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LAST UPDATED: June 7th, 2022

Impact Guns was founded in 1997 by three experts in the guns and ammunition sector and quickly became a major force in the online firearms business.

The company feels the need to provide access to the best and latest gear to anyone-anywhere with access to a computer. Impact Guns' focus on firearms and shooting-related equipment allows them to buy in large quantities, and pass the savings to customers.

Impact Guns also has a designated team that continuously adds new products with details about their performance. If feedback indicates a product is not up to consumer expectations, Impact Guns will pull it from their stock.

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The Good

  • Great Variety of Products
  • Affordable Price Range
  • Employee Expertise

Impact Guns has a wide variety of firearms and ammunition available on their online store.

They offer products ranging from air-powered guns for youngsters, to hunting and target shooting firearms, and self-defense weapons. Additionally, customers can order gun cleaning supplies, targets, tactical gear, optics, and even surplus items.

The company's price range is exceptional and will work with just about any budget presented. The following are reasons to further look into buying from Impact Guns:

Great Variety of Products

Impact Guns has a selection of hundreds of firearms and accompanying ammunition available for purchase. A customer can order ammunition from the company's online store and receive it within a matter of days.

In terms of shipping, Impact Guns' products usually ship out within three business days. According to the company's website, Impact Guns "will not charge your credit card until your product ships, except for certain special orders."

Affordable Price Range

Impact Guns' pricing ranges anywhere from $317.19-$36,000. In addition to standard products and brands, customers can also shop for collector items and rare guns via the company's online store.

Impact Guns also frequently offers various good deals for firearms, ammunition, and other products they may have in stock. Customers can easily find these featured sales and deals directly on the company's website.

Employee Expertise

Ever since Impact Guns was founded, employee experts have managed the questions and concerns of each customer helping in any way they can.

The customer support service that Impact Guns provides can be hard to beat.

Lifetime Gun Warranty

Impact Guns offers a Lifetime Gun Warranty which states that "Impact Guns will repair or replace the gun at no charge" if the gun sold by Impact Guns becomes defective. This warranty only applies to the original firearm purchaser.

Those interested in this warranty should read all of the warranty conditions before making a firearm purchase. All customers can learn more about this Lifetime Gun Warranty service on the Impact Guns website.


The Bad

  • Lack of Comparison Tool
  • Poor Return Policy

Impact Guns does not have the largest selection of guns out there, meaning they may not be capable of having every gun for every potential gun owner. Additionally, their lack of a comparison tool hurts in customers looking for the best deal they can get.

Impact Guns could improve the following to create a better buying experience for customers:

Lack of Comparison Tool

The product selection is large enough to make it difficult to conduct research without a comparison tool. Users may end up spending more time than necessary looking at various firearms and ammunition.

Poor Return Policy

Customers need to look into the return policy if they are not entirely confident in their purchase.

Should customers wish to return a product to Impact Guns within the company's 10-day policy limit, they will most likely be charged a 20 percent restocking fee, meaning they will only get an 80 percent refund of their purchase at the very most.

This return policy may be a problem for first-time customers.


The Bottom Line

Any gun owner, beginner, or experienced, may be quite pleased with Impact Guns.

Their return policy and lack of comparison tool ability can hurt in terms of the customer experience, but the company makes up for it in their product variety, and sole focus upon firearms and ammunitions.

Impact Guns would be a great place to go to look for guns from young children to adults. Overall, gun owners would be well served in using this online shop. Just be sure you are purchasing exactly what you're looking for, as returning products to Impact Guns can cost you.

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Logan Rogers Presque Isle, ME

How to order from Impact: First off know that they are a small business and are closed on the weekends. Because of their limited size, they likely wont have your FFL of choice on file, so give an extra day for your FFL and impact to send their info to each other. I would reccomend putting an order in Sunday night, give your order number to your FFL on monday and then get your gun shipped the following day. It seems most of the negative reviews have to deal with the FFL, so choose one you have done buisness with and are confident in their customer support. Afterwards, it's smooth sailing, as I write this my order is shipped and will update once it arrives if anything is amiss. I am surprised that this shop is listed here with the gun retail giants like GrabAGun and Cabellas, so I thought it unfair for the expectations for those retailers to apply to a small single shop company.

