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LAST UPDATED: January 14th, 2022

Home Security of America was founded in 1984 and touts that quality services are its highest priority. The company's headquarters is located in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. Representatives are located in several metropolitan areas across the country. Recently Home Security of America was purchased by American Home Shield. 

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The Good

  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Tools for real estate professionals
  • Multiple warranty types

Wide Geographical Coverage

Home Security of America covers the vast majority of the United States. Many home warranty companies will only cover specific regions, so it's excellent to see companies that have wider coverage. A map on the company website allows potential customers to see if their state is covered.

Tools for Real Estate Professionals

Home Security of America not only offers home warranty options for average homeowners, but also for real estate agents and other professionals. Home Security of America also provides tools for real estate pros like real estate coaching and social media resources. This will help real estate agents to become more effective in their field.

Multiple Warranty Types

Home Security of America offers four types of home warranties
  • Home seller
  • Home buyer
  • New construction
  • Buyer direct

The Bad

  • No mobile app
  • Minimal chat features

No Mobile App

Unfortunately, Home Security of America does not have a mobile app at this time. It would be nice for the company to consider an app to make paying deductibles and ordering services more accessible to customers.

Minimal Chat Features

It's unclear if Home Security of America offers 24/7 phone support. A phone number is available on the company website, but the hours of availability aren't specific. There is also no live chat feature. It looks as though there isn't any real time conversation available with Home Security of America, but customers are told to expect a response within 24 hours. 

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The Bottom Line

Home Security of America was founded not so much on having the lowest prices, but the best services. The company covers almost the entire nation and offers a variety of services and product coverage, but if you need to request service, a representative might not get back to you immediately. We at BestCompany recommend looking at other top competitors before checking out Home Security of America. 

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Becca Jones Bel Air, MD

After moving to our current home last year, we were in search of a home warranty company. A quick google search told us home security of America was among the best. We decided to move forward with purchasing our coverage and we’re so glad we did! Our buyer plan is a 1 year contract that breaks down to under $50 a month. So far we have been able to get both our refrigerator and our washing machine serviced for free. There is a 24/7 call line to contact and they find a local professional to come out for the job. Overall very satisfied with this company and will continue to use for years to come!

6 months ago

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Karen H-E Dacula, GA

I have used HSA several times during my first 10 months in my new home. The contract was purchased for me by the home seller last year, they paid $500 for it. My service requests were promptly filled. I had one electrical problem, 1 appliance problem and 1 plumbing problem. I received a replacement kitchen faucet based on my plan level (Platinum with extras). My dishwasher was fixed. My ceiling fan was fixed. Repairs were made in a timely manner. I was satisfied with the work done. Otherwise, I think the copays are not competitive enough (they charge $75 each). And when I got a quote for additional plumbing work outside the warranty job, I don't feel that being a "previous customer" thru the warranty saved any money at all (I was charged $200 for a small 20 minute job). And I am disappointed on how much they want for renewal (over $800 a year), so I am shopping around for another plan.

1 year ago

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Kevin Kurta ,

Absolute garbage company. 25 day wait on a simple service request on a stove, only to have them contact me and say I needed to resubmit said service request and pay an additional 100 dollars in order to do. Submitted original service request OCT 5 2020 and paid 100 dollar service fee. Made repeated inquiries as to my service request only to be told it had been cancelled without my knowledge. Was also told it had been scheduled, but had never been contacted by their alleged contractor. Was told OCT 27 that I needed to re submit request and pay another 100 dollar service fee. WITHOUT ANYTHING DONE AFTER 22 DAYS AND HAVING ALREADY PAID 100 DOLLARS ON THE 5TH. TERRRIBLE COMPANY DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

1 year ago

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eliza winfrey Springfield, MO

If i could give zero stars....i would. Horrible customer service and long wait times on the phone with their people. Also long wait times for a contractor to come out for repairs. We have been customers for over 3 years...and every year our bill goes up SIGNIFICANTLY....we have to call and threaten and argue to get the bill back down. The most recent incident. Our AC went out on a Thursday night. We were out of town for the weekend so I didn't call right away. I made a service request on Monday through their website. On Tuesday evening I still hadn't heard from the assigned contractor, so i called them. They told me they had my ticket but could not service me until FRIDAY. So I called HSA to get another contractor...and they told me no because I didn't meet the emergency requirements! It had to be 102 degrees in my area or I had to have small children in the home before they could deem it an emergency. What CRAP! plus they have already charged my card for my deductible. WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!

