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LAST UPDATED: September 24th, 2021

Vector Security has been offering security solutions for over 40 years. The company offers professional installation for its security systems, which are monitored 24/7 by the alarm company and its trained team.

Vector Security offers its basic package starting at $39.95 per month. Equipment costs may vary depending on home automation or other security equipment added to the package.

The Vector Security team has won several awards such as the Central Station Operator of the Year award from SDM Magazine, Dealer of the Year award from SDM Magazine, Police Dispatch Quality award and more. Vector Security provides home security systems for more than 300,000 customers.

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The Good

  • Lifetime Warranty of Service Repairs and Equipment Replacements
  • Offers Home Automation and Security Features
  • Professional Monitoring and Installation
  • Live Video Surveillance
  • 12-Point False Alarm Reduction
  • Alarm Monitoring for Homes and Businesses
  • Products and Packages
  • No Activation Fee

Lifetime Warranty of Service Repairs and Equipment Replacements

One of the most appealing aspects of Vector Security's service is its SecureCare warranty included in even the most basic security package. Its warranty covers equipment replacement and service repairs in the event equipment is broken at no additional cost to the client.

Consumers can also opt for the SecureCare Plus package that includes the lifetime warranty as well as free system inspections every two years, free battery replacement services, and a free system installation at a new residence if the client should move.

Offers Home Automation and Security Features

Along with the impressive warranty, Vector Security offers several security and home automation features. Consumers can purchase home alarm monitoring that has a burglar alarm, a fire alarm, a carbon monoxide alarm, a medical emergency response, and other home automation features.

Professional Monitoring and Installation

Vector Security professionally installs and monitors its equipment from Vector Security monitoring centers.

Live Video Surveillance

Vector Security offers live video surveillance. The provided security camera system gives you peace of mind by allowing you to access real-time video at any time through the use of your mobile phone, computer, or tablet (via the Vector Security app). You can also receive real-time alerts letting you know when someone is at your door and has triggered any of the motion detectors.

You aren't limited to one camera at a time either; you can access camera footage from multiple security cameras at once. Additionally, you can store the video footage to your cloud storage to access later. Remote access also enables you to turn each camera on and off from anywhere.

12-Point False Alarm Reduction

Vector Security Company has a 12-point false alarm reduction to reduce the sacrifice of valuable time and resources in non-emergency situations. Vector reduces false alarms through the use of technology such as abort delay and electronic verification. This way, authorities won't be bothered with false alarms, and they will be aware when an emergency is real and requires immediate help.

Alarm Monitoring Service for Homes and Businesses

Vector Security company provides professional monitoring and security systems for homes as well as all types of businesses, regardless of if there is one business location or thousands.

Here is a breakdown of what type of home security system and video monitoring service Vector Security offers homes and businesses:

Home Security Solutions

  • Monitored carbon monoxide, fire, and burglar alarm
  • Home automation
  • Video surveillance
  • Mobile app solutions
  • Personal emergency response
  • Energy management
  • Environmental hazard monitoring
  • Home technologies

Business Security Solutions

  • Monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Video surveillance
  • Managed network services
  • Mobile app solutions
  • Energy management
  • Access control
  • Environmental hazard monitoring
  • Loss prevention strategies

Products and Packages

Vector Security offers competitive home security equipment for both residential and commercial customers. These include the following smart home products:

  • Smart outlet
  • Smart garage door opener
  • Smart lock (access control)
  • Video doorbell camera
  • Smart thermostat
  • IQ Panel 2 Plus
  • Smart light bulb
  • Streaming video recorder
  • Indoor Video Camera 622

As for packages, Vector security provides the following:

Essential Security Package

  • Wireless control panel
  • 3 door/window sensor
  • Motion detector
  • SecurityCare Plus
  • Yard sign and window decal
  • Professional installation
  • Professional monitoring

Home Automation Package

All features of the Essential Security package, plus the following:

  • Mobile solutions
  • Indoor camera

Connected Home Package

All features of the Home Automation package, plus the following:

  • Smart thermostat
  • Door lock

The home security company also provides the homeowner with additional alert and personal safety devices to supplement any home security system:

  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Medical alert pendant

No Activation Fee

Vector Security does not charge an activation fee for its home security system and monitoring service. Many other home security companies in the industry charge hefty activation fees, so it's convenient for consumers that Vector Security doesn't charge an additional fee.


