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There are many options for gifts and gift baskets, but Hickory Farms has been synonymous with gifts for many years. Hickory Farms began in 1951 when a young and aspiring entrepreneur, Richard Ransom sold high quality and award winning hand cut cheeses at county fairs in Ohio. From there, grew a booming catalog, retail store and online business providing specialty foods for millions. Hickory Farms as a company espouses giving back to the community and has chosen to partner with the Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry program which is dedicated to ending childhood hunger by 2015, giving back to help children in need and fight hunger. The company gives to this foundation as well as takes online pledges from site visitors to end childhood hunger. 

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The Good

  • Large selection
  • Affordable pricing
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Enormous selection
  • Reasonable pricing and something which can meet about any budget
  • Corporate gift program making it easier for businesses buying in bulk
  • Military gift baskets with free shipping to APO/FPO addresses
  • Extensive selection of occasions available
  • Gift cards available to redeem online, by mail, phone or in retail stores
  • Website and customer service representatives which are transparent, making sure that policies and prices are plainly seen and understood
  • Easily searchable E-Catalog
  • Free delivery on gift cards which are redeemable online, by mail, over the phone or in a Hickory Farms retail store
  • On-site specials
  • Flat-rate shipping - one shipping charge per delivery address
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee policy
  • Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry partnership
  • Social Media

The Bad

  • Limited availability
  • Expensive delivery
Our review team was split evenly in that half of them enjoyed receiving gifts from HickoryFarms.com, while the other did not. Even so, we found that there were limitations to the availability of products which were not cheese, sausages, crackers, condiments, fruit and nuts. These types of gifts may not appeal to all people. When looking for multiple occasions, etc., HickoryFarms.com fell short. They are fairly limited in their offerings as far as holiday or occasion themed gift baskets. While our review team liked the flat shipping cost per delivery address, the delivery cost starts at $10.00 for basic service and expedited or overnight shipping are more expensive. This cost, when shared with many items is quite reasonable, but when buying a $20 item, having shipping charges running for half of the cost of the item is a bit excessive.

The Bottom Line

In spite of the limited offerings, our review team recommends HickoryFarms.com for gift giving due to its robust involvement in fighting children's hunger, support of the military, professional and courteous customer service, shipping policies and quality of the gifts. The website is easy to navigate and HickoryFarms.com is transparent - both on the phone while speaking to customer service representatives and by posting information on their website. For those looking for gifts, HickoryFarms.com is a good option.
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20 Reviews

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Michael Sweet Astoria, NY

Ordering online from Hickory Farms has been an absolute nightmare. I ordered 3 cheese balls and 3 summer sausage. They send me 3 blocks of jalapeno cheese. When I call they tell me a “specialist” will need to call me back. No one ever calls me back. I call again, wait on hold forever, again, and then am told that I will get a refund within 72 hours. No refund after 5 days. I call back. The next woman accuses me of having received what I ordered and finally says she will “look into it”. This was 3 days ago. Still no refund and still no cheese balls or sausage. I am very disappointed and will never do business with Hickory Farms again.

7 months ago

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Shelby T jones Burlington, NC

I called to complain about an order I had received in my cheese balls was left off to order I was told by the lady well if you skipped over to the next couple of pages you would have seen that procedure and you would have known that we ship cheese balls Monday through Thursday this is the second order for cheese balls the first order they didn't even send them and I had to call this is three orders I've made with Hickory Farms customer service I'm really upset with the customer service that I received I explained to her that this was a 50th wedding anniversary and it was upset not to have all the order and was not compassion at all customer service sucks she didn't even offer to try to make me feel better about the situation and that bothers me because these are Big Money ticket items what I'd love to happen is that have a supervisor called me my phone number is on file and explain to me and why did this happen like it did

9 months ago

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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

Hickory farms has been a staple for decades for our family. We invent reasons to order through the easy website or just pick up at our local mall. It's always a tasty treat. The only regret is that you want even more after ordering. I consider it a favorite and thats not likely to ever change.

