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LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 2022

Highmark BlueCross BlueShield was originally called Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania. Founded in 1977, this company’s original name reflects the limited service area it has in parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia. Backed by its parent company, BlueCross BlueShield, Highmark serves millions of members.


The Good

  • Types of Plans Offered
  • Member Resources
  • Customer Service

Types of Plans Offered

There aren't many health plans that Highmark doesn't offer, which is great for shopping for a plan. Highmark offers Medicare and CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plan). CHIP through Highmark is only available in some parts of Pennsylvannia.

In addition to differing in terms of provider networks, Highmark's health plans vary in terms of benefits for deductibles, copayments, referral requirements, and out-of-pocket costs. While shopping for a health plan here, you'll be asked to give your zip code because the location is an important factor in the types of plans you qualify for. Shopping for a plan is really easy with Highmark though. Highmark doesn't ask for very private information before telling you specific details about plans, and the company outlines the benefits of qualifying plans so that it's easy to compare them.

Member Resources

Becoming a member with Highmark entitles you to lots of tools for managing your account and saving money to get healthy. First, there's a tool you can use to find a provider, be it a doctor, pharmacy, dentist, or vision care provider.

Members can take a doctor match quiz to find a provider with a care style that works well with your needs and personality. You can also use RealAge® on ShareCare to see how old your body is based on its health condition. This tool can help you take action to be healthier. The tool also allows you to track yoru health habits.

Customer Service

Customer service isn't something Highmark treats lightly. In fact, several of the company's overall values are directly related to customer satisfaction and proper business conduct. These include integrity, for one, and the notion that people matter.

Like many other health insurance companies, Highmark wants to be a motivator for members' good health. Customers can contact Highmark through phone or via an online form.

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The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • No 24/7 Customer Service
  • Time in Business

Limited Service Area

Highmark health plans are primarily available in western Pennsylvania, as well as some coverage in Delaware and West Virginia. This is really a limited scope and makes the company available to a small portion of the country.

No 24/7 Customer Service

As helpful as the customer service options are with Highmark, none of these features are available 24/7. Their live chat and phone numbers are only available during certain business hours, which leaves members to rely on just their only accounts for help outside of business hours.

Time in Business

On a less crucial note, Highmark is a relatively new company, since it has only been around since 1977. While not new to the health insurance industry, some of its competitors have been in business much longer. Other health insurance carriers boast several decades and even more than a century of business experience, which leaves Highmark to be a smaller, newer name in the industry.


The Bottom Line

For the right customer, Highmark is definitely a recommended company. But what makes a customer "right"? In this case, you're an excellent candidate for a Highmark health plan if you live in western Pennsylvania (or one of the covered areas in Delaware or West Virginia). The remaining factors that determine whether you'll be satisfied with Highmark are specific to the health plans you qualify for through them. The company has a great selection of plans, good member resources, and a great reputation all around. So as long as the logistics of location fall into place, Highmark is definitely in the running of quality health insurance companies.

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