28 Gifts to Give Your Favorite Hunter This Fall Season

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Hunting often takes a significant amount of preparation, skill, patience, and time. All of the effort that goes into hunting may not seem worth it to some, but to others, it’s everything, especially during the fall months.

If you know someone who is an avid hunter, you’ll likely see them getting amped up for the upcoming fall hunting season. After all, fall hunting season is a time where hunters gather together, have the chance to go after a wide variety of game, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and surrounding nature.

Do you know someone who is gearing up for an upcoming hunt? If so, consider surprising them with one of these hunting-related gifts that they can use throughout this fall hunting season:

Cooking and food

Product: Custom Cookbook

Description: “This book hosts a collection of recipes from other hunters. The hunt is only the first part of the process. After the hunters kill, they need to know how to make the best meals with their meat. This lets farmers share their recipes, pass down family recipes, and share stories and photos from their hunts.”

Honey and Hive

Price: Starts at $120

Available at honeyandhivecreations.com


Product: The Meat Eater Fish and Game Cookbook by Steven Rinella

Description: “This cookbook by Steven Rinella from the Meat Eater TV show and podcast is designed for every hunter and angler and contains more than 100 new recipes. I’ve given this book to seasoned and brand new hunters. It’s a really well put together compendium of recipes that will educate and encourage any hunter or angler to use the whole animal. There are plenty of pictures along with the recipes, making them harder to botch, which I certainly appreciate, as do my dinner guests.”

— Chase Kroll

Price: $35

Available on the Meat Eater website


Product: The Hunter’s Cookbook

Description: “The Hunter's Cookbook is the ultimate gift for the special hunter in your life. There is a good chance they are particular about their equipment so a cookbook is not only a unique gift, it is one that is more likely to be used and appreciated. The best part is that this gift ensures that the pleasure of the hunt extends far past the wilderness and enters the home for an experience the whole family can enjoy. The top-selling cookbook features a wide array of recipes for a large variety of wild game and even includes complementary side dishes and desserts. As an added bonus, the Hunter's Cookbook also has a great selection of wildlife line drawings, cooking tips, and hunting quotes.”

Sam Maizlech, Gunivore

Available on Amazon


Product: Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Description: “This is great for hunting because it's lightweight, easy to pack, and loaded with 120g of caffeine. Just add water (hot or cold) and you've got a great tasting premium cup of coffee without the mess and cleanup.”

Alpine Start

Price: $8.99 per box

Available on the Alpine Start website

Two men hunting

Accessories and apparel

Product: Szanto Icon Signature Series: Shane Dorian watch

Description: “The Szanto ICON Signature Series features a collection of watches tied to famous individuals who have made their mark in a variety of fields. Shane Dorian is a well-known surfer from Hawaii but is also commonly known for his passion for hunting, as he is an avid bowhunter. Conceptualized by watch industry veteran Barry Cohen along with big wave surfer Shane Dorian, the new brand features Swiss superluminova lume on the hands and dial numbers that result in a long-lasting glow for reading time in the dark. The series is strategically designed to have colors blend well with camouflaged gear commonly worn by all hunters. The watches are tough, rugged, dependable, water-resistant timepieces equipped with excellent illumination technology which aids night visibility.”

Time Concepts

Price: Between $250–$275

Available on the timeconcepts.net website


Product: Spartan Armor System Flex fused core

Description: “This soft armor can be used stand-alone, giving level IIIA protection or ICW (in conjunction with) as a backer on any of hard armor systems. This would be the perfect gift for hunters this fall because of its durability and its ability to give the hunter extra protection as they go out this season.”

Spartan Armor Systems

Price: $261.45

Available on the Spartan Armor Systems website


Product: Ashes to Ashes hat

Description: “A hat is a must-have accessory for hunting and being out in the wilderness. Abby's hats are comfortable, breathable trucker hats that are adjustable. They keep the sun out of your eyes and shield your face from trees and branches.”

Art 4 All

Price: $29.95

Available on the Art 4 All website


Product: Hook + Gaff Field Watch

Description: “From hunting to fly fishing, and everywhere in between, the new Field watch was designed for the avid outdoorsman. Built with functional comfort for guys and girls who like to get out and enjoy the outdoors, the new Field watch touts all of the necessary features to endure any excursion. To minimize wrist and hand irritation, the Field watch keeps with the signature left-side crown orientation found on all Hook + Gaff watches. Whether you’re casting, climbing, or shooting in the field, this unique crown placement on the left side of the case prevents the watch crown from digging into the wearer’s wrist, offering comfort during all outdoor pursuits.”