1 year ago

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Neecee R Jacksonville, FL

The food was good, I guess. I sent it as a Christmas gift to the awesome people who work at the group home my son lives in. I ordered by the deadline and was promised delivery on or before 12/24, but that wasn't what I got. It was delivered THREE days later on 12/27. I was so disappointed and felt like a jerk. I sent them a message and they never replied, so I guess they aren't interested in standing behind their product. Boy, times have changed.

1 year ago

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S N Eugene, OR

The first order went off without a hitch, the second order was past a week overdue. They didn't email me to let me know, I had to call them. They cancelled one item off my order and thus stopped the entire order. They stated that they had issued a refund, but over a week later and no refund processed. The remainder of the order was going to now be over 2-weeks late and they wouldn't even expedite the shipping. NEVER order from their site again, and I won't ever buy their products again. Horrible service and customer service. BTW, their phone tree is dumb...they ask for a phone number or customer number, when it cannot find either it just keeps going around and around, I went for a total of 8 times and hung up and just kept hitting -0- to finally talk to someone.

1 year ago

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AS Monroe, WA

I’m always puzzled how businesses like this get away with such poor customer service. I ordered a gift tower for a loved one’s 80th birthday. It never arrived. On the day it was supposed to arrive I was unable to find any tracking information so I called customer service In the morning to find out where it was. The agent was unable to tell me and said she would send a message to the warehouse and call me back. She never called me back. I called later in the afternoon and spoke with another agent who said that she was unable to tell me where the package was and would send another message to the warehouse. She said she would call me back if she was able to get any information. She never called me back. I emailed later in the evening as the package had not arrived (customers service now unavailable). They are out until Monday, birthday was Friday 8/23/19. Huge disappointment and embarrassment that my 80th birthday gift never came.

1 year ago

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rosse Hialeah, FL

Not satisfied at all with this company and there service. I ordered a pretty pricy basket on June 3rd to be delivered on the Friday before Fathers day weekend. First I never received a tracking number, when I called Thursday to find out about the delivery they stated they had no tracking number and would have to contact a different department and call me back, NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK. I called Friday the lady still didn't have a tracking number then she stated she was able to obtain it and delivery was made on Wednesday!!!! I never received an email stating delivery had been done and too top it off it was delivered to the wrong company on Wednesday. If I had not called I would have never found this out. The rep said she would be able to have it delivered once more however, it wouldn't be able to be delivered until Tuesday!!!! FATHERS DAY IS SUNDAY! What was the point of that ! Horrible will never order from this company again and neither should you!

2 years ago

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E.J. Queen Creek, AZ

If I could offer zero stars I would. I ordered a Christmas Gift basket for family a couple of weeks before the holiday. My order confirmation said that the gift would be delivered on or before Dec. 21. It never arrived, I called Jan 2 and it took 2 days for a customer service agent to call back; they confirmed that it had never shipped! I received no notice, email, call or anything indicating that the basket did not ship because of a back-ordered item. Had I know this, I would have chosen something else or gone with a different company. The two reps I spoke with were not even apologetic, there was no offer to try to make it right with me, or even a discount on a future order. I had two choices, they ship when they can, or refund my money. Needless to say, I asked for a refund (5 to 7 business days for that...) For a business that is focused on sending gifts, this was the most awful online ordering experience I have had. Stay away from Hickory Farms.

