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    Why Americans Are Done with Health Insurance Companies: 2019's 1-Star Reviews
    Your health matters. It directly affects your quality of life, ability to work, and longevity. Health insurance is key to many people’s ability to access the health care they need, but accessing health care isn’t...
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    Short Term Health Insurance: What Top Companies Offer
    Short term health plans can be a good option if you need coverage before your health plan kicks in or if you missed the enrollment period. These plans usually have cheap premiums, but their coverage is also more limited comp...
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    Short Term Health Insurance: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy
    Maybe you just lost your job. Maybe you missed open enrollment. Maybe you just need a health plan to cover a short lapse of coverage. Whatever your situation, a short term health plan can be a good option if you don't qualif...
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    HSAs and Taxes: What You Need to Know
    We're in the midst of tax filing season. You may be looking forward to a nice tax return or worried about how much you'll owe. If you used a Health Savings Account (HSA) last year, you'll need to have a few more documents on...
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    7 Terms to Know for Open Enrollment
    Guest Post by Elissa Suh Open Enrollment for health insurance is underway — the federal open enrollment is from November 1 to December 15, 2019. However, more than 88 percent of Americans could not correctly identify t...
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    4 Things to Look For in a Health Plan [Video]
    Health insurance is an important way to get the health care you need while protecting your finances from large medical costs. It's also important to find a health plan that fits into your budget from a trustworthy in...
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    [Infographic] 5 Questions to Ask About Special Enrollment Periods
    Updated January, 2020. In general, people can only enroll in a health insurance plan during Open Enrollment. Medicare also has its own Annual Enrollment Period and its Initial Enrollment Period varies depending on your birth...
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    Aetna vs. Cigna vs. Kaiser Permanente 2020 Review
    Updated January 2020. Shopping for health insurance can be quite the endeavor: Terms are confusing. Plans can be tricky to figure out. And, health is sometimes unpredictable. When it comes to the bottom line, you're tryin...
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    Pitfalls to Avoid During Open Enrollment
    Enrolling in health insurance is an important financial decision. Health insurance can save you money on your health care, which offers good financial protection. This season, make sure you are making the best choice for your...
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    4 Ways to Prepare for Open Enrollment
    Open Enrollment for 2020 health insurance coverage is just around the corner. It starts November 1, 2019 and continues through December 15, 2019. You won't want to miss it. If you do, you will be unable to enroll in health in...
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