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LAST UPDATED: October 14th, 2021
Harry and David is a company that is over one hundred years old, a family-centered business with origins in the fruit and food gifts sector. The business was founded in 1914. We found that Harry and David also produce much of the fruit that they include in their gift baskets. With over 8,000 employees, we found that Harry and David was one of the largest providers of fruit and gift baskets in the industry. In addition to its web business, there are many regional retailers that provide Harry and David products and gifts. 

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The Good

  • Grow their fruit
  • Free shipping options
  • Great satisfaction guarantee
We liked that Harry and David grow the fruit that they include in their gift baskets. They also have a special emphasis in being a green business. Over 90 acres of their pear growing operations are Royal Riviera certified pear orchards. We also like the fact that many of their gift baskets have free shipping options. Another exciting aspect of Harry and David's product and services is their "strongest guarantee in the industry." Harry and David guarantees that gift recipients will be delighted or the appropriate refund or substitution will be made. Sometimes, weather factors may make it necessary for a substitute to be made, and Harry and David provide a fruit-growing calendar to help customers make the best gift basket selection. We also liked the fact that Harry and David was one of the companies reviewed that lets customers make payments via PayPal.

The Bad

  • Not customizable
  • Wine shipments may have issues
We found that Harry and David had some great products and services, but they all include food options. There are also not a lot of options for customizing a gift for a person. Even though there are flower and bouquets available, customers cannot other gifts. Also, we found that, depending upon the region; it may be difficult to ship wine and spirits due to liquor laws.

The Bottom Line

We would recommend Harry and David for food and flower gifts. We found that their customer satisfaction was formidable and that there were a lot of options to choose from, including cakes, flowers, wreaths, and other things that are grown on Harry and David's orchards and farms. We do, however, emphasize, that the gift baskets available only include food and items grown by Harry and David.
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47 Reviews

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Rahti Gorfien Brooklyn, NY

A friend lost her roomate in a plane crash and the condolence gift I sent has yet to be delivered. H&D says they have been calling her to get the 'gate code', which she does not have (it was in her roomates phone.) I had to reach out to her to find this out...as she says she received no calls from H&D. I've had to call H&D again, via caller ID as the number provided by H&D (to convey my friends message to leave the package just inside the entrance) was incorrect. The associate I spoke to, reading from a script, apologized for my having to call and as a 'consolation' offered me a discount on something. Socially, a very unintelligent move IMO. As of this writing, my friend has not yet received her gift. Perhaps there is no one to really be angry at here...maybe its just Mercury in Retrograde...except under such tragic circumstances, (which is probably the case with many orders), one would at least hope a condolence gift would go smoothly.

6 days ago

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Eileen Widerman Fernandina Beach, FL

I have been sending Harry and David for years--especially the pears. So I was delighted when my daughter sent me a gift box. It contained one big pear and 3 or 4 smaller ones plus cheese, crackers, apples, and jam. It was beautiful. But, the pears never ripened. The big pear was hard as a rock three weeks later. The little ones got somewhat soft, but were dry and tasteless. I called to complain, since my daughter really splurged. She doesn't have money to waste. Harry and David were very nice and sent me a box containing 7 small pears. The waiting game began again. They are still not ripe, and it's been weeks!! The apple was fine, but I can get lovely apples at the supermarket. Ditto for the cheese. I did like the jam, and I was pleased some of what they sent was organic. I will not be shopping at Harry and David in the future.

2 years ago

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Ragen B. Sandy, UT

Great pears. I've used their pear baskets as gifts for family and friends out of state. (4 purchases so far) I recently received an email for 20% off and decided to send a basket to a sister. The discount totaled $6. Great! But then they doubled my normal shipping cost to recoup that $6. This equates to NO DISCOUNT AT ALL. Such a shame that a company that ships delicious fruits would leave such a bad taste in my mouth. I'll look for a different option to send as gifts from now on. It's too bad that that did this.

2 years ago

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Keith Gaylord Collierville, TN

The pears are great, but this company has the slowest shipping and the worse customer service I have encountered in years. I will never buy from them again.

2 years ago

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