The Bad

  • Not a National Service
  • Poor Online Transparency
  • Higher Monthly Cost
  • Poor Customer Service Reviews

Not a National Service

While Vector Security does provide services in several states, it is not a nationwide service. Currently, Vector Security provides services to residents of Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Consumers located outside of Vector Security's service areas will not be able to retain its services.

Poor Online Transparency

There are several pieces of information that are not readily available to consumers on its website. Specific pricing and package information beyond the most basic Vector home security package cost, cost of equipment, and contract details are not included on its website unless consumers provide contact information or speak directly with a Vector Representative. Some consumers may be frustrated by the lack of upfront transparency with this information.

Higher Monthly Cost

The most basic Vector Security pricing starts at $39.95 per month. The $39.95 price tag is higher than several of the other home security providers we have reviewed and will most likely be higher than that depending on other equipment or home automation features added to the package.

Poor Customer Service Reviews

Several customers have complained about an inability of Vector Customer Service to respond to service issues by failing to return phone calls. Several customers also reported that attempting to cancel Vector Security services was made almost impossible by its customer service. It is concerning to sign any sort of contract with a company who may not deliver on the promises made during sign up.

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The Bottom Line

Vector Security provides a lot of options as far as home security and automation features are concerned. Its lifetime warranty provides peace of mind and additional security throughout the lifetime of the home security system. Its higher price tag as well as limited locations it currently services may limit the number of consumers that will be eligible for its services.

The poor customer service several consumers have experienced with the alarm company is also an area of concern. Read Vector Security reviews below to help with your decision and to find out more regarding consumers' experiences with Vector.

We recommend looking into home security companies with a more positive customer service reputation for comparison to determine the company that will best meet your needs. Read Vector Home Security reviews below to help with your decision. 

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Kristan Schell Elysburg, PA

BEWARE!! This company is total crap, we moved and had a few months left on left in our contract and were told that if we wanted service at the new address would have to sign a whole new 3 year agreement which we didn’t want to do. We’re then told that the new home owners could use our our equipment and we would not we charged since the equipment stays at the home (which is why we needed to sign a new contract for the new house because we would need all new equipment) New owners were willing to transfer it and finish out our contract to try it. We were later billed $200 because the new owners did not want to sign a three year contract. We called customer service and said we were willing to finish out our term at the new house or the new owners at the old address and we’re again told that someone needs to sign a NEW 3 year contract to get the the fee waived. Moral of the story DO NOT GET VECTOR IF YOU PLAN ON MOVING

1 month ago

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Anton Brewer Ardmore, PA

Customer Service takes over 3 weeks to schedule urgent repairs. Seems Vector pockets the fees, but then tries to delay the service. Reps are well trained with scripts of excuses.

1 month ago

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Bunni Armani Ashtabula, OH

My property had been vandalized in March of 2021, so a neighbor suggested Vector. I wanted a camera to monitor my property outside. I wasn't really interested in a home system, but their salesman made it sound like a good solution, so I went ahead with it. The home system seems to work fine, but the camera has never worked correctly. Vector sent out 3 different 'techs' , twice for each of them - so 6 visits in 7 weeks, and none of them could figure out why the camera does not work consistently. They told me I had to upgrade my computer speed, and replace my modem/Wifi. There was no need to upgrade my computer speed, and I did replace my modem/Wifi and their camera still does not work. (I do not have a cell phone as I have poor vision and cannot navigate the cell phones.) Their support system is terrible in my area. I have asked that the camera be replaced, they refuse to do so. I'm tired of excuses, tired of nobody being available from Thursdays to Mondays, tired of no support, and tired of hearing it's my problem, not theirs. I did speak with two other reputable security companies, they said it's not my PC speed and that Vector's camera could be defective. I am trying to go above the local office for help, as I believe the local office is terribly mismanaged. I am also looking into different security companies that could help provide me with reliable service. If you are thinking about home security, DO NOT TRUST VECTOR.

4 months ago

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Frank Menard Little River, SC

While their system and protection while high priced vs most others is perfectly adequate their customer service and cancellation policies are horrible. Sherry E the supervisor was very cold and all business and cared nothing about the situation. I had a 3 year contract with them. Due to the high price I found a very good replacement (SimpliSafe) My contract had not yet expired 08/03/20. I called them first on the 17th to close my account. I was informed without any care that the contract stated you had to give them a longer notice and that I would be required to pay for another full year. I asked if they expected a customer to recall every clause from a contract 3 years old. Her answer was a simple yes. Sherry then informed me that they do not send out a courtesy email or any type of notice to let customers know that the extra year would be added if no notice was received. With today's technology and just good customer service this could be done. Bottom line was Vector security cared only about getting money for a system no longer being used (in a box) They care nothing about the hard times we are all dealing with and just want your money. I will never do business with such an impersonal company again and will do my best to make others aware of their cold business practice.

