If there is one example by which one can judge the power of an individual – it might very well be Cyndislist.com. Created in 1996 by Cyndi Howell as a collection of resources for fellow genealogists in the Tacoma-Pierce Genealogical Society, within the first year, the site grew to having over 10,000 links. (At the time of this writing, August, 2014, there are over 330,000 links indexed on Cyndislist.com.) This site is different than the others which we’ve reviewed in that it is a one-woman project – a collection of genealogical reference links categorized and linked on several pages. Each link is researched before finding a spot on Cyndislist.com and visitors to the site can recommend sites to be added. According to Cyndi's statements on her site, she envisions it as a starting point for genealogical research, a link library, and an online card catalog of sorts for genealogy. (Kids, ask your parents about card catalogs.)


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The Good

  • Information
  • Categories
  • Free

Cyndislist.com is an award-winning site with clout and prestige. The amount of information available here is astounding. In addition to presenting the typical research information sources (SSDI, Passenger lists, Census, etc.), Cyndi has indexed hundreds of thousands of sites with an immense amount of information.

Information is divided into categories and sub-categories and a few clicks allow the user to hone their research quite easily.

Best of all – using Cyndislist.com is free to all.

The Bad

  • Lack of interaction

One might consider the lack of interaction with the list owner as a negative. Cyndislist.com has a vast following, and due to time issues, Cyndi is unable to interact with her visitors as much as she would like. However, there are other sites in which this interaction is easily available. There is a category for Chat/IRC clients with discussions about genealogy, but the last update was in 2012. (Nearly every other category has an update of the current year at the time of this review – 2014.)

The Bottom Line

Cyndislist.com is a comprehensive collection of categorized links leading the researcher to a wealth of information online. This site is organized well – perhaps there is a bit too much to sift through in some categories – and the information is up-to-date and pertinent. While Cyndislist.com has a lot of information, we recommend looking elsewhere for you genealogy needs.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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