2 years ago

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J Daniels Carrboro, NC

Very POOR customer service!! I tried to place an online order using a gift card approximately 1 week ago. I got a message that the card “ was not valid” I then phoned Hickory Farms to try and place my order, and was told that my gift card number “was not going through” ( I had received the card for Christmas) and they would have “corporate office” check on card number and Corporate office “ will call you in a couple of days. Ph operator said “ it probably wasn’t scanned right” Never got a call back from corporate office so called back and asked for corporate office ph number. Phone rep said “ we don’t know it” Phone rep said that the card I have can “ only be used at a kiosk and not online” I asked for explanation and was told there are “ 2 different kinds of cards.. a gift card and a gift certificate card”. Huh???? If this is the case, it is NOT SPELLED OUT ON THE WEBSITE that I could see. Nor does anyone tell you that if someone sends you a gift card a few days before Christmas, you better race to the mall kiosk because if you don’t, there will be practically nothing to choose from by Christmas Day. I called Hickory Farms back a third time today. and explained to the phone rep my situation. He said he knew nothing about Hickory Farms selling 2 different kinds of gift cards. He promised to fix my problem by just taking $25.00 off my total. Well of course most of the items that I had selected at the time of my first ph call were not available. My advise: DO NOT do business with this company. I will be calling the corporate office after the holidays to give them feedback. I was able to find the corporate office ph number online despite the ph rep saying he did not have a ph number for customer service.

2 years ago

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Steve Pompano Beach, FL

Ordered 2 products totaling about $160.00. One product arrived and when I called to inquire about the status of the 2nd product, the not very friendly customer service agent told me that all they do is ship it, and I need to follow up with the delivery service.... UPS, USPS, etc. Unbelievable. Lost this customer. Many other companies to chose from.

2 years ago

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Ken in Nashville Nashville, TN

Have been ordering from Hickory Farms for years. The quality's good. The catalogs came with previous orders and addresses. This year I ordered on December 7th - got my confirmation number and thought all was well. No gifts go out. Go to company website and can't find any order. Credit card company reports "Hickory Farms Catalog" charged almost $200 on the date I placed my order. Consumer services contacted and they say they have no record of the order. Ouch. Good stuff but delivery costs high. Still no luck getting products or refund.

2 years ago

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M Bontrager Bartow, FL

I placed an order as a Christmas gift. My confirmation said delivery would be on December 21. It is now December 27 and my brother has yet to receive his present. I have spoke with 3 different people and each gave me a different story. I finally spoke with a supervisor who said the package is 2 hours away and probably has another stop before it is delivered. With the New Years holiday on Tuesday, it will most likely be Wednesday before delivery. That is almost 2 weeks late! Refunding my delivery fee is the best they can do! Never again! They have lost a customer!

2 years ago

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Joanne Straka Tampa, FL

I ordered my gift with guaranteed next day service. It never came. Called them. They said it would go out the next day. It did not go out. Called then again and they said I guarantee it would go out. I didn't. After a month they said oh it is because of the wine. We can't ship it. I was like you could nt tell me that a month ago. It was a gift for my brother and his family. They ended up letting me choose a different gift for the same value and I got it sent to my brother and his family for free. Yes they tried to make up for it, but I will never order from them again

4 years ago

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amycray Bangor, ME

Hickory Farms is overpriced but the product is nice

3 months ago

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Jamie Neider Kaysville, UT

I love Hickory Farms! We regularly purchase gift baskets at the beginning of each Christmas season. We love their meats and cheeses.

1 year ago

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V Straub Goodland, FL

Used to be good - but now shipping is a NIGHTMARE. Using Lasership - last mile solution - which is UBER for shippers. No co-ordination - taking over 10 days to deliver - tracking inaccurate. Not delivered, and Hickory Farms keeps telling me it WAS delivered 8 days ago. Only delivered to their shipper... may NEVER be delivered.

5 years ago

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C Fav

Terrible - we purchased a product and opened the box only to find 3 of the four items were in it. They were unwilling to return. Nothing like stealing money from a customer.

2 years ago

star star star star star_border

Thomas Hullinger Pleasant Grove, UT

Hickory Farms makes me think of the Holidays. They taste great, look great, and are of the highest quality.

2 years ago


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L. Fowler Pleasant Grove, UT

We have given and have been given gift baskets from Hickory Farms. They have quality products that are both tasty and great quality.

3 years ago

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Bob Parkesburg, PA

Cheese is sub -standard and meagerly portioned. Beef sticks are greasy and oily to the point of being inedible. Shop elsewhere.

1 year ago

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