1 year ago

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Paul R Ardara, PA

Wired smoke detector falling of of base called 1-6-20 they said will send a repair person out on 1-16-20 almost 2 weeks to wait and paying extra for service calls each month for what. Control Panels beep every 2 mins. driving everyone nuts, they tried to stop from there office on 1-6-20 then started up again a few hrs. later. Woke baby up all nite long. after 20 yrs being with them is enough with this POOR SERVICE. Going to Protect America which is rated 9.7, Vector is 3.5 Cost is a little more but they use current Technology not outdated systems that do not work. Two stars is for salesperson (Walt M) not the company. I had there system disconnected at 3:30 PM 1-7-20 and until I called them on 1-8-20 at 9AM they claim never received any problems with my system and never even called me. Go's to show they cannot be trusted as a alarm company. Remember your life and family members may depend on them.

1 year ago

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Brian Connor Johns Island, SC

Do not use Vector! Do not use Vector! We had nothing but issues with their service. Our cameras were constantly having issues and doorbell camera replaced 5 times in the first year of service due to not working. Customer service was horrible! A Vector manager was supposed to call me about cancelling the contract. No one ever called me and next thing I know a collection agency is calling me and threatening me everyday about not paying the $1,000 early cancellation fee will affect our credit. So I paid it reluctantly and replaced them with ADT security. When the ADT rep came for walk though of our house he pointed out that the window break sensor was installed incorrectly by Vector. Which makes sense because one time the alarm was set. A big thunderstorm came through and a picture frame with glass fell off the wall within 10 feet of the glass break and alarm did not go off. Yes Vector if you are reading this the glass broke in the picture frame. The ADT rep also pointed out that the fire alarms were not hooked up to Vector security at all which we thought we were paying for. Seriously!!!! ADT has been awesome. Vector security is horrible and will make sure everyone knows to stay away from them.

1 year ago

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Nick Fowler Lyman, SC

I've had vector for many many years and had no complaints at all until my wife and I decided to sign a new contract and get two cameras added to our alarm system. We had to sign a 5 year contract to get the cameras and everything it took 3 trips of them coming out to install them and 2 no call, no show then finally after weeks we got our cameras installed and it's been nothing but headaches since. Our cameras still dont work and they are saying there is nothing else they can do about it other then sell us different ones for about $500 dollars when these was supposed to be free with a 5 year contract that we are stuck with. Stay clear from vector and the company IHC that installs all their equipment. They are very unprofessional, the managers name through there is Stan and he is very rude. The managers names through vector is Clint W and Steve H, they will not return phone calls after we have been fighting about 2 month to get this fixed. Worst thing we have done is sign this contract vary upset an aggravated with this company,

2 years ago

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John Logan Argyle, TX

I signed up for service 5 years and 9 months ago. While the service was fine, it was expensive compared to others and they required me to pay for all of my own equipment up front. That would have been find but I found out after trying to cancel that the contract was for 5 years! That was not made obvious up front but ok, I signed it so I'll deal. I waited until after 5 years, then tried asking for a discount since they were more expensive than their competitors. Vector said they couldn't reduce my price at all so I decided to buy a Ring system (which is only $10 a month). Then I call them back to cancel at 5 years and 9 months at which point I am notified of yet another thing hidden in my contract that says I auto renew for 1 year intervals after the 5 years. In addition to that they suddenly had discounts they could offer me (that didn't exist when I had previously asked). So I asked if they could waive the fee for the remaining 3 months of the "auto renewal" I was unaware of and they refused. So a loyal customer for almost 6 years has to pay for another 3 months of service. I will NEVER use this company with their deceptive contract methods again. Deceptive fine print without any intention of helping a long term customer is a bad business practice.

2 years ago

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Kay Kimble Lufkin, TX

I signed contract 36 months, he added 60. Next to it. After I signed it. He folded it up,then put it away with other paperwork. I didn't look at what he had done until, I received additional paperwork and billing in mail. But my niece notice his adding item to legal contract after I had signed it. The representative that contacted me stated my contract was invalid, offer me another contract. I refused to verbal agreement. But they have continued to steal money from my bank account. I caneled even in writing, and the representative said contract was invalid. But they still haven't stopped taking my money from the bank. I'm currently talking to attorney about falsified documents, bank scams.