Hook + Gaff

Price: $300

Available on the Hook + Gaff website


Product: Woodsman Beard Oil

Description: “Perfect for hunters with facial hair. Beards can help keep hunters warm during hunting season and our Woodsman beard oil, with all-natural ingredients, will keep beards healthy and looking good.”

The Bearded Bastard

Price: $20

Available on The Bearded Bastard website


Product: Handmade Leather EDC Wallet

Description: “This high-quality EDC wallet, made from vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, allows you to keep your small hunting gadgets like your swiss army knife, compass, pocket knife, keys, flashlights, and other handy items, safely together.”

Calen Leather

Price: $35

Available on the Galen Leather website


Product: Mobile Warming Heated Apparel

Description: “Mobile Warming is a line of smart clothing and associated gear for all outdoor activities, but especially hunting. The clothing (jackets, shirts, base layers, gloves) are heated through a specialized app and the Bluetooth capability of your smartphone. The 9v battery is extremely small and unobtrusive. And there’s even a pet vest if you take your dog with you.”

Mobile Warming

Price: Varies per item

Available on the Mobile Warming website


Product: Jack Pyke Lightweight Mesh Suit

Description: “Super lightweight two-piece mesh suit from Jack Pyke is ideal for every hunter who is looking for products enabling him to blend into his surroundings with ease naturally. It comes with a pull-over, smock-style top with an adjustable hood and elasticated waistband and cuffs, and comfortable trousers with two through pockets and adjustable, elasticated waist and ankles. It's available in English Oak camo and English Woodland camo prints offering flawless camouflage in a range of outdoor situations.”

Military 1st

Price: $56.95

Available on the Military 1st website


Product: Stormy Kromer Waxed Cotton Tough Mitts

Description: “These durable water-resistant mitts are made with waxed cotton, goatskin leather, and a sherpa lining, perfect for keeping warm and for use during colder climates, and a great, functional accessory for those who love to hunt.”


Price: $59.99

Available on the Hats.com website


Product: Badlands Diablo Dos Camouflage Hunting Backpack

Description: As stated on the Amazon website, this pack “has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any hunting pack on the market” and comes with hypervent back suspension, water-repellent fabric, and weighs four pounds.

Recommended by Benjamin Smith from BestCompany.com

Available on Amazon

Tech accessories

Product: OnX Maps

Description: “OnX is a suite of layered interactive GPS maps that include public and private land boundaries and ownership information, downloadable to your smartphone. OnX maps are a great gift for a wide variety of hunters because whether you’re chasing mule deer or mallards, you need to know where you stand. OnX helps you stay legal and ethical in all your wild game pursuits. The app is super intuitive. I use it all over the country.”

— Chase Kroll

Price: Annual rates are $29.99 for one state or $99.99 for all 50 states

Available on the OnX maps website


Product: Somewear Satellite Communicator

Description: “Whether it’s a quick text to a partner letting them know your hunt is running long, to request assistance for packing out an animal, or an SOS in case of an injury, Somewear is the most user-friendly, satellite communicator on the market. About the size of a hockey puck (weighs 4 oz.), Somewear pairs with your favorite mobile device to provide fast, reliable two-way text messaging, pinpoint weather forecasting, mapping/tracking, and SOS emergency services, anywhere on the planet. Somewear can send and receive 1,000 text messages on a single charge and it features the most affordable Iridium satellite data plans on the market.”

— Somewear Labs

Price: $349 for the unit, see prices for data plans here

Available on the Somewear Labs website


Product: Motorola Solutions T265 Sportsman Edition Talkabout Two-Way Radios

Description: “The Motorola Talkabout T265 two-way radios are ideal for use when out of cell phone range at the lodge, on the trail, and in the deer stand waiting for the big buck. These are specifically designed for hunters and serious outdoor sports enthusiasts. They feature two push-to-talk earbuds with microphone, reliable two-way communications, up to a 25-mile range, hands-free capability, NOAA weather channels, 20 call tones, and dual power. The T265 also comes equipped with two Micro-USB wall charging cables and a handy camo carry case, making them easy to pack for the next hunting expedition. Two-way radios provide peace-of-mind in the great outdoors by allowing hunters to stay connected and hear important weather alerts when out of cell phone range.”

— Motorola Solutions

Price: $84.99

Available on the Motorola Solutions website


Product: Wosports Hunting Rangefinder

Description: According to the Amazon product description, this rangefinder has a lightweight design, “6x magnification optical objective lens,” and comes with a 12-month customer guarantee.

