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LAST UPDATED: August 13th, 2021

Bud's Gun Shop has been around since 2003 and has been a leader in online firearm sales since 2008. Located in Kentucky, the company sells a variety of firearms, ammo, firearm parts and accessories, gun safes, sights, and optics, etc.

Bud's Gun Shop prices its products based on a live download from manufacturers and distributors and their replacement costs.

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The Good

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Warranties
  • Variety of Products

Affordable Pricing

While Bud's Gun Shop has a retail store in Kentucky, they succeed mainly in their online firearm sales. They do this in several ways, the main one being the pricing they provide. It is updated every twenty minutes and compared to the manufacturer's pricing.

Customers who visit the online store can then be assured that the price they are being quoted is a fair price as well as easily compare the given price to manufacturers and other vendors they are considering.


From the beginning of a transaction, until the order is received, Bud's Gun Shop has warranties and policies in place that ensure their customers are getting the best product at the best price.

One such policy is their Supplemental Lifetime Gun Warranty, which ensures that guns purchased under this warranty will be repaired, replaced, or refunded at no charge under specified conditions.

Variety of Products

Bud's Gun Shop provides a wide variety of products for customers to choose from.

According to industry standards, they offer a full selection of ammo, full selection of firearms, AR parts and accessories, cleaning supplies, sights and optics, gun safe options, and more.


The Bad

  • Price Fluctuations
  • Company Contact Information Issues
  • Cancellation or Change Fee

Price Fluctuations

One of Bud's Gun Shop's greatest strengths is also one of their greatest downfalls.

The pricing that the online store provides is updated every twenty minutes. This can be very good for customers when the prices decrease on a product they are interested in; however, at times, the pricing fluctuations frustrate customers when they end up being charged a price that is greater than the original price they saw or greater than a price they see on the same product a few days later.

Company Contact Information Issues

he store contact information is difficult to locate on the company's website. The customer service phone number is easy to find, but the physical location, owner information, email address, etc., are close to impossible to find without searching other websites.

Cancellation or Change Fee

Bud's Gun's Shop has a 10 percent cancellation and/or change fee.

If a customer places an order but decides after that they want to change the product they ordered or cancel their order, they have to pay 10 percent of the item they originally wanted to purchase. This business practice makes sense for the business, but it is not very customer friendly.


The Bottom Line

When it comes to online firearm purchases, Bud's Gun Shop is a great place to go. It has an excellent track record in customer service and satisfaction. This satisfaction most likely comes from variety and price-quality.

With a wide selection of products and brands to choose from, almost every customer need can be met. Customers can be assured that they are getting the right price for a given product because of the pricing system that Bud's Gun Shop uses.

While Bud's Gun Shop has a great track record, it doesn't mean they are perfect.

Their pricing system is smart and efficient, but it is also frustrating to a customer who pays more for an item than the next customer, just because they purchased it twenty minutes earlier.

Customers may also be frustrated by the extra 10 percent that they will pay if they decide to change their mind about their purchase. But for the customer who is willing to bite the bullet and pay the 10 percent if they change their mind, Bud's Gun Shop is close to perfect.

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paul desvignes Atlanta, GA

I've been a diehard client of Buds Guns/Egunner for several years. Back when you could speak with customer service reps who served with pride, the company was awesome. Unfortunately, Buds success quite possibly is the reason why they lost interest in being customer service focused. THEY ASSUMED WE THE PEOPLE WILL TOLERATE UNRELIABLE PROTOCOLS AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. PRIOR TO THE PANDEMIC THE QUALITY OF BUDS GUNS HAS NOSE DIVED. IF YOU WANT A PLEASENT BUYING EXPERIENCE AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH BUD'S TO SAVE YOUR CONSUMER SANITY, BECAUSE BUDS DONT CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!