1 year ago

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Jim Alpharetta, GA

HSA takes no responsibility for the professionalism of their contractors. I scheduled an AC repair and the contractor arrived an hour past their 4 hour window as I was leaving for another appointment. I had to call a contractor and pay for the repair because I could not go the entire weekend without one of my AC units. I was having company and needed it working. When I called HSA for a refund on my $75 deductible, they said that since the contractor showed, they were not responsible for providing a refund, and that I would need to contact the contractor. The immediately and completely washed their hand of me. Not to mention the young lady I spoke to could barely provide a coherent sentence. My 5 year old has better verbal skills. Really unfortunate!

4 years ago

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Terri Willard, MO

Customer service has been slow to respond but my biggest complaint with this company is rising premiums. I bought my house in March 2015. Premium was $419. Seemed reasonable for what it covered. March 2016 premium increase to $636.75. WOW! The letter they sent with new premium started off with "Happy Anniversary" as a HSA preferred customer you deserve our best rates. REALLY! And then came along March 2017 renewal and premium jumped to $679. I was furious! I called them and ask them to explain why premiums go up and up every year. They honored my current rate but then my monthly premium jumped back to current rate after just three months into my 2017 payments. I'm done!

4 years ago

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I Kenyon Blairsville, PA

I have had to call HSA four times about refrigerator issues. I was on hold each time between 30 minutes to 1hr 30 minutes! The first time, it was one week before a technician could come out to fix my leaking refrigerator. It kept dripping, so I called to have someone come out again. I was given the name of a company that would contact me, and within 24 hours, they had, but only to say that they no longer work with HSA. Fortunately, the dripping slowed and finally stopped. Two months later, I have water coming from my ice maker into the freezer. Once again, I set up service online, but the company they scheduled was the same one that couldn't service me earlier. I called (1 hr 30 on hold) before talking to someone who told me it would be a 3 week wait for their normal contractor. The rep was helpful and tried to use another zip code to find an additional contractor. She found one, and gave me the info. Within a few hours, they called and informed me that they couldn't come. Another phone call to HSA with an hour wait. This rep understood and didn't think that 3 weeks was appropriate so he supposedly set me up with an appointment for the NEXT day!! Woot woot. Well, no one showed up, and when we called HSA again, we found that there was no record of that appointment even having been created. ?? And now, the wait time for an appointment increased to 4 weeks! The day after our call, the freezer began to totally freeze up, and the fridge no longer cooled. Fortunately I have an old fridge/freezer in my basement, so I could let the fridge thaw overnight. What a pain. I would NOT recommend this warranty company. At least not for my area in western PA!!

4 years ago

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John Kennedy The Bronx, NY

Their customer service is horrible. I have made numerous phonecalls to get return service because the original work did not fix the problem. All but once, the phonecall wait time was a least 45 minutes. I hung up several times and tried the next day. Again, 45 minutes minimum. The service reps are polite and try to help but can only apologize for the delays; they clearly need more service reps! I had a refrigerator problem that took 6 return trips and it still isn't fixed. They don't assess the whole system before addressing the apparent problem.

4 years ago

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Satya TX

I have been with HSA home warranty more than a year but every time they have a very bad customer service. The waiting period on the phone is minimum of 45 minutes and once you get a rep, s/he doesn't have clue what is going on. I don't recommend this company to anyone.

4 years ago

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LG Conshohocken, PA

HSA REFUSES to honor their warranty. I am flummoxed regarding the process and can only express anger and frustration. I purchased a condo January 2017 and have spent over $10,000 in refurbishments, so to be accused of "overloading" and subsequently being "negligent" with respect to the operation of my washing machine is appalling.

4 years ago

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Robert Gephart Cleveland, OH

I have not had a working oven for 6 weeks

5 months ago