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LAST UPDATED: September 10th, 2021

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Protect America provides self-installed home security systems, GPS, monitoring services, and automation solutions, and has serviced nearly half a million homes since 1992.

Protect America's monthly fees range from $19.99 to $42.99, and the company provides free equipment with its security services, including a control panel, motion detectors, door sensors, and window sensors.

With an exceptionally low monthly monitoring fee, free equipment, and no upfront fees, Protect America is the leading home security company in the industry. The company has the highest overall rating in the home security industry on as well as a quality star rating from consumers.

Protect America is one of the most trusted and high-quality security solutions we've seen. Read the company highlights and see Protect America reviews from real consumers below.

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The Good

  • Protect America Cost
  • DIY Installation
  • Home Automation Features
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Variety of Home Security Packages
  • 24/7 Video Monitoring
  • Industry Experience
  • Protect America Reviews

Protect America Cost

Protect America's monthly fee ranges from $19.99$42.99. With these prices, the yearly cost ranges from $239–$503. Protect America's complete cost over the course of the 36-month contract ranges from $719–$1,511.

This price includes 24/7 monitoring, no installation or equipment fees, a price match guarantee, and a locked-in rate. Customers who purchase Protect America's basic home security package will pay $19.99 per month, and customers who purchase the more advanced package with cellular monitoring and remote access to their system will pay $42.99 per month.

The higher cost for the cellular monitoring is due to the increased services and features (such as remote control of a security camera, real-time alerts from motion sensors, and other home automation features) that are not available with landline monitoring only.

$42.99 per month for added features and cellular monitoring is still a competitive price and one of the most affordable offers in the market. 

Compared to other do-it-yourself solutions, Protect America prices are very low. Most self-installed security system companies offering free equipment simply make you pay for it in the form of high-cost monthly monitoring services. This isn't the case with Protect America.

Free Protect America Equipment

While other home security system companies offer free equipment, few match Protect America in both the quantity and quality of the free equipment. Protect America equipment cost is absolutely free and includes the following with most of its packages:

  • 1 control panel
  • 3 door and window sensors
  • 1 motion detector

The free door and window sensors have a five-year battery life and can be quickly and easily self-installed. The wireless sensors have a horizontal coverage range of 25 feet and can detect movement by intelligently sensing head emissions. They are pet-friendly, ignoring movement from objects 40 pounds or less.

Protect America equipment cost is completely free and is known for its high quality, beating out the majority of the home security company's competitors.

No Installation Fees

Unlike many other home security companies, Protect America does not charge installation fees. When you sign up for their services, you don't have to risk a burglar targeting your home before you can afford the cost of home security installation. You can get Protect America's protection right away.

Money-Back Guarantee

Protect America offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on all of its products. This gives customers time to test out the company's service and its security system before fully committing to the contract.

DIY Installation

Protect America's home security system is a do-it-yourself solution that takes less than one hour to set up. DIY security systems are convenient because it allows consumers to skip pricey and lengthy professional installations.

Many home security providers require costly professional installation and can take weeks to set up a date and time that works with the customer's schedule. Customers are also likely to be more familiar with the security equipment since they are the ones setting it up.

Many Protect America reviews below reference the quick and simple installation as a major benefit and relief. 

Home Automation Features

At less than $20 per month, you typically shouldn't expect your home security package to include home automation features; however, Protect America does include wireless control options.

Through the company's app, customers are able to view camera footage and control their security system, door locks (additional equipment cost) and lights/appliances (additional equipment cost) from a smartphone. Here is a breakdown of Protect America's home automation options:

Protect America Mobile App

Protect America's mobile app gives you control of your home security system from anywhere. From monitoring your entry points and controlling your appliances (garage door, thermostat, lights, and other appliances) to getting 24/7 access to live video of your home, you can stay apprised of your home security at all times and manage your security system with ease.

The app also sends notifications of any security alerts you need to be aware of, such as suspicious activity or system malfunction. 

August Smart Lock Pro

The August Lock is a smart lock you can control and monitor from anywhere at any time with the Protect America app. The door lock works with single cylinder deadbolts and similar to other Protect America security equipment, you can easily install it yourself within minutes.

With Protect America's door sensor and smart door lock, you never have to worry about someone entering your home through the door without you knowing, and you don't have to panic when you forget to lock the door; you can track any activity at your doorstep and remotely lock and secure your door immediately with the Protect America app.

