is a family-owned and operated company founded by gun enthusiasts located in Dallas, Texas. Their mission is to provide customers with a wide variety of the highest quality firearms and accessories at the lowest prices. To see recent GrabAGun reviews, click here

GrabAGun is constantly on the lookout for new firearms to add to their arsenal. They add new inventory to the website daily. According to their website, the company will help track down an item and provide a price point for customers who can't find certain guns on their website.

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The Good

  • Comparison Tool
  • Wide Selection
  • Price Range
  • Customer Service
  • FFL Locator Tool

GrabAGun has one of the largest online selections of firearms and ammunition available online. The range of weapons customers can buy extends from concealed carry guns to rifles and pistols as well as air-powered weapons for all ages.

They provide guns for any and all gun owners, whether it is personal protection, hunting, or target shooting. If they do not have the weapon being searched for, they will find one and give a price to that individual looking for it. GrabAGun excels in the following areas: 

Comparison Tool

Since GrabAGun has such a large selection of guns and ammunition online, having a comparison tool makes it easy for customers to look at relating products for comparison purposes.     

Wide Selection

If GrabAGun doesn't have a particular gun already listed in their selection, they will find the firearm and get a quote for a price and provide it to the customer for order.

The company provides several categories on its site including an on-sale category, a magazine category, firearms, ammo, scopes, sights, and lights, hunting and fishing, holsters, gun parts, gear and supplies, class 3 NFA, and brands. 

Price Range

GrabAGun has firearms listed for as low as $66.49 which is hard to beat. Prices range all the way up to $56,612.72. They have guns for practical purposes as well as collector items.

Shooters can rest assured that whatever gun they are looking for, they will have it at a competitive price. GrabAGun also has a "Deals of the Week" section on their site that allows customers to easily take advantage of recent discount items and other sales.  

Customer Service

As mentioned previously, the retailer's customer support team sounds like one you can trust. They will find any gun or product a customer is looking for. They are also available for any questions a customer may have.

FFL Locator Tool

GrabAGun provides a helpful FFL locator tool on its website. Once customers are able to find a local FFL dealer, then they will be able to organize the FFL transfer for their firearm.

To find their local FFL dealer, customers will only need to provide their zip code and the tool finds the dealer to assist customers with their FFL transfer.  

The Bad

  • Search Function Needs Improvement
  • Returns & Shipping

Instead of solely being a gun and ammunition store, GrabAGun also provides knives and archery equipment; therefore taking away from their focus on firearms and accessories.

When using the search function, most of the time it does not find what is being searched for and pulls up related items instead. On many firearms, there are no images available, which those that do not know much about guns need to compare.

GrabAGun could improve the following aspects of their service:

Search Function Needs Improvement

GrabAGun could improve search functions by providing direct search results. 

Returns & Shipping

GrabAGun has a strict return policy, making it difficult for customers to return their purchased and ordered items. And for the few allowable conditions under which firearms can be returned, GrabAGun charges a 10 percent restocking fee. 

In regards to shipping, GrabAGun is standard and will charge customers a $40 hazardous shipping fee to all primer and powder orders. 

The Bottom Line

GrabAGun overall has several categories including a magazine category, sales, ammo, scopes, sights, and lights, hunting and fishing, and more. The company also has a large selection of guns ranging from concealed carry to rifles and offers ammunition.

GrabAGun has a good comparison tool that enhances the average customer experience. The company also has employees you can trust who will do whatever they can to provide great customer service.

Their pricing on store items rivals what other companies offer, and it varies so any budget would be able to acquire a firearm. GrabAGun makes it easy for customers to find deals and sales as well. Additionally, the company provides various accessories and gun parts such as stock parts, firing pin parts, slide parts and more.   

GrabAGun would be a good site to use when looking online to get guns and ammunition - just be sure to check out their terms and conditions before you shop and make your purchase, as returning your order may end up costing you more money than you think.

GrabAGun charges a 10 percent restocking fee for returned items. Shooters worried about ordering items off of should consider taking the time to read multiple GrabAGun reviews before making a purchase.  

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Boattail Cottonpoint

April 4th, 2017 Madison, MS

I'm not sure how it is that Grab a Gun(gag) got mostly negative reviews while Bass pro was the #1 ranked gun seller by users?! Mostly old people who don't know how to use the internet so they pay MSRP+10% at Bass pro? Who knows....Here's the deal...You buy a gun online, make sure of what u are buying....It's not a phone charger u can return to Amazon easily. Make a smart purchase. In the end...The only positive to buying at a place like Bass pro is getting your gun in the store when you buy it. But...Then you pay taxes. So you overpay, and pay taxes. Places like CTD, GAG, and primary are as cheap and with the best selection and service you can find. I have to wonder if the few bad reviews are morons who made a mistake and were pissed they had a restocking fee because they weren't paying attention. Either way, online will almost always be cheaper even with FFL fee and shipping you can save a ton of money. And as online shops go, GaG ranks among the top!



March 3rd, 2017 Houston, TX

Great price. Shipping and delivery was next day fron Tx to Nv using their standard shipping. George was very helpful and prompt in answering my questions.


Nicholas Ely

February 17th, 2017 Bloomington, IN

I purchased a Springfield XD-S, they sent me an order confirmation, billed my CC and then sent me the below email. I have tried to contact them several times, but they do not respond. Hello **************** Order Number: ########### Thanks again for your purchase. However, due to an error in our inventory system this item was crossed with another SKU and mispriced by a difference of about $100 as I'm sure you noticed. I'm terribly sorry for the eerror but we will not be able to complete the transaction. We'd be happy to offer you $10 off any future gun purchase. We have refunded your payment in full and cancelled the order. Please accept our sincere apologies for the error.


