1. 5 Simple Steps to Secure Your Garage

5 Simple Steps to Secure Your Garage


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Most often, when we think about the security of our garage we tend to consider just the windows, doors, and other obvious points of access.

Intruders, though, can be quite ingenious when it comes to breaking in and taking your valuables, particularly with the wide range of tools made specifically to deal with chains and locks they now have at their disposal.

With this in mind, it is in your very best interest to make their job as difficult as you possibly can. There are no guarantees that you’ll deter a would-be thief because, if they’re absolutely determined to steal from you, there aren’t many things that will stop them.

Bear in mind that an intruder’s objective is to get the items worth the most money. They want to be in and out as quickly as possible without being detected, so it’s up to you to make sure that a speedy exit is out of the question.

Here are some simple steps you can take to make thief think twice:

1. Dummy alarm

The ideal scenario would be to have a complete alarm system installed in your property, but financially it isn’t always an option. You can, though, have a tamper-resistant dummy alarm box fitted which looks no different than the real thing and works using a standard plug.

2. Stickers and signs

Stickers and signs are a more obvious and visible option, plus they’re cheap and will definitely cause an intruder to have second thoughts. While it might seem like you’re literally letting a thief know that there’s something worth stealing behind the sign, it does let them know that you take your home security seriously and that you have invested time and money into protecting what is yours. However, the stickers and signs should be used only as an additional precautionary measure in your home security, not as the only deterrent you invest in. Also, don’t go overboard in your placement of them; one door and a couple of windows is sufficient.

3. Hiding valuables

Your valuables should never be placed anywhere immediately visible to a potential intruder; the more humdrum your garage seems, the less of a target it will be to a thief. Don’t store anything of value close to doors or windows and, where possible, keep them in the farthest part of the room away from access points. Consider keeping them in places that are the most cluttered or hidden behind a large, heavy object that a thief would have difficulty moving. If you can, cover your valuables with a dust sheet or tarpaulin. If they are raggy, dirty, and battered looking, then that’s all the better. If it’s an option, then tie the cover down securely and even consider locking it or chaining it. If a thief is determined, it won’t stop them, but if it someone has just stumbled on to your property and is trying their luck it will definitely deter them.

4. Man’s best friend

If you are a dog owner and your furry friend is able to sleep in your garage, that is the perfect deterrent. Thieves hate dogs they’re not familiar with because they can’t determine what the animals’ reaction will be. This might be enough to give them pause for thought. It doesn’t matter what size your dog is, all dogs are loud, all dogs have teeth and all dogs are fiercely protective of their masters. If you also have an alarm fitted and are worried that the dog could set it off, make sure you choose one which has a pet immunity setting.

5. Make a racket

Kit your garage out with as many warnings, lights, and sounds as possible. It will startle intruders if they manage to get past your windows or door. Have a battery powered system placed at a good height in the garage, just in case the thief has the forethought to disconnect your main security alarm. These are just a few examples of some particularly useful gadgets to help you secure your garage:

  • Floodlights and cameras
    Cameras and motion detector flood lights have become a popular choice recently because, although they’re quite a small singular device, they are a great deterrent for intruders. Some not only emit a bright light and come with a loud warning sound, but also record a high definition video which is perfect for gathering evidence after the fact, if the device itself doesn’t scare a thief away. You can even stream footage to your tablet so you can ensure the safety of your garage in real time. Another option would be a robotic guard camera, which follows the movements of the thief in real time, enough to completely unnerve even the boldest intruder.

  • Garage and shed intruder alarms
    These also come in lots of different shapes and sizes, they tend to be slightly cheaper than the guard cameras but almost as effective. They are completely battery powered and a great solution for outbuildings which aren’t mains connected. Being battery powered means that they are tamper-proof in terms of electricity, particularly if placed in an area with limited access.

  • Security floodlight
    A security floodlight is a good way to make an intruder aware of your dedication to the security of your property. They are essentially an outdoor security measure, installing them within the home will just give an intruder more light to work by without needing to use a torch or turn on any lights.

Damien Fegan specializes in writing content for clients and guest posting on other websites, including Electrical World. He enjoys the challenge of writing and coming up with new and interesting articles and, as his customer base covers a wide range of businesses, the topics he writes about vary widely from client to client.

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