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LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2020
BudgetPlaces.com specializes in finding affordable nightly rates in some of the popular destinations in the world. Founded in 2003 in Barcelona, Spain, BudgetPlaces.com burst onto the online travel booking scene in an attempt to provide affordable booking accommodations to travelers on an international scale. Their listings can be found in 700 different cities worldwide. Each month, Budget Places helps over 25,000 prospective travelers with their arrangements. Also, an average of 90,000 processed room night stays are completed each month. Budget Places has 47 destination-focused websites with over 5,000 directly contracted collaborating 1, 2 & 3 star hotels, hostels, apartments and bed & breakfasts worldwide. 

The Good

  • Discounts
  • Booking options
  • Unique resource


Specializing in finding discounted hotel rooms, those hoping to save a few bucks while traveling the world can appreciate this online resource. BudgetPlaces.com is a online travel booking agency that allows prospective travelers to save on their lodging accommodations. There are nightly discounts available or nights free depending on how long the reservation is for. With an international focus, BudgetPlaces.com services thousands of travelers each month and find the lowest nightly rates available.

Booking Options

Since BudgetPlaces.com aggregates data from thousands of travel providers, those who make even a detailed search will likely be flooded with thousands of search results for each inquiry. With thousands of options to choose from, travelers will likely find a room that suits their needs. In an effort to speed up the research portion of the booking process, BudgetPlaces.com has a comprehensive sorting tool. Users can filter results based on the following specifications:
  1. Pricing - price range (low to high or high to low)
  2. Guest star rating - based on TripAdvisor reviews
  3. Amenities - only include hotels that offer specific services
  4. Proximity - how close a hotel is to certain landmarks or airports
  5. Hotel type - whether it is motel, luxury, cabin, etc.

Unique Resource

One unique resource Budget Places provides travelers with is the ability to book hotels in proximity to specific landmarks. Most travel agencies will only book based on cities or countries, but Budget Places has found a way to incorporate the traveler's experience into their booking format. Budget places does not just find discounts on lodging reservations. In addition to helping travelers make hotel reservations, there are a number of other resources available to those who use BudgetPlaces.com. A prospective traveler can book all of the following aspects of their vacation completely online:
  • Hotels - book the most affordable rooms in the desired destination
Those that signup and create an account on BudgetPlaces.com can subscribe to their newsletter. This newsletter will inform travelers of exclusive deals and discounts to help them save on upcoming trips. BudgetPlaces.com is affiliated with TripAdvisor. Travelers interested in doing research on their rooms will notice that reviews of hotels and other accommodations are pulled from the TripAdvisor platform.

The Bad

  • Booking resources
  • Niche travel agency
  • No guarantee

Booking Resources

Those interested in just finding cheap hotel accommodations can appreciate the BudgetPlaces.com service. Like many travel agencies or booking sites, Budget Places also has their expertise - finding affordable hotel rooms in the traveler's desired destination area. Since Budget Places pulls from a number of hotel booking sites to show the cheapest or the best deal on a hotel room, their other booking resources are not as much of a priority. While this is typical of the travel booking industry, those wanting to save more on the flights or travel activities will likely be more satisfied with another agency.

Niche Travel Agency

There are benefits to signing up and creating an account with BudgetPlaces.com. For instance, users can save recent searches and quickly compare prices or browse their deals page. However, there are features missing from the platform as well:
  • Inability to book additional travel activities (for example: tours, museums, etc.)
  • No travel protection even on hotel rooms - travelers should check the cancellation policy prior to making arrangements.
BudgetPlaces.com is a niche travel agency looking to help those traveling to land destinations only. It is also important to note that they do not offer travel insurance with their online reservations, so a traveler needs to be completely committed to their trip or plan on losing the money they spend using the agency's booking resources.

No Guarantee

Despite boasting of great deals and discounts, there is not much else to back up that claim. Unlike a number of other online booking outlets, Budget Places does not offer a "best price guarantee." That's not to say that travelers will not be getting a great deal on their hotel room, but BudgetPlaces.com does not boast of this type of guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Those hoping to save on international lodging would likely be happy with the BudgetPlaces.com platform. That being said, there are some limitations to what can be booked through this agency. Those who used BudgetPlaces.com can expect the following with their experience:
  1. Maintain a travel budget - book hotel rooms all across the world at a reasonable rate
  2. Land destination restriction- no cruises can be booked using Budget Places, they only offer land destinations at this time
  3. Sorting tool - for the best search results available, travelers can use their additional filtering options
  4. Limited booking arrangements - BudgetPlaces.com is not a one-stop-shop
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