3 weeks ago

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Jim Queens, NY

I have ordered four handguns from this store since 11 - 20 as well as some magazines the first 2 were 3 to 4 weeks wait but it was tough at the time because of covid my magazines arrived in about five days I have ordered 2 more handguns in the past 2 weeks one arrived in 6days my most recent arrived in under 3 they shipped second day air you pay the price of the gun and shipping which was about 11 dollars these last 2 I ordered and lifetime warranty is free they say no hidden charges and it's true and everything has been as advertised I see alot of negative reviews and I don't doubt some have had bad experiences but as for me it's all been great I would recommend this supplier highly and will order again

6 months ago

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Largo Corpus Christi, TX

I purchased the new TALO edition of the Ruger Wrangler Birdshead, w/ the Desantis holster from Impact Guns (IG). The price wasn’t the best I’d seen online, but other online retailers were out of it when I was ready to order, so I went with IG. On their online order form, I selected my FFL dealer of choice, which was listed in their drop-down menu. My order was placed & accepted at 1:24 pm on Friday, 01/07/2022, with a receipt generated. At 5:30 the following morning, IG sent me an email saying that they couldn’t process my order until they had a copy of my FFL’s license. I replied to their email, but got no further response. I then called them, only to get an automated message to call during business hours. They’re closed on Saturdays, but they managed to email me at 5:30 am on Saturday, they just couldn’t be bothered to respond until Monday. Even then, they didn’t reply. I sent another email, but they never replied to that one, either. I called, twice, before I finally got to talk to someone on Tuesday. They were unapologetic about their mix up and the delays it caused, and placed the responsibility of having my local FFL fax their license to them. My order was finally processed for shipping Thursday afternoon, 6 days after I placed the order. The gun arrived in fine condition, and I’m happy with the gun & holster, but with Impact Guns? Not so much.

5 months ago

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AT Spring, TX

I just had an AMAZING experience with this store. My gun was on backorder, but they followed up with me every step of the way. Flawless, and they even offer an additional warranty on new firearms. Obviously there shouldn't be any problems on a new gun, but it still has value to this newer shooter. Julie and the team are knocking it out!

8 months ago

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ro blat Moorpark, CA

I came across the impactguns website and decided to look around on the page. i found some very good pricing and decided to proceed with a purchase. The purchase process was simple and effective, but i had noticed afterwards, i had wanted to change a few items before shipping. Even though the box was ready for shipping, they went and pulled it so that i could make the changes needed. The sales staff and the gunsmith really are top notch. They are very knowledgeable and appear to do whatever they can to ensure the customer is happy. They are very client and customer support oriented, and have pretty good prices and are fast with shipping and support.

5 years ago

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Stephanie Tacoma, WA

I've bought 3 guns ( 1AR, 1 Taurus & a XDM 9mm) from Impact Guns along with numerous magazines and other accessories over the last 3 years and I've never had any problems. Each and every time the orders I placed were shipped out to my FFL and received within the time frame stated on the order. Based on my experiences I'll continue to buy from them in the future.

2 years ago

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TC Knoxville, TN

I found what I wanted and ordered it. It didn't ship when it was supposed with no reason why. I called about it several times. It finally came and was in good shape. It is hard to get someone on the phone and get verification of a shipment, but the selection is good. If I had to return something I can see it being a lot of trouble. The oddest thing that credit card was hit with a fraudulent charge about a week after I ordered from them and from the same area code. I called and told them they may have someone taking advantage of their systems and taking credit card numbers but they didn't want to hear it. Just an odd coincidence or someone used the card from there. But I have never done business or used the card in that city or that area of the country before.

4 years ago

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J. Johnson Grandville, MI

It looks cheap but they don't make it clear that you may have to pay a transfer fee to the dealer doing the transfer ($60 in my case). I ended up paying just about the same as if I bought it locally. That is not good because if I want to take it back for warranty work I have to mail it as opposed to dropping it off locally. Both my dealer and Impact Guns have lifetime warranties on their guns. For accessories Impact Guns sometimes have good prices. Ammo is cheaper locally for me. I did not have any problem contacting their sales staff. I had to several times for several reasons. Sales staff doesn't always know which parts go with which guns and the description of parts on their website is to minimal.

6 years ago

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Hotmana Newport, KY

The gun dealer that Impact Guns shipped my gun to is making it impossible for me to pick up NY gun that is completely paid for by making very specific times to pick up that are not convenient to me, normal business hours. Like I can leave a little early from work and pick up at 2:30. NO he will be there until noon. Okay what about Saturday. No you cannot bring your child with you. Impact Guns will not intervene in any way. Basically it’s your problem. Terrible customer service. Rude interaction with them trying to resolve. They want to charge a ton of fees and more shipping to me. I would not recommend Impact Guns to anyone.

