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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Bulk Ammo sells exactly what the company name implies-bulk ammo. They have an inventory management system that helps ensure that their products get shipped to customers in a timely manner. Bulk Ammo claims to have experienced staff members who develop software to keep their prices low and their inventory up to date.

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The Good

  • Wholesale Prices
  • Straightforward Ammunition Categorization 
  • Impressive Shipping Reputation

Wholesale Prices

Because Bulk Ammo sells their ammunition wholesale, it keeps the prices low for customers. Wholesale orders help customers save on shipping and on the ammunition itself. Buying in bulk is a particular benefit for customers who purchase ammunition frequently or have a need for a large amount. Wholesale ammunition is not the specialty of all firearm and ammunition distributors, but it definitely is for Bulk Ammo.

Straightforward Ammunition Categorization 

The types of ammunition that Bulk Ammo sells are clearly categorized on their website. This allows customers to quickly choose which kind of ammunition they are looking for. They also have a lot of subcategories like the material the ammunition is made out of, the manufacturer, projectile type, weight, caliber type, etc. The subcategories make it simple for customers to quickly narrow down the options to find exactly the kind of ammunition they are searching for.

Impressive Shipping Reputation

While Bulk Ammo doesn't always ship their products on the same day that they are ordered, they are pretty quick at shipping products in a reasonable amount of time. Shipping tends to be a big issue in the online firearm industry; therefore, Bulk Ammo exceeds the industry standards.


The Bad

  • Lack of Business Info
  • Bulk-Only Options
  • Strict Return Policy

Lack of Business Info

Bulk Ammo doesn't provide any information pertaining to how long they have been in business. This often informs a customer's decision to purchase from a specific company so it is a fault to not provide this information.

Bulk-Only Options

While buying in bulk can be a good thing, it isn't always the best fit for every customer. Bulk Ammo doesn't provide the option to customers to buy in anything except for wholesale. For the customer who wants just a smaller amount of ammo, Bulk Ammo is not the best place to shop.

Strict Return Policy

Bulk Ammo doesn't take returns on any product unless it is defective or damaged; and, returns have to occur within 30 days of the order date. If a customer decides that a product isn't right for them, they have no way of getting a refund or an exchange. This policy also makes it difficult for customers to return products if Bulk Ammo shipped them the wrong product. A return policy like Bulk Ammo's sets them apart, but not in a good way.


The Bottom Line

Bulk Ammo has low prices and generally quick shipping. It suits regular customers who are looking to purchase specific ammunition in bulk, which ultimately saves the customer money on shipping. Bulk isn't always the best for every customer, so Bulk Ammo definitely tailors to a specific customer audience. The Internet does not yield much information about the actual company, Bulk Ammo.

Whether a company has any real experience in the industry or not usually affects the consumer's decision. In Bulk Ammo's case-the information just isn't there. The quick shipping that Bulk Ammo provides is the biggest and best quality of this company. Shipping is often the downfall of companies in the online firearm industry, but for Bulk Ammo, it is their strength. Their return policy is standard, but it doesn't provide customers much time to get their money back if their product is defective.

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Larry Saint Joseph, MO

Shipped me the wrong item. I ordered a 1000 round case packed in 20 round boxes and was sent a 1000 rounds loose. Called them to complain about the error and they basically said I had to have selected the wrong item. The bulk pack was under 300 dollars and I paid well above that in order to get it packed in 20 round boxes. It doesn’t look like they are going to fix this situation and they admit they sold out of the 1000 round cases that are packed in 20 round boxes. My thought is they just went ahead and shipped the cheaper product instead

3 years ago

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Way overpriced, bought some .22lr that was 120% more than where I found the exact same product at a local store a few days later. Its my own fault but I feel duped.

5 years ago