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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019 is a gift basket company headquartered in San Diego. Founded in 2003, it is a part of the Gourmet Foods division of Provide Commerce. In addition to, Provide Commerce also operates several other companies – including: ProFlowers, Red Envelope, Personal Creations, Shari's Berries and ProPlants. offers not only one-time purchases but corporate gifts and monthly baskets - Fruit of the Month, etc. The selection is vast and the customer service for is above average. 

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The Good

  • Vast selection of themes for gift baskets available
  • Corporate gifts available
  • Organic options available
  • Monthly (Fruit of the Month, Cheese of the Month) gift basket options
  • Helpful reminder service so that you won't forget an important occasion as well as exclusive discounts sent to members via email
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee - if you or the basket recipient are not fully satisfied with your purchase or the quality of the items in the basket, will refund or replace the product with No questions asked.
  • Discounts and coupons right on the website
  • 24/7 customer service available via phone or online

The Bad

The products on this website are well-photographed, but the site itself has a cluttered feel. The home page has paragraphs of material about the baskets which could easily be put onto separate pages. The information is good, but there is just too much to get through. Additionally, there are invitations to connect via social media and to visit the blog, but when one does, the information is old and one feels as though these invitations are due to the fact that "everyone else is doing it."
  • Blog (sparsely populated - last post April, 2012)
  • Facebook (Thanksgiving, 2012), Twitter (December, 2012), Linked In, Google+ (November, 2012)
Their customer service claims they handle requests from social media. After reviewing the social media pages, this does not appear to be a robust or reliable way to contact someone for quick help.

The Bottom Line

In the review process for, we find no reason to suggest caution in purchasing from them. Their guarantee is solid and the customer service representatives are professional and friendly. Some discrepancies were reported from customer service regarding's products. This may be due to the fact that the main product that customer service representatives handle is ProFlowers. Our review team was especially impressed with the discounts and coupons published right on their website, making it easy for their customers to shop for gifts and to save money at the same time.
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4 Reviews

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Customer Service? What Customer Service? If there was a zero star location, I would have pressed it! Via Proflowers (associated with you guys) I ordered flowers for my friends big birthday tomorrow in San Diego. Order lodged, okay'ed and paid. I then get an email: Sorry, can't deliver until 3 months later but have a voucher for your trouble. I email back that I would like a replacement floral arrangement, or a cancellation of order asap. No answer from Proflowers. I call them on the helpline, and unbeknowns to me, I am speaking with some useless and hard to understand person called "Ienc" (she reluctantly lets me know) in the Philippines for more than an hour, who then finally tells me, that she can't help me with any kind of delivery for February 2nd 2019. I ask her to transfer me to a supervisor in the States - I'm calling from Australia - and I get to speak to a nice guy called Hector at Cherry Moon Farms in San Diego. After much humming and hahing he then suggests, that we cancel my current order and place a new one. This I'm happy with, and then I'm put on hold again for half an eternity. When he gets back to me, he too is very sorry, because nothing can be delivered for Saturday 2nd Feb (tomorrow). I ask that Proflowers cut the losses, and send some flowers - ANYTHING FOR GOODNESS SAKE - as a same day delivery , to make up for their incredibly lousy service, all my lost time and expensive phone calls. He can't do that, so can I please be put through to some supervisor/boss/god of Proflowers, to lodge a huge complaint? Hector says yes, he can do that, and so I'm put on hold agaiiiiiiiin..........and I'm still waitiiiiiiiiiing! Never in my life have I come across such bad customer service - the "What Service?" I have previously ordered deliveries from Proflowers and was very happy with both products and tracking/email service, but by jove - NEVER EVER AGAIN! Bye, bye Antiflowers! From Hejdi in Australia.

2 years ago

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practical patty Albuquerque, NM

I considered sending Cherry Moon Farms cherries as a gift but did not. I had ordered from them several years ago and the cherries were very good. However, I have learned they are affiliated with Shari's Berries. Cherry Moon, Shari's Berries, and other affiliated companies charge astronomical delivery fees. The delivery charge on my last, and I do mean LAST, Shari's order was called "standard shipping" and it doubled the cost. No wonder the website will not let you see the shipping cost until after you enter your credit card info.

6 years ago

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SSgt D Woodbridge, VA

I received a gift from Cherry Moon Farms and the contents of the crate had molded food items when I requested a replacement I was met with the answer NO. I told them that it was a gift that was bought to my home by a guest. No name and no one person I guess wants to claim giving me the gift since the food was moldly. I wanted to send the gift back as to get a replacement and the rude customer service reps said no just throw it away we will not give you a replacement. Sending the item back gives you proof they still said no. No customer satisfaction here

7 years ago

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Carol Le Seure Champaign, IL

I wrote a long comment on the website or whatever it was, but it would not accept my email address. I don't care if your fruit is food for the gods, you need help with customer service. .Lots of it.

5 years ago