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LAST UPDATED: July 15th, 2021

Brownells is a large retailer for ammo and gun accessories. This company has been family owned for nearly a century and has been integrated in more recent days as one of the more prominent online retailers. Their impressive selection of parts and ammunition is difficult to find elsewhere, even in-store at other major competing retailers.

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The Good

  • Broad Selection of Products
  • Time in Business
  • Great Return Policy

Broad Selection of Products

The selection afforded via Brownell's online store is extremely broad. Though they don't sell firearms, they have nearly every type of ammo available for purchase and plenty of handy accessories, reloading equipment, and other sought-after tools. They also carry these items from plenty of competing brands and range between all manner of price levels. Their online search tool makes it easy to sift through all the many options and narrow their vast selection down to exactly what you're looking for.

Time in Business

The fact that the company has been around for so long adds to its credibility and trustworthiness as an accessory and ammo dealer. They have longstanding connections with major brands and have had time to evolve with changing laws, cultural norms, and standards.

Great Return Policy

Brownell's also offers a very attractive return policy. They provide a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and accessories with no restocking fees charged. All items are also subject to a lifetime return policy- a deal you'd be hard-pressed to find offered by other gun and ammo retailers.



The Bad

  • No Price Matching
  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Many Out-of-Stock Items

No Price Matching

Though many of their ammo boxes and accessories are decently priced, Brownell's does not offer any sort of price matching or flexibility when it comes to product pricing. This kind of stubbornness is typical from such longstanding companies, and certainly can detract from the overall purchasing experience. It can also be difficult to get leeway on guaranteed returns - even acting on one's Brownell's warranty has been known to be overly troublesome through customer support channels.

Lack of Customer Support

Overall, the company does not offer much in the way of support. They list a toll-free number for complaints and concerns at all hours, but reaching staff has been known to be difficult. The customer service agents themselves do not excel in the way of overreaching helpfulness. Acting on the warranty aside, even small tasks as checking on the availability of a product can be difficult. There is no form of email or chat support to serve as an alternate avenue, either.

Many Out-of-Stock Items

There are consistently many out-of-stock items in their online store. This is in part because they have so many products to list and maintain, but it mainly comes down to poor management of data. This makes it complicated to find what you're looking for at times, and equally tricky to discern what's available and what isn't. Pair this with occasionally faulty filters and you have a potentially frustrating shopping experience through Brownell's.



The Bottom Line

Not many other retailers can compete with Brownell's experience and selection. If you're having trouble locating a specific type of ammo, accessory, or tool, you can most likely trust that Brownell's has it and will deliver it with the best returns policy available. However, as far as customer support goes, they certainly aren't the most hassle-free option out there. Prepare to struggle your way through any technical problems you may face with your purchases.

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Biker Sir Houston, TX

Don't believe the edited reviews on Bizrate or other sites where Brownells has edited reviews or paid for good ones. Both of my Brownells experiences were far from satisfying. In the latest case I needed an item shipped by 2-day air so as to avoid delivery while out of town the following week. The web site kept flipping the order back to 7-day default, no matter how many times I reset the choice to 2-day air. It finally displayed my choice correctly, along with the extra charge. I clicked on "Submit" and next thing that came up was a confirmation showing 7-day delivery again! I called and tried to get it changed, but the company was "unable" to upgrade the shipping. The item was shipped anyway, was delivered while I was out of town, and apparently stolen during that time. Now I am trying to process a chargeback on my credit card. Beware. The web site is unreliable and will CHANGE your order after you hit the "Submit" button.

3 months ago

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Rich Estrada Murrieta, CA

I have been a dedicated customer of Brownells for the past 23 years and spent a lot money with this company. In the past, I was extremely happy with the quality of their parts and outstanding customer service. But, within the last 2 years, I noticed that Brownells prices were much higher than their competitors. As an EDGE Member, I do not see the same discounts as the previous years, which has caused me to shop elsewhere for firearm parts, ammo, and tool needs. I hear the same story from numerous other friends, firearms enthusiast, and gunsmiths. Hopefully, Brownells will change their market strategy soon or lose customers.

10 months ago

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Al G Montgomery, TX

Five star in every aspect of the transaction. Will buy from them again. Many thanks

3 months ago

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Fred Frontino Mesa, AZ

I've been buying parts from Brownells for 25 years. I love their service and the great parts selection they have.

6 months ago

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Chris V ,

I ordered $38 in items. They never arrived. Tracking history shows that they are stuck at the FedEx hub for day. No delivery date given I called Brownells customer service absolutely REFUSES to give a refund No matter what I had to write a formal dispute with my credit card company. I will never oder from them again

8 months ago

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Tomasz Korasadowicz The Bronx, NY

STAY AWAY! they have horrible shipping methods and service if anything goes wrong its all your fault, doesn't matter what may have happened. Use a credit card so you can dispute charges if you want to roll the dice. You have been warned they use to be good not anymore.

