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    The Smart Home in 2020 and Beyond: What Will It Look Like?
    Guest Post by Dan Matthews For decades, we have imagined an autonomous home of the future — a living space that caters to our daily needs with the minimum of input or effort from its human inhabitants. While we’re...
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    79% of Protect America Reviews Are 4 or 5 Stars: Here’s Why
    Protect America is a well-known company that offers security and smart home products and services. Although it's based in Texas, the company services all 50 states. For years, the company has ranked number one on our Best Hom...
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    Innovative Smart Security Technologies: Most Impressive Examples
    Guest Post by Juned Ghanchi For some years, advanced technology and innovative mechanisms have been increasingly used for fields that were otherwise considered out of context for tech innovation. From poverty alleviation to e...
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    How Home Security Systems Can Save You Money on Your Home Insurance
    Guest Post by Ethan Lichtenberg Homeowners insurance is one of the most important parts of owning a home. It can cost a lot of money if you aren’t doing the right things to ensure you’re getting the best rate. Ma...
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    Top 10 Real-Life Heists of All Time
    Before we discuss the top 10 heists of all time, let's decide what qualifies as a heist. A heist is a crime with a large amount of money, jewelry, art or other valuables stolen. Heists are well-planned crimes that often invol...
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    Protect America vs. Vivint Home Security
    Different home security companies will have different approaches to producing, distributing, installing, and monitoring their systems. For the sake of this comparison, Best Company took two well-known home security companies ...
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