The Six Most Worthwhile Home Investments and Purchases


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Written by: Chad Zollinger | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

Modern bedroomEvery business, from remodeling companies to home warranty companies, understands how meaningful our homes are to us. Whether you live in a house or in a home is up to you. A house is simply a place to hang your hat at the end of the day. A house is where you eat meals, watch TV, nap, and sleep. A home is where you feel safe, secure, and cared for.

In a 2012 U.S. News article entitled “Why Our Homes Make Us Happy,” Philip Moeller illustrated the importance of the home, saying that “homes... become ‘memory machines’ that help us keep alive some of the strongest sources of what has given our lives meaning.” When you invest in a home instead of a house, you are investing in your own happiness and in the welfare of your loved ones. Unfortunately, there are some home products and services that add little to the value, protection, or maintenance of your home. Here are six worthwhile investments that can help turn a house into a home:

Home Security

There is nothing more valuable in your life than your family, and a good home security system can make all the difference. A good security system should deter crime, protect your family, give you remote access to your house, detect carbon monoxide, and ensure faster emergency response times. Because home security is more than just an alarm, you should make sure to find the most trustworthy home security company.

Walk-in Tubs

A great investment in health for senior citizens and others with mobility issues, a walk-in or slide-in tub can completely change the lives of those with physical ailments. Though younger couples and families might find the purchase of a walk-in tub unnecessary, there may not be a more thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents.


While many home improvements may be merely cosmetic, most will considerably increase the value of your home. Among the best home improvements are landscaping, kitchen remodeling, and bath remodeling. Improving a home’s exterior features almost always yields a high return value at resale. Though a home’s monetary value might be less important to some people, it is a viable way for bigger families to upgrade to more comfortable homes.

Another great idea is to convert your attic into an extra bedroom. According to HGTV, an attic-to-bedroom conversion returns about $36,649 at resale. You may want to think about how much you’re willing to spend in order add an extra bedroom — doing so might significantly increase your home’s resale value.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is a fantastic way to both improve the value of your home and protect yourself financially from expensive home system repairs. Unfortunately, there are some home warranty companies that aren’t trustworthy and tend to leave customers hanging. Still, some frustrating home repairs are both time consuming and expensive, and a good home warranty can save you thousands if you find the right one.

To take advantage of great home warranties and avoid the scams, be on the lookout for the telltale signs of good and bad home warranty plans. The only way to find a good home warranty is to first find a good home warranty company. Of course, much of the decision depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. The most vital quality of a good home warranty company is honesty — make sure your preferred company is open and honest.

Wall Decor

Whether it’s a new coat of paint, a classy painting, a gallery wall, or simple decorations, adding some personality to your walls can completely change the ambiance of a home. Not only are there exceptionally affordable wall decorations (such as paintings, antiques, old utensils, and mirrors), you can completely change a room with larger home projects like new windows, multi-toned paint projects, or wall paper.

Radiant Heating

Another worthwhile investment for your home is in-floor heating. Also known as radiant heating, this allows heat to radiate beneath your floors at a comfortable temperature. It gives a cozy feeling to your house and rids your feet of the dreaded cold floors in the winter. 

Solar Power

Solar energy has been making huge strides just in the last few years. Going solar not only saves you money in the long run (depending on which solar company you use), it also benefits the environment, is easy to install, and can be used both night and day. Judging by how quickly the solar industry is growing, you may find yourself wanting to wait a few years until solar technology becomes even more efficient. Such concerns are common, but unnecessary, as many solar companies can already provide high-efficiency panels at low costs.

From the first home to the last, the natural desire of all homeowners is to fill their homes with family, friends, and happiness. Though money and spending do not have the monopoly on providing for these desirable home necessities, there are no doubt some purchases that help create a more safe and inviting environment.

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