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LAST UPDATED: October 1st, 2021

J&G Sales has been selling a wide variety of firearms and ammunition for nearly 70 years.

They offer a decent return policy on all firearms and ammunition at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

The J&G Sales business mission is to provide wholesale prices to all consumers, though their customer service skills have shown to be lacking.

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The Good

  • Affordable Prices
  • Impressive Selection
  • Honor Warranties

Affordable Prices

Perhaps the most important benefit J&G Sales offers its customers is its prices.

All guns and ammo are ticketed at wholesale value and really can't be compared to any other third-party firearm and ammunition seller/dealer.

They don't offer price matching, but their prices can't really be beaten. Even their most expensive products are marked down significantly.

Impressive Selection

The selection of both guns and ammunition products provided by J&G is fairly impressive.

The company features plenty of great options on their website and customers will find that all online products are easily categorized and listed. On the company's website, customers can purchase accessories, range gear, reloading materials, outdoor and tactical gear, gunsmith materials, books, and more.

They also sell muzzleloading guns, which many large retailers still fail to stock, as well as an array of other equipment and tools. Additionally, they are revealed to be a valuable resource for accessories (especially when considering their fantastic wholesale prices).

Honor Warranties

Even at their wholesale prices, they will still honor any warranties offered by the manufacturer.

These returns are managed through J&G's own customer support channels.

They don't charge restocking fees for any of these returns and, as long as it is stated through the manufacturer's guarantee, should not set you back when faced with a defect.


The Bad

  • Complicated Process
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Limited Youth FireArm Selection

Complicated Process

When it comes to purchasing firearms as a resident of the more restrictive states, shopping through J&G Sales can end up being relatively complicated.

J&G Sales does not offer a wide variety of California compliant firearms (or they don't clearly label them as such).

Their only support states that it's the customer's responsibility to ensure the firearms they buy and ship are legal for their residential individual state (problem states also include Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Maryland).

Those who live in states with more severe rules and regulations and are interested in purchasing products from J& G Sales have to be knowledgeable in order to conduct proper, legal shipping and purchase processes.

Limited Customer Support

Customers can only expect limited help from the J&G Sales customer support channels.

There has been general dissatisfaction with J&G's service, including issues like unresponsive attendants and inconsiderate policies.

J&G Sales also does not accept military IDs as relevant forms of person identification which could be considered a "faux pax" of sorts in the gun industry. Additionally, service agents have also been reported to be rude and unhelpful.

Limited Youth FireArm Selection

Though they are dedicated to providing a wide selection, J&G doesn't offer left-handed or youth firearms for purchase.

The lack of firearm options does limit them against their competitors, especially considering how much the demand for youth firearms has grown over time.


The Bottom Line

J&G Sales does provide an affordable avenue to purchase your firearms through, but only if you live in a state with relatively few firearm-based rules and regulations and you aren't concerned about needing much in the way of customer support.

Though it can be difficult to foresee any future order issues or technical defects, their wholesale prices are hard to beat and their website features a wide selection of firearm and ammunition products, which makes them a very attractive store for beginner gun collectors and buyers.

The company also provides a helpful blog for learning purposes. All website visitors can access the J&G Sales blog directly on their main website.

Those interested in the items from J&G Sales are encouraged to visit the company's website and read at least one customer review before making a purchase.

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Dan McCray Phoenix, AZ

Today I had the worst gun store experience of my life. Yesterday I ordered a shotgun from J&G Sales online. I just gotten off work today and I was going to be cutting it close on getting to J&G Sales to pick up my shotgun. So, as a courteous person, I called the store and asked if they could hold on a minute on locking the doors because I was on my way to pick up my shotgun. The man on the phone said and I quote "Let me make this clear the door locks at 5:30 if you're inside you're inside if you're not you're not" in a very harsh tone. We continued on and reached J&G Sales at 5:29 pulling up the driveway and getting to the door. As I was hopping out the door of my car, a gentleman emerged from the building looked at me and smiled, put the key in the lock and closed the door behind him. As you all know I have mobility issues and I could not leap out of the car, dash across the concrete pad and up the stairs to the door in the time it takes to close the door behind him. I bet he had quite the chuckle seeing a man with mobility issues try to get out of the car before he could lock the door.

3 months ago

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RON FERMAN Bakersfield, CA

I ordered a purse for my wifes mothers day gift. fedex send it to the wroung address. one call to j&g. and a replacement was on the way,they even held on till we came back from a trip to make sure we would be home to receive the package as I asked them to, they went out of their way to make sure my wife got her mothers day gift,

7 months ago

star star star star star_border

mountainman Las Vegas, NV

JG Sales has been great to me, and one of the few places an 03 FFL holder can buy online quickly and reliably. Don't complain about their policy if you don't know don't know your own state laws or how to purchase a firearm like the 1-Star yutz who also reviewed them. If you live in CA, know their laws. Don't expect an AZ firearm retailer to cater to you. You're a moron if you think Military ID alone is accepted by the ATF. It's not JG's fault. Complain to the Alphabet Boys. If you're a collector, know your NRA grades and do not expect a diamond in the rough when you buy a Good condition rifle.

2 years ago

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Savannah C. Mesa, AZ

Have ordered 2 time within the last month. Both times was ammo, I searched online for quite awhile for cheap good ammo. Finally found them. I ordered just once to see quality and time frame. So happy, I received my order with 3 days( same state). Ordered again and same service. Will buy again from them.

1 year ago

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Shark Peoria, AZ

Sold junk and bought two rifles one completely rotted it's scrape metal the other very fair poor don't buy online from them

2 years ago