8 months ago

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Ken Burdick Hillsdale, NY

Ordered 2 items at $48 total and the items were damaged in shipment by FEDEX. I sent in the photos as requested. Customer service explained that company policy is to wait for the claims process (30 days) unless shipping protection was purchased. FEDEX automatically covers $100, so why would a customer pay for protection if the package is less than $100? They chose the shipper, not me. This policy is unethical at best and displays horrendously poor customer service. A good company would issue an RMA and ship out new product. I’ll never purchase from Brownell’s again.

11 months ago

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Mikael Lewis Colorado Springs, CO

You guys use to be very good place to buy anything gun related last year I purchased a rifle from you you guys I paid full price you guys then placed the rifle on sale I contacted your office you guys did not even bother to call back, I just called this morning for and order that I paced over the weekend left a call back number one of you representatives called back playing stupid that could not hear me, I never have issues with this phone I have been on the phone all morning, your customer services is horrible I will not spend another penny with you guys I remind you there are a lot of other retailers out there selling the same for better price and excellent customer service

1 year ago

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San Jacksonville, FL

Don’t believe any of the good about this business and pretty much all of the bad. Brownells has a wide CATALOGUE selection, but virtually nothing in stock. Their advertised “sales” are virtually out of stock with the exception of a few out of date or least popular items. Their product descriptions are rarely accurate (.355 bullet product declined as .356 or vice versa) and you can’t be sure of what you will get. Supposed free shipping, then getting charged anyway for shipping. Length of time between ordering a product an “in stock” item and it actually being shipped anywhere from four days to weeks (and I don’t include the actual shipping time in that figure). In short, buyer be ware.

2 years ago

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Bucke56 Iuka, IL

I ordered a Forester Bump Die Kit, which in the past has contained 3 bushings. It clearly states on Brownells site that the order number is a KIT and the picture clearly shows that it has 3 bushings. It arrived with the die and NO bushings. So I called Brownells CS, after a 30 plus minute wait, I got a live person that stated they could not help me and passed me along to another CS person. She clearly did not want to deal with the problem and offered to let me speak with a supposed supervisor. Again on hold for quite some time and person finally came on the line. It was clear from the beginning she did not care and was trained to "stonewall" and put the blame on the customer and the vendor. She literally throw Forester Die company under the bus. She stated that they had changed and was no longer including the 3 bushings. I quickly pointed out that Brownells still sells the kits with 3 bushings. She ask for a part number to prove it...oh my...I gave it to her and she was totally surprised and did not know how to respond. She finally said I should have read the entire product description and the last sentence states that bushings are sold separate. REALLY who reads entire product descriptions. Her pert unprofessional attitude is just another example of how Brownells has slipped away from quality customer service to a "WE JUST DON'T CARE" company. In the end, she stated the whole fiasco was my fault, Forester was at fault and she would send a return label if that would help out. WOW In the end, I turned around and called Forester, let them know that Brownells had "thrown them under the bus" and explained the entire situation. Their CS rep was very understanding and took care of the situation in a very polite and professional manner. Thank You Forester Products and Brownells has lost a life long customer forever.

2 years ago

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Joseph Stewart Missoula, MT

My repeated and consistent experience with Brownells is NOT particularly good. I ordered a single item from them recently, and after 3-days, I still hadn't received a notice of shipment. So I phoned to ask. I was told that it had not yet shipped, that they couldn't tell me specifically when it might or would ship, and that they couldn't cancel the order because "it was too far along in processing". Say what? When and if it ever does ship, it will be returned at THEIR expense, not mine. My suggestion? Be smart and shop elsewhere.

1 year ago

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chuck Houston, TX

They don't even deserve 1 star They don't even deserve 1 star. Ordered on a Thursday. Although they were perfectly able to send me (1) an email confirmation (2) a pdf invoice AND (3) take my money in less than 24 hours, the STILL DID NOT SHIP until the following Monday. Then their rude customer service tells me I could have picked a faster (and more expensive) shipping option.

1 year ago

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David Macon ,

Horrible service and absolute worse customer service. These people have no clue how to do business in the modern era and wait well over a week before letting you know they have yo cancel an order

1 year ago

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I am from canada i ordered the sight pro tool from them it took them two days to ship it out witch is fine payed the exchange rate witch was fine payed over $30.00 shiping fees for delivery by this time i'm at $477.00 i finally recived the package at the post office two weeks after ordering it and it cost me an other $65.00 for customs none of this was told to to me or displayed on there site, so it cost me $542.00 for a tool that they sell for $269.99 make a lot of sense they should let people know about all these other charges but instead they just tell you oh its got nothing to do with us .

2 years ago

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