The HostelWorld Group is the leader in global hostel-booking and is available in 19 different languages. Their goal is to connect young travelers with hostels around the world. HostelWorld is partnered and lists over 33,000 properties in over 170 different countries worldwide. Prospective travelers can also get a better idea of which accommodations will work for their situations with the verified guest reviews available for each listing. 

The Good

  • Customer service
  • Great for groups
  • No booking fees

Customer Service

The HostelWorld platform has provided a way for travelers to see the world without having to spend more than is necessary. With over thousands of properties to choose from, 8 million verified guest reviews, and 24/7 customer service, users can likely expect to reserve hostel accommodations they will be happy with.

Travelers that book their hostel accommodation (or any accommodation) through HostelWorld can rest assured knowing that their booking is 100 percent confirmed. If a traveler, for whatever reason experiences any problems, HostelWorld will fork over $50. Users can easily make a claim online and HostelWorld will work to rectify the situation immediately.

Great for Groups

Those who are looking to travel in a group will find the HostelWorld platform effective and helpful. Groups (which consist of 9 or more people) can book their travel accommodations and take advantage of additional savings. Common group travel deals include the following:

  • Holidays with friends - travelers can save on a group hostel stay to spend on other travel activities
  • College/University groups - student discounts available and book the best party hostels
  • Sports groups - travelers can cheer on their favorite teams in popular destinations around the world

The HostelWorld mobil app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It works with most tablets as well. It is free to download and is highly rated on both the iTunes and Play stores. Users can search more than 30,000 properties and manage their entire travel itinerary from their mobile device.

No Booking Fees

Another benefit of booking through the HostelWorld platform will appreciate the fact that there are no booking fees. HostelWorld works to provide as much value for each dollar spent as possible. There will be no additional fees when reservations are made.

The Bad

  • Traditional hotel booking
  • No deals page

Traditional Hotel Booking

HostelWorld is not the best resource for those looking to book traditional hotel accommodations. For those looking for economy or luxury accommodations while traveling the world will likely need to use another service. The "room selection" portion of the service is not stressed, as Hostel World works solely to connect travelers to available hostels. Travelers can book the following, but the providers are limited in comparison to other travel platforms:

  • Hotels worldwide - there are only 5,500+ hotels listed on the site in 1,679+ cities
  • Bed and Breakfasts - there are only 5,782+ bed and breakfast properties listed worldwide

On the other hand, there is no shortage of hostel listings across the globe. There are 11,338 hostel listings in over 2,303 cities included on the site.

No Deals Page

Hostels, in nature, are more affordable than traditional hotel accommodations. Those who plan on staying in hostels are likely looking for other ways to save or cut costs. To help travelers quickly find deals and discounts in desired locations, other travel booking platforms provide a "deals" page. The HostelWorld platform does not include this feature.

The Bottom Line

The HostelWorld platform has created a service for travelers looking to travel the world on a tight budget. Their partnerships with hostels worldwide have made the research portion of travel planning much easier and efficient. Those who are interested in staying in hostels and saving some money while traveling can expect the following if HostelWorld is used to make their upcoming reservations:

  1. Booking Guarantee - all reservations are 100% confirmed
  2. $0 Booking Fees - no booking fee required for reservations
  3. Group Bookings - additional savings for guests
  4. Limited selection - only hostels available for booking
  5. Verified guest reviews - helps with the planning portion

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