Security Cameras Catch Lead for Laundry Card Theft


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Written by Guest | Last Updated October 31st, 2019
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In the kind of headline that is hard to just make up, a thief in a laundry room gave police an ideal shot of his face while attempting to cover his face up from a security camera. In the process of covering the lens on the camera, he gave a great image of his face close up, with enough detail to connect him to another related theft. The thief has only succeeded in taking two laundry card dispensers.

Chalk up another unsurprising victory victory up for security cameras. Although the perpetrator has not yet been positively identified or apprehended, the security camera has been the key to the investigation. Security cameras are cheap these days, simple, quality setups costing around 100 dollars for each individual camera. While some cameras record to the cloud and require a subscription cost, it has never been easier or more affordable to have a camera up in a place you want protected.

The owners of the laundry rooms are probably celebrating their decision to equip their property with the vision to find criminals when or after they act. It's not known exactly why the thief was so careless as to both try and cover the camera, and do so without concealing his face, but that's what happened. Now that such a close and clear image of the thief is circulated on the news, Bronx police will likely find him shortly.

The camera in use was capturing in a sort of night vision mode, a mode not uncommon in cheap consumer security cameras. If you own no more than a house or apartment yourself, having one or two cameras in strategic locations could give you untold amounts of peace of mind if a theft like this occurs near you.

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