Posted: Kate Ward | September 12, 2016


How Much Are You Willing to Pay to Meet Your Ancestors?

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When it comes to families, life can get a little complicated. Carving out time for your family can seem like a chore sometimes. Luckily, getting to know your ancestors doesn't have to be so complicated. Researching your family genealogy and getting in touch with your roots is just a click away.

The review team at wanted to help families get in touch with their ancestors with the best technology and services possible. In order to highlight the best genealogy companies, the review team created a survey to better understand what users were looking for when doing genealogy. The team wanted to create an accurate representation of what people wanted when it came to searching for ancestors.

One thousand people were asked the following question: "What is your number one priority when choosing a genealogy search company?"

Here are the responses with their respective percentages:

  • Other-27.3 percent
  • Cost-24.8 percent
  • Access to Searchable Records-18.6 percent
  • Family Tree Building-16.0 percent
  • Access to Photos and Documents-9.4 percent
  • Indexing-4.0 percent

The highest response, besides other, was cost of service. Clearly when users look for genealogy search companies they want something that is reasonably priced, but offers great service. Many search companies offer a free trial to see if the fit is right for you. Some genealogy searches even offer access to their database. While access may be limited it is a good start for those looking not to spend money. Many of our top rated companies offer free trials or free access to databases.

The next most important factor to users was access to searchable records. When searching for ancestors and completing genealogy, them more records, the better. Users are able to complete more of their research when there is more searchable records. Some of the better genealogy companies have billions of records from across the globe to search from. A large bank of records is an important factor when choosing a genealogy search company.

All of these factors were taken into account when the review team created the ranking system for genealogy search companies. The team listened to the users and created a ranking system that would highlight the best genealogy companies for everyone's needs.


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