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Palmetto State Armory is based in Columbia, South Carolina and began as an ammunition and magazine website, eventually growing to become a full-service retail firearms brand.

The company offers a wide range of firearms, ammunition rounds, targets, tactical gear/clothing, and accessories.

According to its website, Palmetto State Armory carries popular brands like Remington, Beretta, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and more.

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The Good

  • Wide Selection
  • Helpful Website Features
  • FFL Dealer Locator
  • Reloading Resources

Wide Selection

Palmetto State Armory offers a large selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns, and various firearm parts and accessories.

Potential customers will find that Palmetto State Armory has a decent variety of ammunition for sale including handgun, rifle, rimfire, shotgun, and training ammunition rounds. Additionally, the company's website regularly features clearance ammunition and firearm products that better suit customers who are on a budget.

Palmetto State Armory typically has a large selection of parts and accessories in stock including a variety of tactical, survival, and safety gear, knives, both steel and non-steel targets, tools, other weapons, and much more. The company’s wide selection rivals most top firearm and ammunition retail stores.

Helpful Website Features

Compared to other online firearm retail store websites, Palmetto State Armory has helpful search features, especially for new site visitors.

The company’s website has a search bar at the top of each page that allows customers to easily input what they are looking for. Additionally, each category page on the company’s website has a “Browse By” filter tool that allows customers to view items in specific categories.

These search and filter features help website visitors, especially new website visitors, more easily navigate the company’s website and limit the amount of time customers have to spend looking for products.

FFL Dealer Locator

Palmetto State Armory offers a helpful FFL Dealer Locator tool directly on its website. This tool allows customers to input an address or store in order to find the nearest FFL dealer. Customers can also type in their city name in order to find FFL dealers in their area.

Reloading Resources

Palmetto State Armory has a large amount of reloading items for sale including kit accessories, brass, bullets, presses, priming tools, reloading equipment, etc.

The company also sells reloading-focused books, DVDs, and software for those who want to begin reloading their own ammunition. Unlike many other firearm and ammunition retail companies, Palmetto State Armory has an entire category dedicated to reloading products.


The Bad

  • No Comparison Tool
  • Slower Shipping Times
  • No Order Edits

No Comparison Tool

Although Palmetto State Armory has helpful website features, a price comparison tool is not one of them.

Many top online firearm and ammunition retailers offer a simple, easy-to-use comparison tool to help each customer obtain the best prices.

Since Palmetto State Armory does not appear to offer a standard comparison tool on its website, customers are forced to compare items on their own.

Slower Shipping Times

According to the Palmetto State Armory website, non-specialty orders typically take five business days to ship out.

Upper receivers can take up to 15 business days and firearms as well as lower receivers can take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days to ship. These shipping times appear to be slower than many other gun and ammo online retailers.

No Order Edits

Once an order is placed with Palmetto State Armory, it cannot be edited or changed if the customer wishes to add something to the order. Customers must either place a separate order or cancel the current order.

To cancel an order, customers have to call the Palmetto State Armory customer service department to start the process.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Palmetto State Armory has several impressive top-brand products in stock and has a good online presence as well as a solid customer base.

The company sells a wide selection of firearms, ammunition rounds, weapons, and tactical accessories in addition to selling a range of reloading resources, products, and accessories.

Although the company does sell some high-cost items, it's important to note that Palmetto State Armory features frequent product sales on its website. These lower-cost products may be good for customers who are following a tighter budget.

In addition to a featured sales and deals section, Palmetto State Armory’s website also has simple search and filter features that help customers, especially new customers, easily find the products they are looking for without wasting time.

Palmetto State Armory, however, does not appear to have a standard online price comparison tool, has slower shipping times than some other online firearm and ammunition retailers, and does not allow customers to edit orders once orders are placed.

Those interested in the products sold at Palmetto State Armory may want to visit the company's website, view the company's shipping and order policies, and read a few buyer reviews before making a purchase.

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Joe Simeone Hyden, KY

Palmetto state armory, makes America's gun (the AR-15) affordable for all. Their shipping has gotten faster but demand is high so shipping is slower everywhere. Try PSA you won't regret it.

1 week ago

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Heather Slytherin Stillwater, OK

Thieves and liars. Never do business with this company. They stole yes stole near $1000, ruined two young mens birthdays. I ordered 2 guns on 6/20/21 had a nasty email that the FFL dealer was not current to immediately within 48 hours find a new FFL or pay restocking fee. I did so and Crystal on the 6/22/21 had emailed that accepted and will be shipped. 6/29/21 chat gave me a fake delivery confirmation or shipping number. I asked what address and he gave TX. I live in OK. He refused to escalate and dropped chat. I took screenshots. I then had 7 hours later a return call form being placed in the call back que. This woman said “it was Crystals fault as she did not send update to warehouse. Another lie. Then told me the $500 e-gift card that I purchased on 6/27/21 takes 48 hours to post, sorry Sunday does not count. Guaranteed in your email today. Nope, but I did speak to Crystal and informed her of other employees blaming her! She has messaged management because no email or e-gift card and of course the gun he wanted is no longer on sale. So if Crystal management team does nothing, she will personally call me back and we will try and process a refund. 7-14 days later again! You should have more employees like Crystal. You suck at managing your company. Or just thieves and liars more likely. DO NOT SHOP here!

3 weeks ago

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Larry Renner Moore, SC

Order on June 6,2021 THEN it stated out of stock , the following week it stated shipped , 2 weeks later sent e-mails asking when it would arrived , no answer , 3rd. week sent 2 e-mails , no reply , call center stated [ at 8:07a.m.] it would be a 3-4 hour hold time . Now in 4th week sent request to BBB to ask for help as PSA will no answer.

1 month ago

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Ran Head Vineland, NJ

I purchased a Black Aces Pump Shotgun from Palmetto and they sent me a “compliance” email. The email stated, “Our company policy prohibits us from shipping semi-automatic shotguns with any of the following: magazine capacity exceeding six rounds, a folding stock, or a pistol grip to the state of New Jersey.” So I call them to let them know I ordered a PUMP shotgun not a SEMI-AUTOMATIC shotgun. They did not care and cancelled my order, even though the manufacturer of the gun specifically states that the gun is NJ legal. So I was purchased the same gun from another retailer who is better informed than Palmetto State Armory.

3 months ago

star star star star star

Dutch Jennings Midlothian, VA

I have purchased MANY ARs from PSA. The so-called "criticisms" of the PSA rifle here are pretty laughable and not something to be taken seriously but I suppose the author had to scape the bottom of the barrel to find something to snipe at them about. Yah well the reason PSA is a little slower than "other" companies sometimes is because they are blowing the competition away in price and quality- EVERYBODY wants them and they can't run fast enough to keep up. I'm sure S&W, Ruger and all the rest wish they had THAT problem all the time like PSA does. Other PSA owners I know also make a habit of going back for repeat purchases so they obviously are putting out a quality high demand product.

5 months ago

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