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LAST UPDATED: May 20th, 2021
No longer exists.
Unlike the other sites which we've reviewed, Google Hotel Finder is not a third-party site or franchise site for discounted travel. This site is merely a tool using Google's vast resources to deliver concise results for travel anywhere in the world. As Google has changed the world as we know it and how we access information, this site has the power to do the same with hotel booking.This site runs much like a Google search engine and has a familiar "feel." Results are easily scanned and compared to other offers with the speed for which Google is well-known. 

The Good

  • No longer exists

No Longer Exists

**Google Hotel Finder no longer exists as a typical website. In order to use the Google Hotel Finder search service, users will have to navigate through the Google Maps platform.** Google Hotel Finder includes benefits such as:
  • Easy to scan result page
  • Ability to sort search results
  • Price
  • Location
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Amenities
  • Discount as compared to regular price
  • Searches multiple hotel chains
  • Easy to use Google Map with results marked
  • Large chains and smaller properties represented in search results

The Bad

Since using this site is a meta-search, there are additional steps to complete the reservations(additional clicks). Also, terms and conditions for the rooms and the rates returned by Google Hotel Finder cannot be found except by going to the original property's sites.

The Bottom Line

As mentioned above, Google offers tools that many are not aware of - this one being one of them. The search results returned are very comprehensive, giving the traveler vast amounts of information. Results can be sorted by several filters and clicking prospective properties lends more information, including a Google map of the property's location as well of where it is located in relation to other areas (airports, tourist attractions, hospitals, restaurants, etc.) However, lack of membership perks and book options make it hard to recommend Google Hotel Finder. It's a good company with some good features, but there are just better hotel booking sites out there.
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Leonard Leo Potomac, MD

Google compares prices between all of the major players in hotel booking and links you directly to those websites. I always try Google first for a quick price. However, sometimes the parameters of the search are not specific enough to evaluate the true pricing. For example, the best price won't reflect the type of bed in the room. Google also provides hotel listings for your particular destination and conveniently shows them on a map, where you can highlight a specific hotel.

8 months ago

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Sam Ekberg Gilbert, AZ

Google Hotel Finder is a great and quick way to find a hotel for any trip that you may want to go on, anywhere that you may want to go. It provides may different hotel options with the different prices.

3 years ago

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Lindsey American Fork, UT

I've used Google Hotel Finder at my student job when setting up travel plans. I've enjoyed it, but I don't think it's the absolute best hotel finder out there.

4 years ago