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    Should You Offer a Home Warranty When You Sell Your Home?
    You’ve finally found the perfect home for you and your family. Now all that’s left is to put your house on the market. You’re probably eager to get your old home off your hands as soon as possible. But with...
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    Is a Home Warranty Worth It? Experienced Customers Weigh In
    Like many homeowners, you've probably wondered if you should get a home warranty. You want protection for your home systems, but is it worth the cost? There are mixed opinions about whether purchasing a home warranty is the r...
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    7 Reasons Younger Workers Need More Savings
    Guest Post by When we're young, it's easy to convince ourselves that saving is something we'll get to later; In fact, data show that building a healthy savings is even less of a priority for those under 35. The med...
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    What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a House?
    Guest Post by When the time comes to buy a house, the first thing on your to-do list should be to obtain a copy of your credit report and credit score in order to get a clear picture of where you stand. Your credit...
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    Saving for a House: Advice from Experts
    Saving for a house can be a daunting task, but is one of adulthood's most exciting milestones. You're settling down into a new home, but you're also giving up a large sum of your money in the process. So, how do you prepare f...
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    The Six Most Worthwhile Home Investments and Purchases
    Every business, from remodeling companies to home warranty companies, understands how meaningful our homes are to us. Whether you live in a house or in a home is up to you. A house is simply a place to hang your hat at the en...
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    The Best Way to Unpack and Stay Organized after Moving
    So you've finally found that perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. You've purchased your home and are ready to move in. Now what? This is the beginning of what could be one of the most stressful processes of adult life. Y...
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    5 Essential Tips for New Homeowners
    Moving into a new home may be one of the most stressful events of adulthood (right alongside having a job and raising children). Choosing the right home is half the battle; what you do with that home is the other half. Make s...
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