New Google Survey Explains Gift Basket Purchasing Habits


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: November 1st, 2019


Basket outside with chocolate, orange juice, salad, wrap, and marinara released a new survey regarding online gift basket shopping. This is just one of many surveys the TBC team is releasing to better understand consumers. creates new surveys to provide more insights in regards to new vertical launches.

The TBC team believes these surveys, timed with releases of new vertical launches, provide consumers with more information surrounding those topics. It helps get a better idea of what consumers are thinking about certain topics.

The season of gift giving is around the corner, and the TBC team is interested in what kind of gifts people are giving. Gift baskets are a fairly popular holiday gift and this survey questioned how many times people actually purchase a gift basket throughout the year. The TBC team asked, "How many times in a year do you purchase an online gift basket?"

Here are responses with their following percentages:

A. 0-67.2 percent
B. 1-15 percent
C. 2-7.5 percent
D. 3-2.7 percent
E. 4-2.5 percent
F. 5 and above-5.2 percent

The majority of people, 67.2 percent to be exact, do not purchase gift baskets. It was overwhelmingly the majority choice. The next closest response answered one gift basket with 15 percent.

This survey provides valuable information for gift basket companies. The information displaying how often people buy gift baskets can help companies determine where they need to improve. The TBC team thought the percentage would be higher for purchasing gift baskets, but the survey results proved otherwise.

Gift basket companies need to approach this situation as a blank slate. They have the opportunity to better understand their consumers and created ideas to help people purchase gift baskets. Since the majority doesn't purchase baskets at all, there is large window to increase purchasing even by just one basket.

With the holiday season fast approaching, gift basket companies have the opportunity to push their products for gifts. This is a perfect time launch an increase in gift basket sales. A simple increase of purchasing one basket from no baskets will result in a dramatic change. provides honest reviews about a variety of different services. From car rental companies to fitness centers to solar companies, TBC offers answers for a variety of companies.

The TBC team expert criteria, combined with real user reviews, creates honest company rankings. believes the most customer reviews there are, the more honest company profiles will be.

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