Jetsetter "correspondents" which is comprised of over 200 journalists from the world's top travel publications. Each Jetsetter listing has had a correspondent stay a night to ensure that it earns the "Jetsetter Verified Stamp." The Jetsetter standard is what truly sets the booking agency apart from all other travel sites.

The Bad

  • Not the cheapest options
  • Rewards programs
  • Mobile app

Not the Cheapest Options

Jetsetter will most likely not display the cheapest options for travelers. For those looking to find the most affordable motels or low-rated hotels will likely need to go elsewhere. Jetsetter's travel standard keeps these types of facilities from being listed even if they are cheap.

Rewards Programs

Unlike a number of other travel agencies or online book websites, Jetsetter does not offer a rewards program to their users. That means that there will not be extra points or bonuses available to redeem on hotel reservations or other travel commodities to save extra money. Not having their own rewards program may be a deterrent for some travelers who plan on booking regular trips through a specific platform/agency.

Mobile App

When travel booking sites create an app, it is usually done so travelers can manage their travel on the road and provide additional features not found on the desktop version of the platform. The Jetsetter mobile app is only available for iPhone/Apple devices, but is free for users to download. The app, while convenient for travelers on-the-go, is relatively basic. It does not include some of the functionality their online site offers and it simply lists the same deals. There are no exclusive offers available through the mobile app, which is typically a draw for travelers to download it. There is also no additional insight or information regarding travel destinations to help those who are visiting a place they have never been to before. Through the mobile app, users are able to:
  • View deals/discounts
  • Save trip specifications/searches
  • Book/view travel accommodations
Since Jetsetter is focused on booking hotels at a discounted rate, there is no protection offered once the reservation has been made. Travel insurance is not an available option for those who may be on the fence when booking their accommodations.

The Bottom Line

Those who want to find accommodations on a budget but are not willing to sacrifice quality of stay will likely appreciate Jetsetter's service. Jetsetter is an interesting resource for those who consider travel to be their hobby or passion. Since it is comprised of information from travel journalists, experienced travelers can relate to the information they relay. Travelers who are considering using Jetsetter to book their upcoming trip can expect the following from the service:
  1. Jetsetter Standard - if a room does not live up to the Jetsetter standard, it will be removed from the site
  2. Comprised of travel experts - since the site is run by travel journalists, their experiences and advice into certain travel arenas can prove to beneficial for first-time travelers
  3. Travel the world - travelers can book accommodations around the world
  4. No rewards program - do not expect to earn additional rewards or bonuses for booking
  5. Cancellation policy - if a traveler is not 100 percent certain that they can make their trip, it would be wise to go elsewhere for booking services
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