This also means you don't have to carry around a home key because you have access to keyless entry with your smart lock. The August Smart Lock Pro is also compatible with Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant, so you can use any of these devices to control your smart lock that way if you prefer. Additionally, the August Lock works with Z-Wave Plus systems as well as Bluetooth.

Linear Garage Door Controller

Through the use of your Protect America app or your security system panel, you can remotely open and close your sectional garage door. This makes it simple to come and go quickly and ensures you can close or open the garage door while away from home. Your home never has to be left unprotected.

Z-Wave Light and Appliance Module

The Z-Wave technology module allows you to turn the lights on and off throughout your home as well as dim them. You can do this through the Protect America app or through a web browser. This wireless control gives your home automation more functionality and increased customization.

Amazon Echo Dot Integration

Protect America's home security system is compatible with the Amazon Echo Dot, which enables you to control your Protect America home automation features with the use of your Amazon Echo.

Few home security companies provide such compatibility and universality when it comes to integrating existing home automation equipment with new home security equipment provided by the company.  

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

All equipment is covered by a lifetime warranty, meaning Protect America will ship replacement parts for all defective equipment at no charge to the customer. As detailed above, Protect America equipment is also free, including one control panel, three door and window sensors, and one motion detector.

Protect America's alarm system provides monitoring through landline (least expensive), broadband, and cellular communication; it's a rarity for a security company to provide all three of these warranties in the residential security system industry.

This type of superior customer service is another way Protect America has set itself apart from its competition.

Variety of Home Security Packages

Protect America offers multiple home security packages that you can customize to fit your particular needs. Each package includes free equipment, free activation, and professional 24/7 monitoring.

For a customized instant quote, you can contact Protect America through the "Visit Site" button at the top of this profile page. You can also upgrade any package to include smart home automation capabilities. Package details for Protect America's three main home security plans are below:

Copper Package Silver Package Platinum Package
Standard control panel Standard control panel Standard control panel
3 Door/window sensors 9 Door/window sensors 14 Door/window sensors
1 Motion detector 1 Motion detector 1 Motion detector
1 Yard sign 1 Yard sign 1 Yard sign
4 door/window stickers 4 door/window stickers 4 door/window stickers

24/7 Video Monitoring

Protect America's security cameras have 24/7 live video monitoring. There is also a two-way voice capability service that enables communication on both ends. Read Protect America security reviews below to see what customers have to say about video monitoring capabilities. 

Industry Experience

Protect America alarm system has been in business since 1992. Having a home security company that has ample experience in alarm systems and burglar and theft situations can give homeowners peace of mind that their home and family will be in good hands.

Protect America has had decades to develop a home security system and alarm monitoring company that is efficient, trustworthy, and affordable. 

Protect America Reviews

Protect America reviews are overwhelmingly positive, awarding them an extremely high star rating from consumers. Protect America reviews highlight exceptional customer service, quality equipment, simple installation, and affordable prices.

Satisfactory reviews for Protect America provide peace of mind that the home security company is respected by the majority of its customers. Protect America users are clearly impressed and happy with its products and services. 


The Bad

  • 36-Month Contract
  • Cancellation Terms

36-Month Contract

Perhaps the least appealing feature of the alarm company for some people is its 36-month contract. However, lengthy contracts aren't unusual in the home security system industry.

A somewhat lengthy contract is much more common for companies that offer low-cost monitoring fees and free equipment as Protect America does. Read Protect America reviews below to see how customers feel about the lengthy contract and the home security provider as a whole. 

Cancellation Terms

If customers decide to cancel their contracts before the 36-month term, Protect America requires them to pay the remaining balance. However, this isn't uncommon with home security companies and Protect America offers an extremely low monthly monitoring fee with no upfront fees or equipment costs.

With this in mind, the long-term contract and cancellation terms may not be a problem.


The Bottom Line

With an impressive array of free equipment, affordable monthly professional monitoring service, zero upfront costs, and a free moving option, the Protect America security system is one of the most affordable security systems on the market today.

Protect America offers an attractive lifetime warranty on its equipment, a full range of monitoring options, as well as extensive home automation features.

Protect America does require a contract; however, contracts are not unusual for home security companies and Protect America's prices are one of the most affordable security solutions in the market. Also, you may feel more comfortable signing a long-term contract after reading the overwhelmingly positive Protect America reviews (shown below).

Protect America security reviews indicate the home security provider beats out most of its competition in terms of value for the price, customer service, and satisfaction.

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