2 months ago

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Michael P. Darcy Lehighton, PA

I am a retired Chief of Police & US Army weapons expert & Range Safety Officer! I almost didn't buy my Springfield Arms 1911 RO Elite from Buds due to the negative reviews. When I looked into the bad reviews the complaints were from customers who knew nothing about firearms sales, or nothing about the firearm they wanted to purchase and the Federal laws controlling. Do your home work! Give them a call to find out your answers. Don't buy a firearm unless you are absolutely certain it is what you want/need. Once you take transfer at your FFL it is yours -- Buds can do nothing about it. There is no refunds on firearms or ammunition from any US Gun dealer! Period! Do your homework. I was so impressed with Buds that I not only got my 1911 at a fair price when every other guy dealer was out of stock! But I got a discounted Galco leather holster to fit it. I even became at Buds Team Member for $29.95. A bargain at the price, since I saved hundreds and tons of hours of wasted time at other gun dealers! .My 1911 is being shipped and my Galco holster (for that model)will ship directly to my home! Buds stall were friendly, extremely helpful & professional! As a result I placed a future order on a unavailable S&W SS revolver I couldn't find anywhere else USA wide. Buds Gun Shop is now my only firearms dealer for life!

1 year ago

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BudsGunner Carlisle, PA

I have purchased 4 firearms as well as various ammo and accessories. I personally have had nothing but positive experience with each order. Pricing always cheaper than my local Arms dealer, items always arrived in condition described in the product details. Fast shipping every time even during this #Plandemic

1 year ago

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Michael McCloy Lenoir, NC

I have bought several firearms from Bud's ( rifles, shotguns and handguns ) and I have never had any problems with them. Everything always arrived in excellent condition and within a reasonable number of days. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

4 years ago

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G Michaud Slidell, LA

one of the best for service, I have tried due to your recommendations, Not the best on price but excellent shipping and very fast service with a decent variety. please work on the site as its a bit difficult to track down what I wanted . As for fast shipping ...excellent,product was well packaged and arrived in quick time. Like this company just need to make it a little easier to find the product.

5 years ago

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Donald Larson Tampa, FL

They handled a minor problem with a major manufacturer in just minutes. I called Buds after a number of frustrated calls to this famous manufacturer and finding them unwilling to acknowledge that something might be missing or wrong with a brand new gun I bought through Buds. I think you can expect first class service from Buds.

5 years ago

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Jim Melbourne, FL

Just bought a Henry AR 7 survival rifle. Checkout and Delivery was fast, problem is I had a missing part which prevented assembly. The fix is easy and Henry is taking care of it, I set up a chat just to let Buds know, you would an I'm sorry or we apologize would follow even a coupon off my next order. Got nothing but you should have looked closer and refuse delivery. Nice customer service.

1 year ago

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WestCoast Michael Newberg, OR

Changed my review on their website. I was not thrilled with a product I purchased and gave it 2 stars and honest feedback. I emailed them about it, and they responded with a condescending reply and shut my account down. This, despite spending well over $20k there. Despicable, deceitful behavior.

6 months ago

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Matt Barnes Beaufort, SC

I attempted to purchase a rifle on Buds Gun Shop but couldn't because my preferred FFL dealers certificate had expired. I had a new certificate sent over - took about 3 days. I went back to my cart to purchase the rifle and the website now said I had to join budsgunshop club to make a purchase. That wasn't a requirement 3 days earlier! Bush League Bud! I'll take my business elsewhere.

10 months ago

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David Phillips Phenix City, AL

Buyer beware. Buds charges you for a weapon even if it is missing or stolen In shipping and prior to being received by the FFL. Almost impossible to contact Buds and there are no listed phone numbers, only a long wait for chat. They told me take it up with FEDEX. I replied I paid for Buds shipping insurance. They seemed surprised and stated I was fortunate that I did so. Still it would be a couple weeks while they did an investigation to see if they would either reimburse me or send another rifle. I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks and still no word. Worst company I have ever done business with. I absolutely warn anyone that this is not a company you want to buy from unless you really enjoy gambling with your money. Those who disagree, just try calling Buds with any question. See, no phone numbers for the company. Terrible customer service. The reason they can sell at such low prices is because they never deliver the product in some cases, and yet keep the money, as in my case. Still waiting Buds. I’m not going away. I paid for your BS shipping insurance and still have no rifle, no refund.

