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LAST UPDATED: October 22nd, 2020

Gander Outdoors has a chain of retail stores across the country, with locations in 26 different states.

The outdoors store, originally known as Gander Mountain, provides products relating to hunting, fishing, camping, marine, active sports, and other various outdoor items.

In addition to its chain of retail stores, Gander Outdoors also has an online sector of its business that sells guns and ammunition. Customers can purchase everything from hunting and shooting sports guns, to home and personal protection firearms. For anyone looking for guns as a hobby, Gander Outdoors will have it online or in one of its many stores.


The Good

  • Wide Gun Selection
  • Affordable Price Range
  • Return Policy 

Gun Selection

If a customer is not sure about what type of firearm they are looking for, there are hundreds to browse on Gander Outdoors' online store. Its online selection is fairly extensive. Gander Outdoors sells a wide selection of handguns, centerfire rifles, shotguns, rimfire rifles, used guns, and much more.

To find firearms, each customer can filter by the following: brand, price range, ratings, special offers, firearm capacity, action, caliber, barrel length, gauge, and firearm weight.

Price Range

The outdoors store does have guns available for purchase in the low $150's amount (great for first-time buyers) and ranging all the way up to $4,000.

There are several guns within each price category, providing a selection for all kinds of budgets.

Return Policy

Gander Outdoors does have a return policy where customers can get their money back on a product return. However, this does not apply to firearms. Once a firearm leaves a Gander Outdoors store, it cannot be returned.

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The Bad

  • No Comparison Tool
  • Lack of Focus on Guns and Ammo Products
  • No Price-Match Policy for Firearms

No Comparison Tool

Without a comparison tool, it can be difficult to conduct efficient research. Customers will have to take their own time to compare prices in order to get the best deal.

Lack of Focus on Guns and Ammo Products 

Since Gander Outdoors is an all-inclusive outdoor provider, they do not strictly specialize in guns and ammunition. Since the company's products range from guns and archery to camping, active sports, and fishing, Gander Outdoors does not put all its resources into its firearms department, and not all of its employees are experts in this field.

While Gander Outdoors does supply a wide selection of firearms, it does not offer any muzzleloaders or black powder firearms. If a customer is looking for more than just online guns and ammunition, then Gander Outdoors would be a good option.

No Price-Match Policy for Firearms

Although Gander Outdoors does have a price match policy, this policy does not apply to firearms.


The Bottom Line

Overall, the Gander Outdoors Incorporation is a very average guns and ammunition online store.

It has an impressive list of stores across the country and offers a great selection of outdoor items. However, it seems to focus on too many activities outside of firearms that can take away from the gun buying experience.

Gander Outdoors would best be serving those that are experienced in firearms and know what they want.

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9 Reviews

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I have recently purchased 5 guns from gander mountain in the past two months...the prices are competitive but when I went in both times the gun dept is way under staffed...both times took well over two hours to walk away with my guns that I had already purchased online...and why..WHY DO YOU NOT CARRY 22 LR AMMO IN STOCK?? One of the most sought after ammo and you never have it. Looking for a way to boost your store sales....start carrying little things that bring your customers in to buy the big things.

6 years ago

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TomBartho Clearfield, PA

I opened a Gander Mountain MasterCard a little over a year ago with plans to buy a gun safe or a GPS. After earning over $200 I shopped for a safe. I found a great price on one at a local store that Gander Mountain did not carry so bought it and planned on getting the GPS. They had a limited selection but I liked the Garmin Oregon 600T they had clearance priced at $399.94. I found the same exact model on sale at Cabela's and another online retailer for $250 with free shipping. I called Gander Mt to price match and place my order. They first verified it being the identical item and the price then told me they could not price match. I spoke with a supervisor who told me the same thing and told me the best he could do is take $20 off. What good are $200 worth of credit if you are paying $130 plus tax more for the identical item. I sent letters to both the corporate office and sales office 3 weeks ago with printouts of both ads for comparison. No reply. I have no choice other than buying the GPS and basically losing $130 of my credit or buy other items. Either way, once I make my purchase I will close my account and never shop there again.

5 years ago

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Justin Elms Columbia, MO

My sister wanted to buy a Rem 30.06. We both grew up on a farm where we were taught to shoot all sorts of weapons and how to hunt. I own a .223 and 1911 45acp as my side arm, my wife whom is 120lbs owns a .223 and a 380 for her side arm. Our family is full of gun owners on every side and this was to be my sister's first official hunting rifle. Long story short not only was the rifle 200$ over online retailers, but they wouldn't sell it to her because "They didn't think she was buying it for herself because it is rare for a girl her size to shoot a gun that powerful" and they did not feel comfortable selling her the rifle because when they started harassing her about it her "lip started quivering" so they thought she was lying. She has a clean background, we have both shot 357, 12g with slugs, etc. I find it HIGHLY unprofessional that this dealer refused service because she was a smaller woman buying a good hunting rifle. *WARNING WOMEN* Unless you are 260lbs of burly man sporting camo on a Monday and Cheeto dust in your beard all while smelling of beef jerky and onions, this is not the shop for you. Go elsewhere.

5 years ago

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Roger White Olympia, WA

Bought a fishing reel online (well, I paid for one). Used PayPal and opted for 2day delivery because I needed the reel for a Saturday fishing trip. Two days later I received an email saying the item was back-ordered. I’ve responded to the message and requested a full refund. You guessed it! Haven’t heard anything fishing refund. Ordered the same reel on Midway, paid for next day shipping because Gander Outdoor dropped the ball and will be fishing with my new reel this weekend despite these bozo’s inability to complete an order. Beware.

1 year ago

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Al Anderson Atlanta, GA

The people in the warehouse must be lackadaisical millenials who don't care about their customers. I placed an urgent order and paid extra for overnight shipping to have the package delivered before the weekend. It took them over 24 hours to process the order and get it on FedEx. Because of this, I won't get it until the following Monday. Thanks for ruining my hunting trip, Gander Mountain! P.S.-I have spent lots of money with you in the past. Those days are over...

5 years ago

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Ryan fox Detroit, MI

Purchase a firearm from Gander Mountain within three months it was being repaired three times. I spent the extra money and purchase the extended warranty. I have not seen the gun in over three months and they're saying it's going to be at least another two months minimum before they get the parts to repair. Bushmaster offered me the money back for the gun but Gander Mountain refuses to pay me for the warrantee and the extra stuff They had put on the gun before I purchased it with the warranty.

6 years ago

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Friend bought a Glock 21 on Jan. 21st. Gander price was 749.00, local dealer was 586.00. Gander priced matched and sold him the Glock for 586.00. Went in tonight to do the same but was told policy has changed and they cannot do that. Only thing Gander has is a wide selection for you to look and decide what you would like to order online from a cheaper place. I will never go into a gander mountain store again. Way over priced.

6 years ago

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Hari Tadepalli OR

Very slow shipping. Company promises free shipping, but uses the slowest shipping out there. As per the tracking, my item was sitting in Texas for a week without moving. After arriving at the destination city, it will still sit for 2 more days before being delivered.

5 years ago

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Jesse Rice Biloxi, MS

Gander Outdoors has completely gone down hill. It has been a couple years but I use to buy all my waterfowl loads form them. Know they've become over priced.

2 years ago