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    7 Tips to Keep Your Data Safe While Traveling
    Guest Post by Jane HurstTraveling with sensitive data can be stressful. You need to keep your information private, but you also want to access your electronics. Hot spots, chargers, and even airport security can be problemat...
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    Top 5 Safety Tips for People Living Alone
    Guest Post by Bailey CaldwellIf you’re reading this, you’ve probably undertaken the adventure of living single. Living alone comes with many benefits: You can sing in the shower, pretend to be a fabulous dancer (e...
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    7 Things Thieves Know That You Should Too
    Guest Post by Kelly McNulty In 2017, close to 8 million property crimes were committed. And part of being a homeowner or renter is to avoid becoming a part of a similar statistic by taking steps to protect your property and ...
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    2018 Home Security Guide for Seniors
    Home security can be beneficial for all homeowners, but especially seniors; unfortunately, because older adults are often more vulnerable, burglars see them as easy targets.If you are a senior, or if you have a loved one who ...
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    How to Figure Out Crime Statistics in a Town
    If you want to get an idea of how safe or crime-ridden a town may be, do some casual observing including at night: Are women walking or jogging alone at night? Are people hanging out in the evening having a good time? Are c...
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    Home Safety/Security Tips for Your Family
    Your family could be one little oversight away from a tragedy. Are you on the ball regarding home security? Check these out: If you have a freestanding mailbox that anyone can get into, protect your families identities and c...
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    Remove Your Home from Google Maps
    If it unsettles you to see your home displayed on Google Maps, there's something you can do about this. Why might this be a concern? Information is "intelligence." Information to some is power. The logistics of your home may ...
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    6 Things Burglars Look For
    A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United states. Annually this amounts to over $4 billion in property loss. So how can you keep yourself from being a victim? In this article we are going to cover what burglars look f...
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