3 years ago

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Paul Seeberg Marion, MA

My first experience with an alarm company. It was easy to tell when the salesman was lying.. his lips moved! Promised many things - that I would own the equipment and would have full control. never happened. Alarm panel was locked out, could not enter programming mode even after my contract was up. Different sensors were installed than were shown to us in the sales pitch. Promised false alarm cost if the system went off and police were called. Got a $150 bill due to false alarms from the police due to sensors not being installed properly. Installer was shockingly rude when installing the system. Existing sensors were supposed to be moved to the new panel. Wasn't done. Had to make another appointment to finish the installation. When my contract was up, and the service cancelled, the panel was never unlocked. still locked to this day. They did replace the backup battery under warranty, however.

3 years ago

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Virginia Dancy Greensboro, NC

I called customer service on January 5, because I was locked out of my house, as I always walk my puppy before turning in for the night and usually close my door by the keypad, and upon my return I was unable to enter my house using my pass code or the key to enter, however, I never walk without my cell phone and was able to call vector security for help. My first encounter was they were unable to locate my account in the system, after several minutes a supervisor was able to locate my account and I was told I would get a call back from service department which I did. He asked if I had change the battery I said no as the key pad was only a few months old, also I was not aware it needed batteries, and inquired as to where will I find them, he gave me instruction and after a few minutes of looking and could not locate the batteries, I called back and said it was not the batteries and I needed someone to come and let me in my house. I was told he had to place a work order and someone would contact me in the morning. I realized it was Friday night and most people was home looking forward to the weekend so I walk to my friend house and stayed the night. However, on Saturday morning I was told the truth, that Vector Security had no Emergency Service for Greensboro on weekend and I was informed no one was available until the following Thursday, I found that to be unbelievable and I hung up to digest what I had heard, I'm to stay out of my house for the next six days. I called back and inquired again about service and was told the earliest someone could get to me was Thursday, January 11, and if I needed a lock smith it would be at my expense, I reminded her I was paying Vector Security $53.95 a month and now I was to pay additional for service because this company sell security to an area they do not cover with emergency services. I told here this void any contract I have with vector security if I had to pay my own emergency services, then I will be keeping my $53.95 monthly payment to cover Emergency service. However, I decided to recheck again to recheck this information with someone in management and spoke to a very arrogant female and presented to her what was told to me, I told her I had the lock remove from my door as I did not want to be locked in my home in case of a fire, she said there must be another way out, I said yes through the kitchen to the garage, but what if the fire was in the kitchen, she said you'll find a way, you could always jump out the window. I told her I'm 74 years old and I will not be paying no company $53.95 a month with that kind of a solution and as far as I'm concern the contract is over and they need to pick up their equipment immediately. Alarm System is not being used and keypad is boxed for pickup.

3 years ago

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betsy McLean, VA

horrible service. On hold for 30 minutes or longer every time I call Customer Service. Scheduled them for service they called to confirm the day before and then never showed up said I was not scheduled. Needed an additional camera installed. The technician put one on the table and walked off. I called him back because I wanted it installed on the wall and he said he could not do it. The third time thetechncian came to fix the cameras, all of which had stopped working, said he dd not have time to fix and would call back with an appointment date. A month later received no call. Finally got through today after a 30 minute hold of course.

4 years ago

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Have had no alarm for over a month and needed the emergency call button after having chemo. I developed an infection that became septic. I had a fever of 104.8 from Thursday until Saturday afternoon and was in bed with no help until my daughter came over to find me almost non responsive and burning up. The alarm beeped non stop until it drove me crazy and a friend took the control panel off the wall to disconnect the wires. First time the low battery kept reminding my every few minutes was just a couple of years ago and it took more than 8 weeks to get anyone here to replace the battery. This time I can't get any help from anyone on the phone because they transfer the call and drop it and I've gotten no calls back about sending anyone over to replace the battery. If it was just a matter of normal batteries I would change them myself. No alarm, no smoke detector, NOTHING. No service.

4 years ago

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Nancy Gault Greenville, SC

When I got rid of my landline, I had to have a different monitor to work with cell phone. While they were there I added a door bell. They started another 5 year contract. I have moved from that house and discontinued my service but I still have to pay off my contract. I had my original contract for almost 7 years.

