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LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2020
The Hotel Tonight mobile application helps those looking to quickly make travel arrangements on the go. The Hotel Tonight mission statement revolves around a belief that life should be lived "less planned." Users can book great hotels at the last minute for a discounted rate with the help of the Hotel Tonight technology. 

The Good

  • Mobile app
  • Innovative technology

Mobile App

Hotel Tonight is a mobile app that is creating a platform for users to quickly search and book hotel rooms all from their mobile device. Their platform identifies hotel discounts and allows users to book rooms within seconds.

Innovative Technology

The innovative technology of the Hotel Tonight app is one of their greatest strengths as a hotel booking platform. They have partnerships with hundreds, if not thousands, of hotel providers which make it possible. When hotels have not sold their rooms, the available reservations are made public on the app. Since it is in the hotel's best interest to book these rooms, the nightly rates are often times discounted to entice travelers to stay with them. This provides travelers with the following:
  • Low rates - all hotel rooms can be booked a discounted price
  • Flexibility - users can browse through possibilities and play it by ear without having to make a travel commitment far in advance
  • Instant access - the app shows deals as soon as a hotel releases their unbooked rooms
The Hotel Tonight app is available on both iOS and Android devices. That includes most iPad tablets as well. Those that do not have an iOS or Android device can log onto their mobile site and make the same reservations found through the app. There is an option to become a Hotel Tonight "insider." Once a user has signed up, they will be able to access special deals, view limited-time offers, and view travel advice and guides to help for upcoming vacations or inspiration.

The Bad

  • Time consuming
  • No reviews
  • Travel protection

Time Consuming

One downside of using a platform that provides thousands of results each time a search is conducted is the fact that it takes time to sort through all of those results. To help cut down on the amount of time spent on looking at various hotel rooms, most platforms have implemented comprehensive sorting tools so that users can identify which hotel is best quickly. Hotel Tonight also has a sorting tool, but users can only filter results based on price, amenities, and proximity. Other platforms include other determining factors. Those that are blatantly missing include:
  • Guest star rating - no feedback from customers to see concerning the quality of the hotel room
  • Hotel Type - users will not be able to select what type of room they are looking for either

No Reviews

For those who want to make sure that they room they are booking is up to a certain standard may not be able to do so since there are no reviews hosted on the site. Most travel sites incorporate reviews from travelers who have stayed in hotels or eaten at restaurants and can provide helpful insight for those looking to make reservations.

Travel Protection

There is also no travel protection available for hotels booked through the Hotel Tonight website. Users that book a hotel room, but are unable to use the hotel they reserved may be out the money they spent. There are some stipulations in the cancellation policy that can provide a refund, but travelers should not depend on that. The Hotel Tonight platform is designed to benefit the mobile user. It is a mobile app, so there is not really a desktop/computer presence. They do have a website that acts as a brochure for the service, but users cannot book travel accommodations on a computer. All transactions are completed through the app.

The Bottom Line

Even though Hotel Tonight is not necessarily a hotel booking site, the ability to book hotel rooms through their app has created another outlet for travelers to take advantage of. Those that download the Hotel Tonight app and use it to book their next hotel stay can expect the following from the service:
  1. Discounts - through their technology, travelers can book hotel rooms at a discounted rate
  2. Fast booking - sort through available hotels and book in a matter of seconds
  3. Mobile capabilities - since the service is an app, travelers can book on the go or last minute
  4. Insider benefits - exclusive deals and offers available to those who create an account
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Nathan Layton, UT

I have used this app a couple of times and I really like it. I finds hotels in the area for a really good price. We had a problem with the hotel that we booked with and the customer service was also great.

3 years ago

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Breanna Jones Herriman, UT

I like coming here when I need to find something last minute. They post good last minute deals. I just go to the app and its a quick and easy search.

4 years ago

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Jdigs San Francisco, CA

It’s a scam. Your reservation can be cancelled at any time and have bad customer service.

2 years ago