David Syrett

February 14th, 2017

Purchased a rifle on layaway. Shipped two hours after my last payment and arrived at the ffl dealer 3 days later. Outstanding customer service, friendly and efficient. Will definetely buy from them again.


Phillip Webster

February 11th, 2017

Returned a defective gun with crown damage for refund. While the purchase price was promptly refunded I got stuck with return shipping at the cost of $30.00. This was my sixth purchase from grabagun but is also my last. Defective merchandise should not cost the consumer to ship back. Only offered $20.00 store credit.


Adam Bright

February 10th, 2017 Dekalb, IL

They will cancel your order without any notification. They cancelled my order due to policies that are not listed on their website. Wouldn't ship 17-round magazines to a city in rural Illinois because they are banned in Chicago. They charged my credit card and I didn't find out it was cancelled until I contacted them. There are plenty of other sites out there to give your money to.



December 8th, 2016

Just made a purchase from them and had a minor question, so I emailed and asked my question. I got an almost instantaneous response. I have a friend who sells as a wholesaler and he cannot purchase wholesale for what I paid from Grab A Gun. I am very impressed!!!! And delivery is expected by UPS in only 3 days from my evening order.


Glenn Snyder

November 5th, 2016

Received wrong item and emailed company. I have to pay for the shipping cost and may be subject to a restocking fee. Not the way to do business.



October 14th, 2016

Terrible place sent me a non ca legal gun a raked me to return it made me pay for the return shipping and 15% restocking fee never do business with these people they are douch bags.


Greg S.

October 5th, 2016 Auburn, IN

Ordered a stock and trigger online for a rally good price. 14 days later the parts still haven't shipped. When I ask for an accurate ship date they give me one a day or two out and never hit the mark. The worst order fulfillment I've ever seen for in stock items. Grab A Gun will never see another dime of my money.



August 16th, 2016 Tulsa, OK

Ordered rifle, given confirmation and ship date via email. Queried same for tracking 4-5 days later. Was told 'its in processing' Then TWO WEEKS AFTER ORDERED "Oh we sold your rifle to someone else". "We'll reorder another" - Then they canceled the order the next day. Thank you for wasting my time. No "HONOR" with these boneheads. It appears I was more fortunate than some. Bottom line, don't waste your time with these jerks, go to Slick Guns . com plenty of great buys from reputable dealers that won't screw you around. Or be prepared to bend over and "Grab Your Ankles".


John Gasser

August 1st, 2016 Winfield, AL

I purchased a Mossberg 12ga from Grab A Gun on July 19. At the time of the purchase I was told that the FFL from my LGS was expired. I immediately ask the LGS to fax the extension which he did. A couple of days later I called Grab A Gun to confirm the receipt of the FF. A CS person confirmed it's reception and informed me that the shotgun would be shipped within 2 or 3 days. A week later have failed to receive confirmation of shipment I called again. After a lengthy hold, on every occasion I called the wait exceeded 10 minutes, I was again told the same story. This morning 8/1 I called again the CS person told me the gun was in stock however before he could continue we were disconnected. I called back and spoke to a CS rep named Bryan who told me that there was no extension on file, no fax received and that there were no calls EVER received from my phone number. Becoming frustrated I asked to cancel the sale and refund my CC for the charges. He said that there would be a 10% charge to do that. He refused to connect me to a supervisor telling me to email them. Several points: 1. I know they have the FFL 2. I know I spoke with them several times from my phone number 3. I know they told me on 2 occasions that the FFL had been matched and the gun would be shipped within 2 or 3 days AVOID GRAB A GUN


Tim S.

November 27th, 2015 Montrose, SD

Price was fantastic. Item shipped within 1 day and arrived the next! This is how a great on-line store does business! I couldn't be more satisfied and hopefully will do business again in the future.


Never Again!

September 18th, 2015 Wallingford, PA

Good prices on parts but it stops there! Their out the door shipping in 3-5 business days is worthless. Still not shipped and I get different "excuses" from c\s. I am not even sure if the last explanation is true or not! If all the parts weren't in stock when I placed my order then DON'T allow me to add it to the basket and DON'T charge my card!!! Very disappointed - won't be doing business with these folks EVER again!



April 20th, 2015 The Colony, TX

These guys are idiots. Advertised the wrong product (complete lower receiver) & when the item came in(stripped lower receiver) clueless sales guys had the nerve to try & sell it to me. Brought it up to their manager & it was oh well refund his money back. So thanks for the wasted trip & time, clowns.


Gary Drew

March 17th, 2015 Santa Barbara, CA

Never again Bought a M & p Shield as it turns out the model 180021 was not on the CA. DOJ list. They still sent it !!! Then charged me a restocking fee of $27.92 plus another $18.62 return shipping after being told I would not be charged a return shipping fee both by person and e-mail !!! That's $46.54 for there mistake out of my pocket. 20 minute wait time for them to answer the phone. BEWERE -----------



March 16th, 2015 The Colony, TX

These guys are idiots. Advertised the wrong product (complete lower receiver) & when the item came in(stripped lower receiver) clueless sales guys had the nerve to try & sell it to me. Brought it up to their manager & it was oh well refund his money back. So thanks for the wasted trip & time, clowns.



March 13th, 2015 Maple Grove, MN

This place sucks. Hold time on the phone is ridiculous and after 5 days my order had yet to ship.