11 months ago

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unhappy Concord, MA

Customer beware -- Salesperson will make it sound great. It's not.Terrible customer service - My notification protocol is all wrong, and I can't even get my "customer care representative" to return a call. I've left 3 messages. I haven't even been using the company for a month yet, and I can't wait to end the relationship. Seriously bites that I'm locked in for 3 years. One of the motion sensors was faulty and continually setting off the alarm. People I talked to at the company were clueless and unhelpful. Save yourself unnecessary frustration -- go with ADT.

2 years ago

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Had the service for 17 years. Every single alarm was false during that period. Never got a sensor listing. Never got an owner manual to use the keypad. Took a lot of days off from work to receive service calls. Upgrades promised but never occurred. One tech said batteries are free and then I got a 40 dollar bill. then the next tech gave me a hand full of batteries. Just expensive monitoring with little return after a $2500 installation. Think about $500 year for 17 years.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border


(1) Beware if you cancel service as we did...Vector may try to bill you for a contract of longer length or different timeframe than you originally signed. We moved to a home with an existing system, and Vector said we owed 36 additional months for its monitoring. We had completed five years of service! Despite our request, and the fact that the rep with whom we spoke assured us our contract had been completed, Vector would not furnish us with a copy to support the claim of how much we still owed! Also, we could never get a call-back when we tried to call the CS Dept.

4 years ago

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Vector Security bought out our local monitoring service. Wife was recovering from cancer/chemo at the time. Salesman rang door bell and told wife needed her to sign a contract "just to change the service." Sold our house two years later. Vector now says wife signed a 3 year contract and we owe another year for $500. Refused to cancel service even though new home owner (at our suggestion) continued service with Vector. We have refused payment and Vector sent account to a collection agency. STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.

4 years ago

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Chipl White Lexington, NC

They LIE almost every time you call about something. I have been trying to get my service cancelled after paying these horrendous fees for 6, yes, that's right, SIX years. I was told by 2 different people to just call in June prior to my contract ending in July. Did that and THAT wouldn't work. I explained to them that I an on ss disability due to congestive heart failure, COPD and 5 mini strokes. Do you THINK that would help me.......NO! This HEARTLESS group does not need to be in business....and it did make me feel a little better to see their bad overall score. DO NOT USE THEM!!!

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Griff Griffith Boerne, TX

I can't stand POOR SERVICE and that's all Vector Security offers! I have been trying to get them to make my system work for 6 months then when I tell them I've had enough they send me to collections. I'd rather talk to SIRIUS XM than Vector and I hate SIRIUS!!

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Bill Cooper Hephzibah, GA

I was very unhappy when my 3 year contract expired they didn't contact me or renegotiate an agreement, they just continued billing me well into the next year at the full rate. When I contacted them they claimed that it was perfectly legal for them to do so, said that it was somewhere in my contract. I dropped them and will never use them again.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Francis fox Wilmington, NC

The system is constantly not working. I wish I had read the fine print but I was swayed by the salesman that assured me I could cancel anytime. This I found out the hard way when I told them I wanted out. READ their fine print. Signing with vector is just like getting robbed, except there is no alarm. There are many more choices out there.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Molly Richardson Mandeville, LA

Vector does not respond to my alarm. Once, they did not respond at all, and once they responded after 15 minutes, during which time my across- the-street neighbor had already gotten here to check on me. I hired Vector to feel I was being protected from a home invasion, but Vector does not give me any feeling of security.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Rory Williamson Newton, NC

Do not use Vector They will automatically renew your contract for one year at a time and will not let you out of it. They will not maintain there equipment during this time and that expense will be on you.. Just beware this is the type of business that they run....

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Elizabeth J. Yoder Arlington, VA

Terrible service. System misbehaved constantly. Now they want me to buy a whole new system, lock me in for 3 yrs., NO guarantee of any refund should the system not work. Well that's the end of Vector Security for me.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Billy Gibson Greer, SC

Did not see my review on here. Would never recommend them for a security system. Too expensive. Get not info about contract. Tried to cancel and charged me over 300 for a close.out fee.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Yawanda Smith

This system is so outdated yet customer service refuse to give their customers a free upgrade to keep a customer of 3 years

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Conrado Munoz Tampa, FL

Zero stars horrible costumer service very unprofessional not willing to help or keep costumer don't get this company

1 year ago

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