1 year ago

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Thomas marshall Uniontown, OH

I had filed a complaint with the bbb wish I could take it back ,it was my mistake ,I misunderstood what I read .in my opinion their a good company to deal with.

1 year ago

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Tony R Middleburg, FL

A few weeks ago I ordered a firearm from buds gun shop. The firearm that I received was not the firearm as it was advertised. Once I inspected the firearm and realized that it wasn't what I had ordered I had it returned and called Bud's gun shop to advise them as to why I was having it returned. When I spoke to customer service and advised them as to why I had not taken receipt of the firearm they advised me that they would remedy the problem and that once they received the firearm they would exchange it and send me what I had ordered. A few days later I received an email from Bud's gun shop asking me to call them that there was a problem with my order. When I called I was told that I had received what I had ordered, I advised them that when I ordered the firearm according to their own advertisement it was to come with three 15-round magazines and night sights and that what I received was two 10 round magazines one 15 round magazine and no night sights. They advised me that there was an error in their advertisement and that it should have stated that the firearm came with two 10-round magazines and one 15 round magazine. When I asked about the night sights I was advised that if I wanted night sights on that firearm as they had advertised that I would have to pay an additional $200. I informed them that what I wanted was what I ordered for the price that I was told it would cost me, I had no problem with the magazine's the two 10 rounds and the one 15 round, I could have accepted that. That wasn't an issue but to tell me that I had to pay an extra $200 to have that firearm with the night sights that they stated it would come with I thought that was outrageous. Their response was that they could have charged me for the return of the firearm and they didn't, and that my only recourse was for them to refund the money that I had paid instead of providing me with the firearm as it was advertised at the price it was advertised for. I feel that Bud's gun shop is guilty of bait-and-switch and false advertising. The fact that they attempted to play it off as though it was somehow my fault that their advertisement was wrong and misleading have made me feel that I needed to write this review of their organization. Ordinarily I would not have gone to these lengths to write this review, but I felt that they're misleading advertising, false statements and their attempts to blame the customer for any and all the above should not go unreported. So to all potential customers of buds gun shop be aware, they continue to do bait and switch and false advertisement and will not take any responsibility for their actions. As they say buyer beware.

2 years ago

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Satchmoeddie Phoenix, AZ

Worst scumbags ever! Bud's Gun Shop has over 140 complaints with the Better Business Bureau over the past 3 years. Bud's averages one formal complaint every other week! In comparison Impact Guns has had 4 complaints, in 3 years. Bud's advertises 100s of products they sold out of YEARS AGO! They routinely overcharge, change prices, sell damaged or used merchandise, and do not care one iota about their hyper-sleazy business practices. Bud's routinely salts reviewing forums with fake reviews. Very popular guns are never shipped but are sold on penny auctions where a 1 cent bid costs on average about 75 cents, so Bud's can sell a $600 for $5000, and the people who bid and do not win lose the money they spent bidding.

2 years ago

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Fvck BudsGunShop Albuquerque, NM

Decent prices. Sometimes they have things others don't have in stock...but I will NEVER buy from them again. Customer service is sub-par. They do not communicate delays. 1 month or more for both orders. Then they ship to the wrong one. When you ask for resolution, they say, "nope" we don't recall orders that are mis-shipped. They charge 10% for their mistakes. These guys SUCK. Their customer service sucks worse. If they sold vacuum cleaners, they'd probably BLOW.

1 year ago

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Mike Monacel Imlay City, MI

Where the heck is the semi-autos? I get your e-mail and I appreciate that BUT you have nothing to buy and its been awhile. Why are your AR's and AK's not available?

1 year ago

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Larry Browning ,

They are slow and do not respond to the customer. This has been a horrible experience for me and I will not return. Beware

10 months ago

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