Recommended by Benjamin Smith from BestCompany.com

Available on Amazon

Cabin on mountain in the fall season

Outdoor relaxation

Product: Rhino-Rack Batwing Compact Awning

Description: “Rapidly deployed by one person, the Batwing Compact offers fast and generous weather protection and shade. The Batwing Compact Awning is perfect to provide shade and protection from the elements while on your hunting adventure.”

— Rhino-Rack

Price: $649.00

Available on the Rhino-Rack website


Product: Patriot Venture Day Cooler

Description: “The Rugged Personal Cooler is perfect for hunting or any outdoor activity. This heavy-duty cooler features an easy-access, quick-flip top, anti-microbial interior, and sealed interior liner designed for ice packs. It keeps food and drinks cold for over 24 hours.”

— Patriot Coolers

Price: $37.99

Available on the Patriot Coolers website


Product: Helinox Chair One Realtree™

Description: “Hunting equipment can get heavy. But with it's innovative and award-winning design, the Chair One won't weigh you down when you're on the move. Smaller than a water bottle, this chair is assured to be your new favorite hunting luxury. Despite its tiny size, this chair is structured with advanced DAC aluminum poles, holding up to 320 lbs.”

— Helinox

Price: $120

Available on the Helinox website


Product: GelPro Elite comfort mat

Description: “GelPro mats are some of the plushest and most comfortable mats on the market, providing relief to legs and backs while standing or kneeling in a blind or at home in the hunting lodge at the end of a long hunting day.”

— GelPro Elite

Price: Start at $119.95 for a 20”x36” mat

Available on the GelPro Elite website

Tools and Cleanup

Product: Geekey Mini Multi-Tool

Description: “Whether it's needing a screwdriver or wrench to adjust a scope or bipod, a serrated or file edge for cutting or whittling, or a bottle opener or pipe for the end of the day, the Geekey has it all — and more. Plus, it weighs less than an ounce and can hang from your key ring or around your neck, which means no more scaring off game by rummaging around.”

— Geekey

Price: $26.99

Available on the Geekey website


Product: PF940c Full Build Kit

Description: “The PF940c Full Build Kit from JSD Supply is a perfect gift for firearm enthusiasts who have everything. The Glock G19 Compatible build kit will keep them busy for hours in the garage, and out of your hair! The kit includes everything they will need to completely build their very own Glock G19 compatible pistol. All they need to complete this build is a couple of tools they've probably already purchased for other projects around the house.”

— JSD Supply

Price: $449.99

Available on the JSD Supply website


Product: Hunting Semi-Folding Knife with Rosewood Handle

Description: “The Semi foldable handle knife is the best companion for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, etc. It comes with a sharp stainless steel blade which opens safely with a little pressure. Wooden plates are installed on each side to make the grip comfortable. The semi-utility is a cool outdoor companion, especially for survival situation that can occur while hunting. It's a great solution for cutting fruits, meat, vegetables, bread, and opening cans. It is also good for self-defense to encounter predators or small insects.”

— Syed Ali Hasan, Film Jackets

Available on Amazon 


Product: Buck Knife Field Master Kit

Description: According to the Amazon website, this kit includes the “141 PakLite Large Skinner, the 135 PakLite Caper, and the 499 PakLite Guthook.” Additionally, the kit comes with an easy-to-clean sheath.

Recommended by Benjamin Smith, BestCompany.com

Available on Amazon


Product: Game Hauler | Cart Dolly for Game, Gear, Hunting Accessories

Description: “Hauls up to 500 pounds while the cart itself is lightweight and easy to move. My dad and I use these all the time if we can get one into where the animal is to make the haul out easier. My dad picked up an entire female deer he had shot one time and carried it down the mountain. His meniscus was unforgiving and had ripped by the time he made it to the bottom.”

Benjamin Smith, BestCompany.com

Available on Amazon


Product: Grease Monkey Wipes

Description: “These individually packaged, pre-moistened wipes are perfect when there's no soap and water around, cleaning off blood, grease, oil, grime, lead residue, and more from hands, metal and more. And, they give off a natural aloe and citrus scent compared to an unnatural chemical odor.”

Grease Monkey

Price: $6.74 for a 12-count package

Available on the Grease Monkey website

The bottom line

These hunting gifts may just help your favorite hunter get a good head start on the upcoming hunting season. The more useful items they can get beforehand, the better off they will be when hunting season comes around. After all, being well-prepared for a hunt can make all the difference. If you are interested in gifting ammunition, firearms, or additional hunting accessories, consider checking out this list of top-rated online gun and ammo stores.

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