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LAST UPDATED: February 15th, 2020

Discount Guns and Ammo is a retailer that has been in business for the past two decades. They have managed to accumulate a fair selection of firearms, including various specialized types like black powder, left-handed, and youth firearms. Though their selection is on par with industry trends, they are infamous for higher prices, as well as a return policy, which leaves much to be desired.


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The Good

  • Good Firearms Selection
  • Great Ammo Selection
  • Interactive Platform

Good Firearms Selection

Though they may not stock all the brands that other retailers do, their selection of firearm types is impressive. Their black powder firearms are clearly categorized and certainly help their selection stand out among others. They have a few left-handed firearms, as well as at least one youth rifle in stock. Their California Compliant firearms are also clearly labeled- a huge advantage they have over many other retailers.

Great Ammo Selection

Their ammo selection is broad across the various types of firearms. They also sell blanks and various pieces of reloading equipment. Compared to their firearms, their ammo is fairly priced in general- you can usually find a good deal if you sift among the various brands.

Interactive Platform

Compared to many other gun retailers, Discount Guns and Ammo provides a more interactive platform for their customer service. They are heavily connected to social media and have a quick-response email system in place. This makes dealing with any defects and purchasing issues much more simple and is something that most other ammo and firearm retailers don't put much importance in.



The Bad

  • Higher Prices
  • Strict Return Policy
  • No Automatic Weapons or Assault Rifles

Higher Prices

One major downside that comes from shopping with Discount is their higher prices. The cost of their firearms is routinely steeper than those offered by their competitors. They do hold sales specials occasionally on certain firearms, but even those reduced prices can't compete with the wholesale prices provided by other retailers.

Strict Return Policy

Discount Guns and Ammo has a rather strict return policy that, unless you're really careful, could end up costing you more than its worth to act on a warranty. Their restocking fees usually cost you about 25 percent of the original price, and they'll tack on an additional 15 percent if you've opened the box. Your choice is then between losing up to 40 percent on your original investment or getting a slightly higher refund in the form of in-store credit. Their policy isn't very forgiving and certainly isn't convenient for the consumer.

No Automatic Weapons or Assault Rifles

Their selection of firearms also excludes any automatic weapons or assault rifles. This prevents them from being a true "go-to" retailer for many firearm collectors. Though many of their accessories are compatible with assault rifle models, you'll have to find another vendor for the firearm itself.



The Bottom Line

The name "discount" in the title is rather misleading for what this retailer is able to offer. Prices are generally higher, and the potential money lost through their harsh return policies makes their firearm purchases all the more expensive. That said, their customer support is more accessible than through other brands, and they carry many traditional types of firearms that other retailers might not. If they have a sale going on, you might just squeeze a proper "discount" out of that special gun; however, budget-conscious customers should be aware of Discount Guns and Ammo's high prices and high restocking fees.

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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

Discount Guns and Ammo is a great source for super discounted ammo. They have a lot of name brands but also carry many generics that work just as well as the more expensive stuff. They offer variety of ammo options too, from large quantities, different casings, and grain counts. I have always been impressed with the product available there.

2 years ago