8 months ago

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Leesoto37 Deltona, FL

Order a gun on Thursday morning, paid for a 2 day shipping. Called and talk to a lady in customer service, she said that the order was going to be process. Next day on Friday, checked their website and my order was still in the process mode!! Called again and got the same answer that my gun was on process, I asked the lady if I was going to get my order on the 2 days shipping, she said yes you will. Checked the UPS website and the order was still waiting. Long story short I got my gun on Monday afternoon, when I asked for a refund the guy named TJ send me and email saying that they will not send me a refund due to the order got on time at the armory. Now you guys, how many days are between Thursday and Monday, 2 days????? impact guns if you are not going to honor the 2 day shipping, please do not screw the customers and charge them for it and not fulfill the orders. Definitely will not

2 years ago

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JJ Schnell Coeur D Alene, ID

Horrible!!! Backordered a gun 4 weeks ago. They now cancel my order saying I didn't send in FFL info even though I have the receipt showing I did and they never contacted me after the order was placed saying there was a problem. Come to find out they now raised the price of the gun by $140!! Sounds like they decided to cancel just so they could charge more. When questioned they said they can raise prices whenever they want, even after an order is placed and without even telling people! Here is part of their "Terms" : "Because prices, product descriptions and availability can change quickly, Impact Guns does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on the Site. Also, Impact Guns may make changes to the information contained herein, including to the products and prices described in the site, at any time, without prior notice to you (including after you have submitted your order)." Buyer beware!!!

5 years ago

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Ed Fort Worth, TX

I am not happy with Impact Guns' policies and attitudes towards their customers. I purchased a BCG which specifically said included a hammer. I paid more for this BCG at Impact Guns than for the same BCG at other places, because it was supposed to include a hammer. But when I received it (22 days later), there was no hammer. No big deal. I thought that I could just call customer service and have them send me the missing part. No. That would be too convenient for the customer. It is Impact Guns' OFFICIAL POLICY to have the customer straighten this out with the manufacturer. The Impact Guns' customer service rep laughed at me when I expressed my frustration with Impact Guns' policies. The bottom line is this: I paid extra money for this BCG and did NOT get my hammer. In addition, it took 22 day from the day I ordered it, till the day it was delivered. It took 19 of those 22 days for Impact Guns to hand off my package to USPS. This order was a waste of my time and money. Finally, a supervisor said she would make an exception in my case, and TRY to work with the manufacturer on my behalf, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that help to come. If I ever do receive the hammer from impact guns, I'll let y'all know in a follow up review. For now, I have no confidence at all in buying anything at Impact Guns. BUYER BEWARE !!!

6 years ago

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Tracy CA

I called to make sure I ordered the correct Flock 34 with 10 rd mags for CA. The gun show up but it had high cap mags and the ffl won't give me the firearm with those mags. Impact guns said they would send out the correct ones when there shipping guy comes back. They forgot about me and I had to call them back. The finally ordered the correct mags from there warehouse and had to wait till they got them at there place of business before they could give me a shipping number. I finally get the shipping info and the mags they are sending say they are Glock 19 mags. This has been over a month now and I'm waiting on another response from them. I will call tomorrow and see what the latest excuse is.

6 years ago

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Michael Hilbert Evergreen, CO

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Has been a month and still havent received my items. Have been quoted 3 different ship dates for items that were supposed to be in stock and when I complained about the amount of time for an online order I got ATTITUDE and a request for sympathy because they are a "small company" that "gets hundreds of daily orders." Don't waste your time, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

1 year ago

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Kenya Durham, NC

I made 2 purchases with impact guns and only recieved 1 gun.I did not know that i needed 2 permits so i only brought 1. Then when i went to pick up up my guns i was only able to get 1 gun. But when i finally got my other permit the place that impact guns shipped it to was closed down and when i called and let them know they did nothing about it. No refund not help what so ever. So i lost out of money over $300 and this is not right nor far.

3 years ago

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Andrew Waters

Purchased a suppressor. Was told the next day I'd receive it at the sales price. Was then told the next day my order was cancelled. They still have a similar model to the suppressor on the website, however they refuse to make this right. Will not be purchasing ANYTHING from this retailer again.

5 years ago

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Edwin Cintron Scranton, PA

purchased kimber custom tle ii it was in the poorest condition and the gun was so dirty if I was in person I never when by any gun in this condition.They got over on me (ripped off)paid for a new gun and it looks like some one sent me a used gun.the slide had wear marks on .so BUYER BEWARE....THIS IS MY FIRST AND LAST PURCHASE FROM IMPACT GUNS

6 years ago

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Cyanide Chicago, IL

They took almost a month to ship an allegedly "in stock" item, ignored a request I had made about the status then ignored my request to cancel. I already bought the item from a different retailer.

1 year ago

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Ryan Smith Beloit, WI

Customer service that argues, and tries to talk in a condescending manner, and apparently can't count business days, or answer questions. Hopefully my gun makes it here, bit I will never use them again.

3 years ago

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john c

They quoted a price for ammo and charged my credit card. Then they cancelled my order saying that it was priced too low? Thats not my fault. Horrible business ethic.

5 years ago