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LAST UPDATED: September 13th, 2022

Molina Healthcare stands out among health insurance companies because of its focus. From the beginning Molina Healthcare has been a dedicated healthcare provider for underserved populations, low-income families, and those receiving government assistance. Its goal is to provide quality, affordable care to its patients.

Molina has grown from serving communities in California to serving communities in 14 states and Puerto Rico.

While Molina Healthcare has a great mission, it hasn't received many positive reviews on As you consider buying a Molina Healthcare plan, keep reviewer concerns in mind.

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Molina Healthcare was founded in 1980 by Dr. C. David Molina. He wanted to create a place where underserved individuals and families could receive affordable, quality health care services instead of going to the emergency room for general health care services.


The Good

  • Health Plans
  • Dedicated Service
  • Additional Support

Health Plans

Molina Healthcare offers several kinds of health insurance plans, including Marketplace plans, Medicare, Medicaid services, and integrated plans for those who are eligible.

One unique feature of Molina Healthcare's Medicaid health plans is their flexibility. If your Medicaid eligibility changes, Molina Healthcare's plans make the transition from Medicaid to Affordable Care Act plans easier.

As you transition from being Medicaid members to buying plans from the Health Insurance Marketplace, these Medicaid plans help with the change. They allow you to keep your regular health care providers and medical clinics while keeping medical expenses low.

Molina Healthcare's primary Medicare health plan is a Medicare Advantage plan. Molina Healthcare also offers dual plans or integrated Medicaid and Medicare plans. These plans help meet specific needs of some Molina Healthcare members.

The cost and benefits of its health care plans varies depending on the plan selected. Some plans may require prior authorization or referrals for some medical services, like specialist visits.

For more detailed information about coverage and cost (premiums, deductible, copays, and out-of-pocket limit), interested people should contact Molina Healthcare directly.

Dedicated Service

Molina Healthcare employees are dedicated to providing friendly and quality service. The Molina Healthcare website offers helpful enrollment and member information in seven languages.

The company’s website is very informative with FAQ sections, more information on health plan offerings, and links to useful resources.

Each physician in Molina Healthcare’s network is committed to treating their patients like family and providing quality care.

Additional Support

Molina Healthcare has a Broker Support Unit that assists people as they enroll in health insurance. The company also offers a member portal called My Molina where members can set-up payments, print or request ID cards, and change their doctor.

It is easy to reach Molina Healthcare offices via phone calls. The website provides a list of phone numbers specific to the regional offices. Some of these phone numbers are toll free.

Molina Healthcare operates independent health clinics in several of the states it operates in. At a health clinic, a patient can receive general health care services, including maternal care, shots, and primary care. Molina Healthcare clinics also have bilingual healthcare providers that can provide assistance to English language learners.

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The Bad

  • Negative Customer Reviews
  • Limited Availability

Negative Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, Molina Healthcare has recieved mostly negative reivews on Although Molina Healthcare has fewer reviews than other health insurers listed on and negative reviews are common for the industry, Molina's negative reviews are concerning.

Reviewers mention difficulty with finding in-network providers, billing, and getting services covered.

Limited Availability

Molina Healthcare is available in California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you do not live in these states, Molina Healthcare may not be an option for you. Available plans may also vary state to state.

Molina Healthcare is dedicated to serving people who qualify for Medicaid and Medicare, people who are uninsured, and those who may not speak English. If you are not interested in a Marketplace plan or do not qualify for government assistance, Molina Healthcare may not be available to you.


The Bottom Line

Molina Healthcare is different from other health insurers because of its dedication to providing quality services and creating comfortable environments for its customers. It also provides health care information on the company's website in seven languages. Molina also operates health clinics with bilingual staff, doctors, and primary care physicians that provide accessible health care to patients.

Molina Healthcare focuses on offering Medicaid and Medicare Advantage insurance plans. It stands out for offering plans specifically for people transitioning between Medicaid and Marketplace health plans.

Although Molina has good offerings, its negative reviews on are concerning. Keep these reviews in mind as you learn more about what Molina Healthcare offers in your area.

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SB McComb, MS

Found myself without insurance after 40 years of coverage by my husband's employer. Covid ended that quickly and without warning. I was scrambling. Also, husband forced into early retirement. He had hoped to work a few more years. Jobs around our rural area pretty scare. So far, Molina has paid their contracted portion without any problem. I am giving 4 stars because I have a large claim in appeals. Molina says it didn't get PA, but doctor and hospital say they have the PA and they are in the process of appealing. Hopefully it will work out. I think it will. Anyway, here I have plenty of doctors in network. Haven't used prescription benefit because (thankfully) my rx's are generic. Hope this helps those who are looking for insurance.

1 year ago

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CB ,

I have a rare disease so I am one of those people that use their health coverage continuously. I have a lengthy and complex medical history. However, in the past years, in South Texas- Laredo - it has worked pretty decently. They do require PAs for a lot of stuff, but for the most part if you have the records and follow the steps it covers it. I have had some trouble getting 1 or 2 medicines approved, one of which was brand name and there was a generic available. However, I went through the complaint process and eventually got it approved. Usually PAs get approved for a whole year and that is pretty useful. Once I reach my out of pocket they pick up everything. They cover all my medicines and one out of the formulary - for the PA my doctors had to submit letters, chart, etc. to get it approved. I need specialty meds and they take care of them as long as a PA is submitted. I have had multiple ER and Urgent Care stints and I also have had hospital admissions and my coverage has been overall great. Their customer service is also pretty good. The customer service reps are helpful. They will call you back if they said they would... I am only giving them 4 stars because they do require a lot of PAs, but overall for the coverage I need it has been good.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Michelle Schow Saratoga Springs, UT

Molina has some great healthcare insurance coverage options. If you live in Utah, their network of provider is more limited than other insurance providers.

2 years ago

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Brendan Prout

Customer service & phone system is horribly outdated, but the actual medical care is great!

2 years ago


Review Source

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J Connelly Saratoga Springs, UT

Had Molina for a year. Not a lot of our providers took Molina so that was a little frustrating.

2 years ago