San Francisco Trains Boosting Camera Coverage


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Written by Nathan Orgill | Last Updated September 13th, 2019
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Now for another story about installing security cameras to help the public. Since small camera technology has been evolving, getting cheaper, and more common, more public and private spaces are filling up with hidden and not-so-hidden crime deterring eyes-in-the-sky. City and state governments have taken to setting up more and more cameras every few months to keep citizens safer.

The San Francisco train authority, Bay Area Rapid Transit district (BART) has had reason to join this trend. For BART it hasn't just been a matter of simply putting in cameras, but putting in more. BART has already had a lot of cameras in their stations, platforms, and other places, including inside the train cars, but maybe not every train car.


The issue of upping security arose because of a recent shooting that took place inside a BART train car. Back on January ninth, a shooting took place inside one of the train cars, leaving one person dead. As a response to the crime, the management of BART has made a statement to put cameras in every train car as soon as possible. This kind of urgency will surely quell any fears in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

One issue about this is that a few of the cameras were admitted to be decoys, cameras placed to deter crime without actually being able to capture any film. The planned changes should eliminate all decoys, which will likely be a costly exchange. Installing new security cameras should be a big relief for BART patrons, since new cameras often have higher resolutions than older ones, and can therefore identify problems and their causes sooner.

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